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For the top themes on the site I tried to gather the themes that had the nicest designs, but also great functionality and features. So that includes lots of blog designs, lots of gallery designs, lots of short codes for extra features like google maps and testimonials. And then of course a beautiful looking theme to go with it.

That doesn’t leave too many options, so I decided to go with a top 10.

Winner – Avada

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.00.23

Avada is one of the best looking themes I’ve found, and it also has an amazing amount of functionality. It has several blog styles, 2 shop styles, several gallery styles, and all the short code features you could want. Avada has around 42,000 sales on ThemeForest, which also proves just how good it is. It is also customisable enough though that your site won’t end up like everyone else’s. All this for only $45 which is not actually a high price for a theme on ThemeForest.This is just the perfect combination. Take a look at our review to find out more, otherwise click the link below to buy it.

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2. Enfold

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 14.03.42

12,000 purchases are there for a reason, Enfold is definitely on the heels of Avada for the top spot. This theme is also amazing looking, in my opinion even cleaner than Avada, although that does make it less colourful. It really depends on what you are looking for. Enfold almost has as many features, shortcodes and templates as Avada, but not quite, that is why it is number 2 on the list. Take a look at our detailed review, or click the button below to buy.

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3. The7

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 18.28.50

A relatively new theme, but very much liked by me is The7. I would say this is the “Apple style” theme of this top list, the theme looks a bit like the Apple site but with a bit more colour, which makes it less minimal style. It only has 1200 purchases so far on ThemeForest, but that is because it is a relatively new theme. If you take a look at my review, you’ll see that is has all the features you could want in a site, and also many designs for blogs and galleries. You can’t really go wrong with it. Click the button below to buy it.

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4. Flatsome

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 13.46.51

Now we come to the first Woocommerce theme, after carefully thinking about it I decided to add this at number 4. My love for flat themes is just growing and growing as time goes on, and since a lot of people use Woocommerce, I figured it is a good fit on a number 4 toplist. The theme is very customisable, within the shop sphere, which means you can change it around to suit your needs. It is also mobile and retina ready, meaning that all those mobile users will be able to shop at your store. The design is really nice and flat.

At $55 it isn’t the cheapest of themes, but it’s well worth it for the functionality and design you get. Click the button below to buy now.

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5. Lens


At number 5 I decided to add our favourite photography and gallery theme, since this is also a popular use of wordpress blogs. Appropriately named Lens, this is a beautiful theme for showcasing your photos. It comes with unlimited colours, over 600 packaged fonts, and that’s just the beginning. And at $45 it’s on the lower end of theme prices. A great buy!

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6. King Size

KingSized Theme-Home page

King size lives up to its name. It is a video and photo showcasing theme that has countless options and layouts, which is why we chose it for the ultimate top list. It looks beautiful as a theme, while also displaying your photos and videos in a really nicely laid out way. It also has a really nice slider (important for showing off videos!), and a blog option if you want to blog alongside your photos. At $50 it’s not a bad price, for a really nice looking premium theme.

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7. Nexus


Nexus clearly focuses on content rather than anything else, but also helps to add really nice pictures and videos to that content. So at number 7 we have the perfect theme for someone who wants to concentrate on the writing side of things. After all, that was what wordpress was (initially) created for! This also means that if you want to have an online magazine, Nexus is probably a great choice. A heavy focus on functionality means that the theme is really customisable to what you want. You can read our review here, or buy it now below!

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8. Circles


Circles is an amazing theme for ultra responsive type of websites. Everything is fully resizable, with lots of additional functions, and also it’s fully retina ready. For any site with lots of mobile visitors, this theme is highly recommended. It also has a bit of an Apple feel to it, which I personally quite like, although again just like The7 it’s a bit more colourful. At $55, it comes at the usual premium price. Read our review now, or buy it now!

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9. Inovado


Inovado is what I would use for a corporate looking site, something for a biotech research firm for example. It looks extremely professional, while being a very good theme to customise as well (it has 17 homepage designs!). At $45 it’s at the lower end of prices, which is also great. Read our review here, or you can buy it now!

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10. Marble


And at number 10, another flat design, the ones I love! The idea of flat designs comes from the fact that a design shouldn’t take away from the content and use experience at all. Marble achieves this but at the same time it is not boring at all! It has one of the best and most extensive theme control panels I’ve seen, meaning it has plenty of customisability options. At $45 it is a lower price than some other premium themes, also great. We’ve written a review here, or you can buy it at the link below.

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