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On November 28, 2013
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The WordPress theme SIMPL is anything but simple.   It is a modern design template built for the general business or corporate niche and utilizes many of the popular trending features.  Authored by Createit-pl, SIMPL is 100% responsive to many devices from desktop to mobile.  It also comes with an assortment of highly customized features and premium plugins.  Some of these features include hundreds of Google Font choices, optional Fullwidth or boxed layout design, the Parallax effects, retina ready design, unlimited colors, the premium page builder Visual Composer, and the premium slider Revolution.  Additionally, the SIMPL WordPress theme even gives you the choice of multipage or one page layout setup.

Designer’s Opinion

The demo for SIMPL comes in a light and dark version in singe page and multi-page formats.  I really like the dark version, mostly because I’m partial to the color choices in making the layout.  The combination of the textured background and the little touches of the lime green color and the other accent colors on their style switcher really attract my eye to the SIMPL theme.  The light or dark background make the Parallax effects work all that much better with the nice touch of the slightly transparently boundary differentiating the webpage background from the image background being affect by the Parallax effect.

Quirks as of November 24, 2013:

Too much negative whitespace on the left of the main navigation – It is a little weird but apparently there is nothing to the left of the main navigation.  The SIMPL logo should be in that space as the demo choice landing page suggests but apparently it is not there on the live demo itself.



Homepage Revolution Slider Version

The SIMPL theme comes with many options for the homepage layout.  One of the premium highlights of SIMPL is its integration of the Revolution slider plugin for the homepage.  The Revolution slider plugin comes free with the theme and has a nice animated touch to the way information is shown on the header.



Homepage Flexslider Version

Another optional slider for the SIMPL theme is the Flexslider.  The Flexslider is a bit less complex and more direct in terms of showing you images with no text or explanation.



Homepage Parallax Version

A now more common trend, SIMPL also comes with a homepage version of the Parallax plugin.  This jQuery plugin affects the initial header and subsequent sections below.  The design and layout of the theme make for an astounding visual representation of what the Parallax theme can accomplish.



Homepage Box Version

The WordPress theme comes with two optional layout widths, full width and boxed layout.  Here is an example of the boxed version of the homepage complete with a basic slider.  Although, the boxed version of the SIMPL theme in this case does not seem natural with the way it cuts off the sliders background.



Blogging Index

SIMPL would not be complete without a blog layout.  Normally, the layout for blog columns is pretty generic, but the added color scheme and background that comes with SIMPL make viewing these blogs much more appealing.



Blogging with Shortcode Integration

While SIMPL comes with a dozens of shortcodes, these codes can also be implemented into the blog system; some of these shortcodes include an audio, a video, and a slideshow option that nicely onto a single column page.

Portfolio Layout


Portfolio Column sets in 2 to 4 Plus a Single Post Page

SIMPL comes with a standard but well-designed sortable grid based gallery.  This grid based gallery comes in 2-column, 3-column, or a 4-column option.  Individual portfolio posts are generally basic with a larger image on top of information.  The visual design-especially in the dark version-really bring out the best of an otherwise normal jQuery plugin.


•    Visual Composer!
•    Responsive HTML5/CSS3 design
•    Retina Ready
•    Unlimited Colors (intregrated with WordPress Builtin Theme Customizer)
•    Demo content included – 1 click Demo Import!
•    Fullwidth and boxed layout
•    WPML ready
•    awesome icons – set of icons
•    600+ Google Fonts available
•    50 Custom Shortcodes
•    $15 worth Revolution slider included
•    Flexslider (support video,any html content)
•    Unlimited sidebars
•    Shortcodes generator, also available in fullscreen mode
•    Supports different post types: ‘aside’, ‘gallery’, ‘link’, ‘image’, ‘quote’, ‘video’ (even self-hosted movies!), ‘audio’, ‘standard’
•    Supports porfolio custom elements
•    Supports portfolio FAQ elements
•    Integration with built-in WP theme customization
•    8 custom widgets
•    9 PSD Files Included
•    Built with Bootstrap 2.2.2

Regular License: $45
Extended License: $2250

For the price of $45, SIMPL is worth the buy, although it is more of a buyer’s personal choice.  Createit-pl has a tendency to make HTML site templates for the entertainment niche, so the SIMPL WordPress theme is actually a rare change to the corporate area.  Users might be deterred by the author’s history of have semi-decent ratings, mostly attributed to entertainment niche, while the few corporate specific WordPress themes they do have all have 5-star ratings.  Regardless of the history, SIMPL is a very nice WordPress theme and is worth the buy.  It comes with a standard package of the usual features you would get for most Themeforest themes including an added bonus of a few premium features you would normally have to buy individually.

The SIMPL theme is an excellent addition to the corporate market for a WordPress theme.  The color scheme choices for the theme were well picked and the layout itself was easy to read and understand each individual element.  Under the surface it is very much a standard theme with the addition of giving you the option of a single page or multi-page choices.  A bit a caution about the author Createit-pl, when viewing their rating history do not take it to heart as most of their higher quality work lies within the corporate area, that includes the SIMPL WordPress theme as well.  So it is best to give Createit-pl the benefit of the doubt when it comes to-at the very least-this wonderful theme.

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