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On November 18, 2013
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The Panes theme is a business oriented one-page template designed by pehaa. The theme comes in HTML and WordPress, but both are separate purchases depending on needs. The key element of Panes is its attempt as clean minimal appearance and an interested scrolling effect for the pages. In the minimal approach, the theme gives the user interface or UI the ability to be closed away leaving only the nice photography background of the theme. The scrolling effect is what makes the panes part of Panes work as it slides up each revealing the next one under it while still granting precision control with your browser’s scroll bar, or you can make use of the UI directly center of the screen with similar control.

Designer’s Opinion

The Panes theme feels a bit gimmicky. At full width of my screen (1920px wide) the usable space of the content area isn’t really used at all. All of the content that slides out from the right is only given 1/3rd the space where the rest is background or background with the navigation on the left. I like the idea of the Panes theme, but its approach needs work as it favors the beautiful background photography over the actual content. Even the Showcase or Portfolio page, which you would think would have priority over the area, only shares 1/3rd of the screen when it is open. At least the color customization of navigation and buttons is unlimited which is a nice touch, even the navigation open/close button has color customization.

Quirks as of November 18, 2013:

Unnecessary navigation on the WordPress version – when you open up the WordPress version of the Panes theme you are for some reason given two navigation which are both the same. At least in the demo version of the theme, the redundancy seems rather pointless at full width. I suppose this is not the case for the actual purchase which would most likely allow you to remove the top navigation.



Scrolling effect

A primary feature of the Panes theme is the JavaScript-driven scroll effect on the pages. This simple effect helps to deliver the name of the template. Rather than the usually one-page layout, it segments the page areas and stacks them over each other with a sliding effect giving the appearance of window panes.



Hidden User Interface and Content

Keeping with the minimal design, pahee saw fit to give the Panes theme the ability to hide your content and navigation.



Multiple Controls for User Interface

There are several ways to browse the Panes theme, the standard method of browsing in which you use your mouse to scroll and click the UI. Then there’s the UI options in the center of the template that once clicked allows you to auto-scroll to the next page with the Read More button opening the content area. And lastly, there is the keyboard method which allows you to toggle the hidden UI and content area as well as scroll the page.

Portfolio Layout


Basic Showcase

The Panes theme comes with a standard sortable gallery. Unfortunately, it seems that the space for the gallery is rather limited as most of the space is used for the background rather than the content.

HTML Template
• One-page original layout
• Responsive design
• Skin optimized for Retina Display
• Filtrable Showcase
• FancyBox
• Easy Google Maps Integration
• Built-in 10 social icons
• Ajax Contact Form
• Detailed documentation

WordPress Template
• One-pager with AJAX posts loader
• Responsive design
• Skin optimized for Retina Display
• Filtrable Showcase
• keyboard navigation
• Extensive Theme Options Panel
• Upload a Custom Logo (standard and retina), favicon and Apple Touch Icon
• Easy settings of background images
• Easy links color changing with color picker
• Setting a background image for the 404 Page
• Easy Google Maps Integration
• Built-in support for 10 social networks
• Localisation Support ( .po/.mo files included )
• Built-in custom shortcodes generator (including adding sliders, toggle elements, team members)
• Detailed documentation
• Frequent theme updates
• Includes XML file for the demo data

HTML Template
Regular License: $13
Extended License: $650

WordPress Template
Regular License: $40
Extended License: $2000

Between the two prices for each version, the Panes theme is definitely at least worth $13, but the $40 for the WordPress version… Well, it is a one page design and it does have some very nice features including a keyboard control that allows you to control the open and close mechanisms for the navigation and content areas, but that is including in both the HTML and WordPress versions of the Panes theme. What justifies the purchase of the WordPress version are the features that can be eventually added to the Panes theme that would otherwise require more work on the users part if they had stuck with the HTML version. So the higher cost just makes life easier on those of us who aren’t masters of coding.

The Panes theme is a nice attempt at something interesting using simple jQuery effects to build a nice looking and minimalistic theme. I do take points off for the lack of content dominance over the background. It seems as those the pehaa was really enthusiastic in showing off photography. Which would be fine except the theme is categorized under Corporate/Business on Themeforest. Of course that depends on what you define as a business. Ultimately, the Panes theme is a nice and minimal design worth the buy for either version with the WordPress version being better for commodity sake.

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