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Corporate WordPress themes can be placed into a multitude of categories including; business, retail, multi purpose, one page, portfolio and e-commerce. They can just as easilybe categorized by specific business industry labels such as hotel, real estate, law, computers, business services and so on. Generally speaking, these themes have a simple home page slider and menu with boxed content areas that are used for promotional purposes. They may also contain contact forms, opt in features and a blog for helping to build SEO.

Corporate themes WP theme Reviews

Corporate WordPress themes can be placed into a multitude of categories including; business, retail, multi purpose, one page, portfolio and e-commerce. They can just as easily be categorized by specific business industry labels such as hotel, real estate, law, computers, business services and so on.

Because there are too many choices and hundreds of excellent themes to choose from on ThemeForest, it seemed to me, that the best way to approach this subject would be to divide the themes into three of the most popular corporate categories and create lists from each.

These categories are: classic business themes, multi-purpose themes and one page presentation or (parallax) scrolling type themes.

A great deal of these themes have already been covered in our full theme reviews and many have been mentioned in some of our best themes lists proving that good themes are capable of being used over and over.

We begin our three part series on corporate themes with the more classic looking themes.

Generally speaking, these themes have a simple home page slider and menu with boxed content areas that are used for promotional purposes. They may also contain contact forms, opt in features and a blog for helping to build SEO.

SEO optimization is a must for all corporate style websites that rely on a heavy amount of traffic to produce results. Corporate themes tend to be much cleaner and more professional looking that other themes and they must be up to date with responsive design, retina ready displays and be WordPress 3.7 ready.

“Professionals never guess—they make it their business to know their business.” ― Michelle Moore, Selling Simplified

1. Flux WordPress theme


A rock solid framework and coding structure always outweighs a cleaner more flexible design.

Users can easily customize designs with the shortcodes, page builders and other elements provided, but they cannot always fix a design that has a great deal of issues or “bugs,” especially if they are not an advance user. Flux WordPress Corporate design is a perfect example of  a very good theme that perhaps may not look as clean as some of the others themes in this category, but it is certainly one of the best overall and this accounts for a great deal.

It is based on a popular and extremely durable HTML version of the very same theme, has a responsive flat design and is retina ready. The theme comes with eight different home page displays, pixen flat icons, revolution slider, page builder, tons of shortcodes and a powerful admin panel for creating a multitude of design variations.

When you’re looking for a solid design, easy to use features and a very daunting looking professional theme with a rather “playful” looking portfolio display, then you need look no further than Flux, because when it comes to doing business, this theme is all work and just a little play.

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2. Gravity WP theme


20 different layouts, 20 different shortcodes, 5 different post formats, bundled with the WordPress Parallax Slider and impressive ThemeTon Page builder makes Gravity WordPress corporate theme a pretty hard act to follow. It is a clean and professional looking theme that has a great deal to offer for the price.

The blog page has 4 different layouts and one particular blog layout that is worthy of a mention has a rather large content area resembling a corporate style magazine or newsletter that is ideal for creating both internal and external communications. This is a great feature for a corporation looking for newer ways to reach both its clients and its employees in one convenient location.

Clean and fresh, Gravity has a multitude of options to work with in order to create professional looking designs for any size or type of business.

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3. Invicta WordPress theme


Whether you prefer a boxed or stretched layout, Invicta’s clean and responsive design will suit just about every business with its strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, it comes with an easy to use drag and drop page builder and the revolution slider for building effective page layouts.

The default design of this theme is extremely white, light and delicate because the color is added only in a very few, subtle and small hover areas.This splash of color provides the theme with a very unique, charming clean and professional look and feel that does not really need any modifications, however feel free to add your own backgrounds, textures and colors to it.

The blog is exceptionally nice looking and the content areas are nicely spaced and well thought out. A great looking default design with great features and just a tiny splash of color makes Invicta’s WordPress corporate theme worth its weight in “Orange, Blue, Green and yes, even Gold.”

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4. Invision


Built on the bootstrap 2.2.2 framework, Invision WordPress Corporate theme has a solid foundation with a very classic design that includes a wide or boxed layout, homepage slider and customizable features such as color choice, short codes and background options, however it is somewhat minimalistic in comparison to many of the other themes.

Its main feature is the revolution slider which allows you to create timeline captions that move in and out for a really nice interactive design.

Its overall design is attractive, but perhaps not as clean and professional as a huge corporate theme should be. For this reason, it might be more suitable for a medium size business or small business that does not want to spend a great deal of time fussing with the design.

Invision is all you need and nothing more, for creating quality professional looking designs.

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5. InFocus

In focus

The inFocus powerful professional WordPress Theme from Webtreats may just be the granddaddy of all corporate themes having survived since 2010. It is still growing strong with recent updates to the product including the addition of responsive design and WordPress 3.7 integration. InFocus is a perfect example of a classic and professional design that never goes out of style because the developers are constantly building upon its foundation.

If the basic framework is solid enough, all a design needs is a fresh coat of paint and that is what inFocus offers; a solid framework with over thirty different ready made skins and skin builder to suit a variety of different design tastes.

If you want a theme that grows with your business, has a lot of great features, inFocus is a powerful and professional looking theme that has over 13000 sales to date.

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6. Mavericks


Mavericks business and portfolio WordPress theme may be a little less classic looking and closely resembles Apple’s famous branding, however this is part of its overall charm and the reason it is part of this list. While it is a bit more modern looking than most themes, it still screams corporate computer theme and is highly suited for technology based businesses.

Mavericks is extremely powerful and has a huge amount of advanced features such as the GT3 Page Builder Plugin. This plugin is an amazing tool for creating custom pages that contain animations and parallax effects and is popular because of its time saving abilities. In the corporate world, time is money and any theme that can offer you a time saving feature is worth every penny.

Clean, powerful and responsive, Mavericks is simply in a class all by itself.

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If there was a contest for the most attractive theme overall, NEMU would definitely be one of the top contenders. It is a very “white glove” elegant theme that contains three different homepage layouts, one of which is quite superb because it contains a curved slider that appears almost three dimensional.

In the world of design, it is the small things that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

NEMU’s features include; two different about us page options, a one to four column filterable portfolio, shortcodes, a powerful admin panel and the popular and exceptional Revolution slider. Its blog and posts page have a large content area with right and left sidebars that are not overly busy like many blogs tend to be. All of its pages can be created in full width making it extremely flexible for heavy content websites.

When extraordinary design meets great options, you get an attractive and reliable theme that is perfect for just about any corporation.

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8. Producr


Producr’s Corporate WordPress theme was built on a combination of Bootstrap 3.0 and Vafpress which provides more options for meta boxes and shortcodes. It’s the perfect theme for creating unique classic corporate or portfolio based designs. An intuitive interface just about thinks for you, making Producr a breeze to use ~ even for beginners.

What is special about the theme, is that while it looks very business like, it is quite colorful and offers a variety of different ways to display content such as masonry boxed, page blocks and full page with header. Masonry type themes are popular, but most have a more creative look and feel. Producr does a great job of creating a masonry grid that still looks and feels like a formal business page without appearing too “cheesy.”

Its main options include; custom widgets, custom templates and Slider Revolution making it a very viable option for any corporate business wanting a design that is just a little bit different.

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As stated in an earlier and more complete review of the Simpl, business wordpress theme, simpl is anything but simple. It is fully packed with modern features that any business can take full advantage of including slider revolution, visual composer, flex slider, full width and boxed layouts, shortcodes, icons and over 600 Google fonts and thats just for starters. The theme comes in four different and distinct formats including a light and dark version of either a simple page or a multipage theme.

I am not a huge fan of dark themes for corporate purposes and I would normally recommend the lighter version, however in this theme, the dark design is light enough to be considered professional and is quite classic looking. In this particular case, either version works just fine as you can see in the image above.

For a darker classic looking professional theme, Simpl is simply ~  the best!

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10. Splendor


Splendor WordPress theme was designed to be a clean and minimalistic theme and I must say, its creators did a splendid job.

It is flexible, easy to customize and was coded in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. This type of coding usually indicates that a theme has a solid framework in which to build upon.

One of its key features is a really nice landing page option that allows you to place a call to action button in the slider. Splendor also includes Woocommerce and BBpress support. Each of these elements are useful when creating corporate promotional events such as exhibitions and conferences.

This is not a feature you will find in many of the other classic style themes and one of the reasons this theme is fast becoming one of my favourites.

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 11. Aeron

 Aeron WP theme

Every once in awhile a theme comes along that is so fabulous and different, you truly do not know how to describe it or where exactly to fit it in, but you know that you need to mention it somehow. Aeron Enterprise WordPress themes is one such theme.

It looks and acts like a classic style corporate theme, but it has such modern effects including a full page slider and interactive transparent navigation menu, it appears almost as if it is lost in time.

With features like the Revolution Slider ($15 value) – AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin ($14 value) – AB Simple Subscribe WordPress Plugin ($14 value) – Touch enabled slider, Timeline Blog, bbPress Forum and Contact Form 7 support it is not hard to imagine why this theme is one of a kind and truly stands out from the crowd.

This theme is perfect for large corporations such as Airlines, Cruise Lines and Large Investment Firms that need something more than the everyday.

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12. Awake


Awake is an all in one corporate theme that has over 60 predefined skins for creating a multitude of different industry websites. The overall look is colorful and yet elegant and professional because of its slight transparent effect.

While it does not have a great deal of design customizable features, it does contain a number of elements to make your site look and feel the way you want, such as an advanced admin panel, over 100+ custom short codes and short code generator, call to action, unlimited portfolios in 7 different layouts and WordPress custom post and page options.

When your looking for a quick set it and forget it solution, Awake is one of the best themes to bring designs alive with a few clicks of a button.

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 13. Striking

 Renegade Stiking theme

Striking is one of the top rated and highest selling themes on ThemeForest and while it is a great theme, the older version was not created to be responsive. It was created back in 2010, when that technology did not really exist, however the support and development team for this theme is very professional and up to date and they have included a beta version for licensed users.

Whenever a new update or beta version is released there are often bugs or fixes to be done and we may only begin seeing the true effects of this update in the near future. I do applaud the support team for constantly working to improve this theme and have no doubt that if anything should occur, they will be right there to fix it.

With so many modern responsive theme options to choose from, this could still be a small setback at this point in the game, however in order to make this theme more mobile friendly, you simply need to add a plugin.

Complete with features like the ability to put sliders wherever you want, it would be a shame to see this theme fall by the wayside, after all over 16,000 downloads should account for something.

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14. Office


Office Corporate WordPress theme is the most classic of all classic themes on this site. It contains a great deal of modern options and features such as the drag-and-drop homepage modules, color picker for the main highlight color, logo uploads, background options, sliders, header styles, enabling/disabling options for various elements but it looks very old school business and yet this is actually part of its charm.

For something a little less modern looking, but still powerful to suit today’s demanding designs, Office is a reasonable choice.

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15. Karma


Next to InFocus, Karma is the most elegant and luxurious looking theme in this entire list with its stunning 3D Effects, 20 unique page layouts, 100+ Shortcodes, and 20 different color variations. These features are just part of the reason that Karma has sold over 20000 copies since last year. While it may be last on this list, it is certainly far from being the least.

Built on a highly intelligent framework, Karma is the only theme to use the cuber slider boasts its development team and rightly so, this slider is really elegant and professional looking. It does fail in comparison to what some of the new more modern layered type sliders can do.

Perhaps one of the most elegant and professional looking theme, Karma could use a small facelift in order to make it perfect, however it is close enough.

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This review is part one of a three part mini series on Corporate Style WordPress themes from ThemeForest. The other two parts of the series include reviews on Corporate Multi themes and Corporate One Page themes. I hope you will consider reading all of them before making any final decisions.

You can read the other reviews simply by clicking on the links or by searching through our collections sections under the posts heading tab.

There are thousands of WordPress themes on ThemeForest alone and this number grows exponentially each and every day. We try our best to keep you updated and abreast regarding the new kids on the block by creating reviews each day.

We encourage you to continuing reading and join us on Facebook for all the latest WordPress theme developments and to make suggestions on themes you think are worth reviewing. Got an opinion?  We would like to hear it, drop us a line, comment on the posts or message us in Facebook and maybe your comments will be added in our future reviews!

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