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On November 5, 2013
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Kaleido Full Screen WordPress theme

Kaleido is a responsive fullscreen studio style theme for WordPress created by Imaginem that can display slides with titles and has a very polished looking captions area. The lightbox activated slideshow can be displayed with audio and thumbnails neatly set in the corner creating a truly refined style.

Password protected fullscreen pages and portfolio thumbnails features, full screen high resolution studio graphics and a variety of colorful design options makes Kaleido the best choice for creative professionals who want to showcase their work in a more discreet fashion, such as a fashion designer who wants to provide a sneak peek at next years fall line up or a wedding photographer who want to provide clients with their own personal slideshow as an added incentive.

Designer’s View:

What I like most about the theme is the way that the menus and other content areas are laid out to the side of the theme allowing the image to appear much more centered and focused. Far too often, full screen portfolio themes have menus that are located at the top, bottom or right in the center of the image, causing a bit of a distraction. Generally speaking, there is usually a toggle option to hide them, however, they still take away from the initial impact of the theme and as everyone knows a first impression is always the longest lasting.My first impression of the theme was that for a full screen studio, it is really quite subdued and not as dramatic as some of them tend to be. Daring does not always have to be loud, sometimes it can be quietly adventurous and that is perfectly fine too.

Theme’s Highlights:

Most of the features in the theme are pretty standard such as widgets, galleries shortcodes, colour choice and a variety of posting formats and display options. One  feature that I find quite unique and extremely useful is the password protection feature that you can use to easily turn on or off on a per page basis. The feature can be applied to thumbnail content or full screen images and slideshows, blocking users from accessing restricted materials.

This feature can be highly useful for member protected websites when the homepage is blocked or for protecting specific content from public viewing.

Password Protected pages Kaleido theme

Thumbnail view protected content - Kaleido Theme from WP

Images and videos can be displayed in a thumbnail gallery style with small, medium or large images or the more popular portfolio view that offers a innovative filterable option. The full screen slideshow has a really nice vertical slideshow control panel conveniently located to the right of the screen adding a bit of colour and pizazz to the design.

Small image gallery

Sortable Portfolio View of the Kaleido Theme

The theme comes with a light and dark skin option that can be customized with different colors, background overlays and a number of text and alignment features, but lacks any real quick and easy to use customizable features, so if you do not really like the overall look and feel, this theme is probably not going to impress you that much. Personally, I prefer more customization features in my themes, but I actually like the look of this one and find it quite adequate to leave as is.  I particularly  like the vertical slideshow controls and find this is what adds the most pizazz to the theme.

Vertical Slideshow Controls

VErtical controls slideshow in Keleido


The posts page can be viewed either as a full width blog list or two column blog with sidebar widgets, as is pretty standard with most blogs. It has a variety of shortcodes as one would imagine such as column dividers. The content can be created as links, videos, audio or text formats and displayed in portfolios by category.  The individual post page is simple and resembles the more classic blog styles.  There is not a huge advantage to choosing the light or dark skin here, as they both do a pretty good job at standing on their own.

Full screen images often overshadow blog content areas, but not in this case.

 Full list blog - Kaleido Theme

Post Page with Widget Sidebar

Two column blog


Portfolio pages can be viewed in a number of different ways including: a filterable portfolio display, thumbnail column view with slideshow, video and images headers, as well as, related portfolio block spaces offering a rich graphical viewing experience. By today’s standards, this theme’s displays and imagery are somewhat less overpowering, but still quite impressive. I can picture users sitting by the deck, coffee in hand, flicking through the various portfolios while enjoying a relaxing day at home.

Portfoliio views - Kaleido theme

Category Based Filterable Portfolio

Portfoliio views - Kaleido theme

Full list of Features:


  • Unbranded Theme Options
  • Shortcode Generators
  • Multi Color options
  • Google font selector
  • Fullscreen Slideshow controls
  • more



  • Fullscreen pages with / without captions
  • Enable audio per fullscreen page
  • Self hosted HTML5 fullscreen video
  • Vimeo Fullscreen video
  • Youtube Fullscreen video
  • Password protected fullscreen pages


  • ( Ideal for Photographers and Creative Professionals )
  • Fullwidth Blog list
  • Blog list with sidebar ( 2 Column )
  • Single Fullwdith post
  • Single post with sidebar


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Gallery ( slideshow )
  • Image
  • Aside
  • Quote
  • Link


  • Filterable Portfolio
  • 1 Column portfolio
  • 2 Column portfolio
  • 3 Column portfolio
  • 4 Column portfolio
  • Image attachment thumbnails shortcodes with lightbox support ( small, medium and large portfolio blocks )
  • Password protected portfolios
  • Portfolio taxonomy lister page

Updated Features

  • WordPress 3.7 Ready!
  • WPML & Localization ( .po .mo ) Ready!


At 45.00, the price of the theme is highly competitive for a responsive fullscreen studio model. Portfolio themes tend to be on the bit more expensive side because of the attention to detail that must be paid when creating high resolution graphics displays that can be viewed on variety of  large and small screens.


Altogether the Kaleido full screen responsive WordPress theme created by imaginem is a very clean, overly simple and yet surprisingly elegant portfolio theme that does not disappoint if you want your theme to appear exactly like the cover. There is not a great deal of modification or customizations that can be done to the theme, that being said, the design is very nice and truly does not really need any.

Perfect for the first time portfolio website designers, the theme comes practically ready made with helpful tutorials and a step by step guide.

Great for photographers, game site owners and other creative professionals who are looking to try a full screen portfolio theme, I would consider this to be a very good starter theme.

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