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On November 28, 2013
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The Wiretree WordPress theme is a corporate or general template created by TommusRhodus and published on Themeforest.  It is fully responsive making it compatible with any mobile device or desktop configuration.  Wiretree comes equipped with many of the trending popular features currently on the Envato marketplace, and come free as a bundle with the WordPress theme.  These premium features include the every so popular Revoluation Slider, Fancybox, and Isotope plugin.  And of course Wiretree comes with its own “drag and drop” page builder and well over 500 retina-ready icons.

Designer’s Opinion

For the most part, the visual thought I get from looking through Wiretree is basic.  Basic on the level that it is indeed a general purpose WordPress theme.  There is nothing wrong with it and certainly nothing spectacular about the design.  The overall design and color choices say that Wiretree is for the new buyer, or specifically buyers that work at an office with cubicles.  It just has that very standard feel for the overall design which I believe is what TommusRhodus was going for.

Quirks as of November 24, 2013:

The responsive drop-down menu – a big minus in design is that the drop-down menu in mobile form is just a basic drop-down menu.  It is not themed to colors of the Wiretree WordPress theme and stands out severely in the overall design.



Blog Style One

Wiretree comes with two blog options as a standard layout.  This blog layout has a smaller image with all the information aligned horizontally limiting the amount scroll needed to view a single post.



Blog Style Two

This is the second blog layout that comes with Wiretree.  It boasts a larger image choice for the single column layout with sidebar included.



Retina Ready Iconography

Wiretree also comes with a vast assortment of tiny iconography with well over 500 retina-ready icons.



Pricing Tables

The pricing tables for Wiretree give you the option of 3 or 4 column layouts to showcase your packages.



Full Live Demo Theme Options

The demo for Wiretree comes with live options that you can play around with before actually purchasing the WordPress theme.  It is a nice touch in preview options but keep in mind that some of the functionality does not work and you need to be on the pages that can be affected by the changes.

Portfolio Layout


Portfolio Gallery 1 & 2

As another standard that comes with Themeforest WordPress themes, Wiretree comes with a sortable gallery grid layout.



Portfolio Gallery Post 1

This portfolio gallery post is interchangeable with its elements.  Meaning they can be switched around so that the image is on the right instead of the left giving a little flexibility in the design for Wiretree.



Portfolio Gallery Post 2

The second portfolio gallery post allow for a much larger image with all the text information below.  Either of these blogs posts can be fitted with video, static images, or a slider show function.


•    Drag and drop page builder
•    WP 3.6 Ready
•    WordPress theme customiser
•    5* Support
•    Localisation Ready, Comes with .PO file
•    Revolution Slider ($15 value)
•    Responsive layout
•    Retina-ready graphics and icons
•    SEO-friendly
•    Fancybox ($19 value)
•    Isotope ($25 value)
•    Filterable portfolio with 3 and 4 column options
•    2 different portfolio post layouts
•    2 different blog layouts
•    5 alternative homepage layouts
•    Pricing table ($4 value)
•    500+ retina icons
•    Google Fonts
•    Rich styling options
•    Help documentation
•    Clean and professional design
•    jQuery enhanced
•    Cross browser compatibility
•    Valid HTML5 & CSS3

Regular License: $40
Extended License: $2000

The $40 price tag is indeed fair for the Wiretree WordPress theme.  As stated earlier it is a really standardly designed theme for the very general of purposes.  It’s not looking to be extravagant, exotic, or just different.  It is simply a WordPress theme.  The bonus however is that it comes with some nice premium plugins including the Premium Revolution slider plugin and the jQuery Isotope gallery plugin for free.  So Wiretree is not just basic it has the most up-to-date trend features money could buy, which you wouldn’t because they come free with the theme.  So, if you are a new user or just someone looking for some basic to setup, Wiretree is certainly worth its price.

Overall, I have to say that Wiretree is a decent but very nicely designed WordPress theme.  Though it is basic, that is all it really needs to be.  It is actually nice to see a more basic design come with up-to-date features.  Normally for designs like Wiretree, you would not get anywhere near the amount of features this comes with and when you did it would cost you a hefty price or at least a price significantly larger than what TommusRhodus is offering up for their work. So, with that in mind I feel that Wiretree is a much better standard WordPress theme over many others on this level because of the lower cost for a lot of the usual popular features and a decent design that is not an initial eyesore to look at.

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