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On October 25, 2013
Last modified:October 29, 2013


Great single page wordpress theme.

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Visia is a single page wordpress theme that is available on ThemeForest. It has 985 downloads currently, which doesn’t make it the most popular theme but it still shows that many people have chosen it as their theme. The theme is generally very simple, most of the menu options you see at the top just scroll down to that particular area of the page (this is why it’s a single page wordpress theme!), but it does have a blog option if you want a blog.

The theme would work well for selling a single product or a business that only needs a single page to sell itself, for a full complex website we wouldn’t recommend it.

Resident Designer’s Opinion

Visia is a very nice looking theme, if you only need a single page. The icons, fonts and image composition work very well together, and the whole theme is extremely clear to the user. It is fully responsive which is expected from an up-to-date theme. I find it hard to find anything to criticise!


We’ve included a full page screenshot of Visia as it is the best way to see what the theme is like. The menu buttons at the top all scroll down to a certain section that you can see here. Except for the blog, which has a seperate style.

Visia   Just another Pixelentity Themes Sites siteAnd here is the screenshot of the blog page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 21.36.17


Here is the full features list from ThemeForest:

  • Retina enabled.
  • Lazy loading support.
  • 2 Home page variations ( Fullscreen Slideshow / Static Image ).
  • Fullwidth Ajax portfolio grid with in-place full project previews.
  • Inline video support (YouTube / Vimeo).
  • Cool parallax effect section backgrounds.
  • Section content reveal animation.
  • Full functional Ajax contact form.
  • 1-click demo import.
  • Shortcode editor.
  • Slider/Image/Video formats supported for Posts and Projects.
  • Custom per thumbnail cropping.
  • Drag and drop gallery management.
  • Localization ready, pot file included.
  • Built on a full OOP , modular, load-on-demand, WordPress framework.
  • Network install compatible.
  • Supports child themes.
  • Developed with WP_DEBUG and Debogger enabled.
  • PSD Files included

Other Info:

  • Comprehensive browser based documentation.
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support.


The price is $40 which is a usual price for a premium one page wordpress theme. I do find it slightly expensive since some themes with many many more features only costs $45 or $55. But, when you think about how much a designer would cost for the same, $40 isn’t much for such a nice looking design.


For a single page website, this design is highly recommended. It definitely looks and works awesome. However, if you need a more complex website, then you definitely need to look for a theme with more options.

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