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Peter Zaborszky

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On November 1, 2013
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The Tripod WordPress theme is exactly as you would it expect it to be, a WordPress theme intended for use by professional photographers or web designers needing a bit more complex image gallery options. In fact, the entire theme is designed to do just that, create a multitude of personalized image gallery views using a simple drag and drop page builder. Clean and sophisticated, the Tripod theme is highly responsive and comes with a few neat little tidbits such as, a sortable thumbnail view and built in liking feature.

Triped WordPress Theme Home Page

The Tripod Photography theme is exactly what one would it expect it to be, a WordPress theme intended for use by professional photographers or web designers needing a bit more complex image gallery options. In fact, the entire theme is designed to do just that ~ create a multitude of personalized image gallery views using a simple drag and drop page layout builder. Clean and sophisticated, the Tripod theme is highly responsive and comes with a few neat little tidbits such as a sortable thumbnail view and built in “liking” feature.

Created by Cosmothemes and sold via Themeforest, it is a very good choice for displaying a myriad of media on a variety of different page types, including: category posts, banners, team groups, testimonials, featured posts, widgets, and single posts.

Designer’s View:

A less experienced designer might find this theme a little more difficult to navigate than first meets the eye.While it does come equipped with a built in drag and drop layout builder, you might need to have some prior knowledge on how to effectively divide content in order to truly benefit from all of its features.

  • In other words, the gallery displays and page layouts are only as effective as the designer who builds them.

Fortunately, there are three default templates included in the Tripod theme for users who are a little less design savvy. Overall, the design is simple, clean and well organized providing an optimal viewing experience for most mobile users. The theme can easily be turned into a fully functioning e-commerce shop with the addition of the WooCommerce Plugin.

For professional photographers and designers wanting to display huge amounts of visual content, this theme definitely deserves some consideration. While the theme may be a bit more complex than I would have liked, it really is quite flexible and loaded with a number of added bonuses that most users can take full advantage of.


Tripod Theme Highlight’s:

If the main focus of the theme is to build custom display gallery pages, it only stands to reason that the creator should provide designers with the tools necessary in order to do so. Tripod’s developers did just that by adding a simple, built in drag and drop page layout editor that is really quite effective. As you can see in the images attached, there are numerous options in the editor for creating a variety of different posts and pages view types, gallery displays and social media settings.

The editor itself is not difficult to use, but as I stated earlier, you must understand the basic principles of displaying content in order to truly benefit from the capabilities that it has to offer.

Drag and Drop Page BuilderDrag and Drop Page Layout on Tripod

Drag and Drop Page Layout on Tripod

One of the most beneficial parts of the theme is the huge amount of gallery displays that are included with it. I must admit, the Sly Gallery is quite spectacular, however my personal favourite is the simple and classic style of the sortable thumbnail view.

The sortable gallery is interactive and encourages the viewer to choose images based on categories.This is done simply by clicking on the category header. While this feature is not a new design concept, I like the way the sortable view is set up in the Tripod theme for quick and easy access to specific categories. It is interesting to note that you can also set the homepage to a variety of different gallery views which include; large images and sliders, providing an array of truly stunning and unique designs.

Tripod Thumbnail View


The Sly Gallery

Sly Gallery View of the Tripod THeme


A customizable theme would not be the same without a few unique customizable tidbits and the Tripod WordPress Photography theme has plenty. There are over a hundred short codes for adding quick “on the fly” custom features into your posts and pages, is completely widget ready and has a really cool bonus liking feature that you can set to turn any post or image into a “hot” ticket item once a set amount of likes is received.

liking feature of the Tripod Theme



Intended to be more of an image gallery theme, the single post page is surprisingly quite good when it comes to adding textual content and gives the theme a bit more substance. The text post page is designed to display one large full width featured image or slider that captures the attention of the reader and then does a reasonable job of displaying the text in an easy to read format. The content area is adequate for displaying widgets and the overall look and feel is fresh, clean and simple.

Tripod WordPress theme,

The social media icons, and top and bottom navigation menus are a little bit too simple and “too white.” As a result of their minimalistic design, they tend to get slightly overshadowed in the theme, however adding a textured or colored background might solve the problem.

The post page supports up to 6 columns and can be viewed as a list, grid, thumbnail or mosaic type gallery. The mosaic view is a nice change from the ordinary and one that I would highly recommend using in your design if you can.

Tripod WordPress theme, 04_mosaic

Main Features:

  • Responsive premium WordPress theme
  • Drag and drop template builder
  • Multiple layouts

Timeline view, list view, grid view, masonry view, thumbnail view

  • Built-in “Like” system
  • Tooltip helpers
  • Responsive theme
  • Human time

Enable human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back to the native WordPress time format from settings.

  • Facebook and default comments

You can either enable the default comment system or opt for the Facebook comments. Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

  • Sidebars and widgets

The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme.

Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

  • Social media ready

All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that users can click and share to promote any content of your web site. Enable or Disable them for any particular post or page.

Tripod comes with a revised powerful back-end to let you control all sites option without the need to hack or customize your own features.

  • Other features

The theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, drop down menus, image resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media sharing, and it also comes with extensive documentation to help you get started.

  • Translatable theme

Internationalization ready via a .PO file that allows you to translate the theme into your language. Follow the instructions from documentation for more information.


The drag and drop editor in this theme is worth its weight in gold if you do not have any other layout design tools. Priced at 55 dollars for a single user license, the Tripod theme is really quite valuable for image rich web design.


Galleries galore is the main focus behind the Tripod theme and it more than delivers.

Spectacular gallery views and custom designed layouts with Retina precision is what you get and makes this the perfect theme for professional photographers. It is definitely one of the best ways to create unique responsive gallery style websites when you do not have any design tools of your own.  The Tripod WordPress theme from cosmothemes proves that you do not have to have a huge fancy design in order to produce a visually stunning website.

In this case, keeping it simple works just fine!

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