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On November 4, 2013
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The Konzept WordPress theme is a larger than life full page portfolio style WordPress theme that is definitely not for the average designer. Perfect for creative professionals who like to make bold powerful statements, the Konzept theme offers a unique full screen high resolution visual experience. It's clutter free approach puts your work, front page and center creating focus on the things that matter the most. With unreasonably long post titles, headings and large text, the message is loud and clear, this is no ordinary design.

Konzept theme Homepage thumbnail view

The Konzept WordPress theme is a larger than life fullscreen portfolio style WordPress theme created by designer Anthony Jones and coded by elite developer Flow that is definitely not for the average designer. Perfect for creative professionals who like to create bold powerful statements, the Konzept theme’s clutter free portfolio design puts your content, up front and center.

With unreasonably long post titles, enormous headings and fonts, the message is sent loud and clear, this is no ordinary design and what you see, is what you get.

Designer’s View

The view from the inside of the admin panel is a complete contradiction of the theme itself, its customizable options, portfolio display choices and features are somewhat limited, ridiculously simple and straightforward. Don’t be fooled by the theme’s back end simplicity, it takes a highly creative mind to be able to manipulate the design in order to create a truly personalized experience, because all custom modifications must be done in a separate child theme.

That being said, this does not really take away from the theme’s potential in any way, in fact some might agree that it actually enhances it. The lack of choice forces the designer to focus his or her efforts on the one area of design that truly matters, the overall organization of it.

Konzept Highlights:

The full screen homepage is of course the major highlight of the theme. Combined, there are eight different ways to display the portfolio on the homepage.

Each display contains a point and click category filter located in the header for navigating the entire website. The main page’s categories are displayed on all pages, except on the individual portfolio project pages which display their own categories.  Organizing your website into grouped categories beforehand is important, otherwise the header will be filled with too many category choices and this will directly affect the overall design.

The main page slider functionality is powered by SuperSlider,which is extremely powerful and comes highly recommended by a vast majority of WordPress developers.

FullScreen Slider


Full Screen Projects List View

Projects List View Konzept theme

Combination Image/Text View

Konzept demo

The image carousel. seen here on the coming soon page is really quite spectacular for displaying advertisements in a highly professional animated fashion. The carousel effect can be added to individual pages with a simple shortcode.  Not to be confused with the main front page slider, this is a completely separate option that is equally powerful.

Konzept Theme Images2

You can add personal customizations to the theme’s header and footer areas such as content paragraphs,social media icons and links to add a splash of color. The header creates an interesting page scrolling feature that I find quite nice and most important, the large full screen viewing experience is not lost when switching back and forth between devices.


If the homepage did not intimidate you, the blog, featured posts and individual pages most certainly will. Enormously sized fonts, ridiculously long titles, and a hugely spaced content area is what greets you as you navigate through each page, solidifying the message that this theme has something important to say.

I think the enormous fonts are a bit over the top and makes the entire website seem like one endless powerpoint presentation. If you are like me and prefer simple, clean flat style themes, than this is definitely not for you, on the other hand, if you are the kind of person who likes living it large, then perhaps this theme is well suited for you.


Konzept Theme Images- Blog

Full list of Features:

  • Portfolio display with category filter
  • Thumbnails or Text Listing modes
  • Featured Slider (Images or HTML5 videos)
  • Multi-category projects
  • Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and more!
  • HTML5 video slides
  • Built-in Dribbble feed
  • News section
  • About Us section
  • Services section
  • Blog
  • Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social Shares
  • Responsive Behaviors
  • iPhone/iPad/Android compatible
  • Unbranded Options Panel
  • Text Logo (+ tagline)
  • Image Logo
  • Extensive documentation
  • PSD included
  • 100% valid HTML5
  • Compatible with WP3.6 and IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • External links in project and slide descriptions
  • Social Shares


I think the fifty dollar price tag is just right for this theme considering that a great deal of manual customizations much be done in order to get a truly personalized look and feel.


From the moment that you install the theme, the end result is quite clear, you are going to have a very large ( light or dark) portfolio type theme that will display your content in one of four ways, a full screen thumbnail view, full screen slider view, project post list or combination thereof. Totally unique and highly creative, the Konzept theme is nicely laid out, well organized and suitable for a number of different types of websites including; graphic design studios, fashion magazines and other large corporate advertising type sites that need to display images in a full screen format over a large number of devices.

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