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Review of: Jarida WP Theme
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Peter Zaborszky

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On November 5, 2013
Last modified:November 17, 2013



The Jarida is an impressive premium WordPress theme from creator mo3aser.  Jarida is essentially a combination of news, magazine, and blog respectively driven with tons of features that make it the perfect solution for the media industry.  It provides a lot of media oriented functionality from self-hosted audio and videos, to playing sound via SoundCloud, and a custom built reviewing system that provides a nice degree of overview details of the subject.  All of this coupled with an arsenal of widgets and shortcodes to make an incredibly complete package.

Designer’s Opinion

The Jarida theme is quite impressive as a toolbox for media.  Yes, a toolbox, because what you have here a lot of customization on a standardly designed template.  Not to say the Jarida theme doesn’t look nice.  On the contrary, it looks quite professional as I am sure that is the direction mo3aser was going with for this particular WordPress theme.  One of the features boast unlimited colors and using this rather lightly for the demo layout.  Based on the demo the majority of color changes is limited to elements that have a color that isn’t white, black or some shade of grey, which isn’t a lot of elements.

Quirks as of November 2, 2013:

Lack of color changeable elements – This is based on the demo so it is unclear whether or not the full package is complete.  My issue with the unlimited color changer is that it actually is quite limited in that you can only change a few things.  The default color for the demo is red so I looked around at all the buttons and tags that were colored red and found quite a few did not change with the demo colors.  This includes the “Subscribe” button, the “Sale!” button, the search button, and the filter button to name a few.

I am hoping this is only isolated to the demo and not the finished product you buy, but it is quite jarring to not be able to change those elements.



Review Section & System

Mo3aser implements a custom built review system that comes with several custom positioning layouts and three scoring values; stars, points, and percentages.



Timeline Page Template

Something you rarely see in WordPress themes is a built-in timeline page.



Self-Hosted Audio Head Post

Jarida comes with several head post that allows for the integration of media elements.  One example of such elements is the self-hosted audio head post that is displayed at the top of the page.



SoundCloud Head Post

As with the self-hosted audio, Jarida also allows for the intergration of the third-party setup of SoundCloud that pulls straight from the company hosting site.

Shop Layout


Sortable Shop

The Jarida theme comes with its own shop system that is pretty good at sorting and filtering out specific items when needed.



Individual Item Page

To complete the shop section, everyone item gets its own detailed product page which everything you need to decide on your choice of purchase.  This includes an image gallery with high quality photo display and quantity control drop-down menu.


•  Fully Responsive ( with Option to Disable it ) .
•  RTL Support .
•  WooCommerce Ready .
•  Drag Drop HomePage Builder .
•  Unbranded Powerful Administration Panel .

•  Built-in Review System :
•    Stars
•    Percent
•    Points
•    Display the Review Box in the top of the post .
•    Display the Review Box in the Bottom of the post .
•    Display the Review Box in the Top and the Bottom of the post .
•    Custom Position .

•  Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata .
•  Sticky Navigation menu ( with option to Enable/disable) .
•  Support Multiple page post .
•  Sticky Navigation menu ( with option to Enable/disable) .
•  Option to display posts in 2 coulmns on Archives .
•  500+ Google Web Fonts. (Change elements fonts in the theme settings)
•  Custom Categories Colors and Background .
•  WordPress 3.0 Multi level drop-down menu .
•  Localization Support (Easy to translate) .
•  Social media users profiles Support .
•  Unlimited sidebar. Create and select sidebar for each of your page/ post .
•  Optional Breadcrumb Navigation .
•  Built-in Related Posts Module ( By category , tag or Author ).
•  Pagination Integrated .
•  Easily adding Google analytics .
•  Full Screen background.
•  Unlimited colors .
•  23 Pre-Defined Background Patterns .
•  Breaking News With three Animation effects .
•  Live jQuery Adding Comment validation .
•  Page / Post Layouts : Right Sidebar – Left Sidebar – Full Width

•  Page / Post Head area .
•    Post With Slider
•    Post With Featured Image
•    Post With Video
•    Post With Google Map
•    Post with Self Hosted Audio
•    Post with SoundCloud
•    Post with Image + Lightbox

•  2 Image Sliders
•    Flex Slider
•    Elastic Image Slideshow
•  Optional 728×90 Leaderboard Banner support
•  6 Footer Layouts
•  7 Page Templates :
•    Sitemap page
•    Authors List
•    Restrict Page Require a Login
•    Tags
•    TimeLine
•    Login Page
•    Blog Page

•  35 Custom Widgets
•    Twitter Feed Widget
•    Flickr Feed Widget
•    Facebook like box
•    Google + follow box
•    FeedBurner email newsletter widget
•    Featured Video Widget
•    Tabbed Widget
•    Recent Comments with avatar
•    posts list with thumbnail option
•    Category Posts Widget
•    News in Pictures (Recent/Random)
•    About post author widget with social links
•    posts by author widget
•    Custom Text/HTML     •    Social Icons Widget
•    Search Widget
•    Custom Author Bio
•    Social Counter
•    Login Widget
•    Review Widget
•    Subscribe to youtube Widget
•    Authors Posts Widget
•    Posts Slider Widget
•    SoundCloud Widget
•    Custom author content widget to display banners or text Widget
•    Advertisement Widgets

•  30+ Shortcodes
•    Buttons
•    Boxes
•    Flickr
•    Feed shortcode
•    Google maps
•    Highlight text
•    Checklist
•    starlist
•    Shortcodes for logged in users and guests .
•    facebook like button
•    Tweet button
•    Digg button
•    stumble button
•    pinterest Button    •    G+ Button
•    twitter follow button
•    feedburner counter
•    Youtube / viemo Video
•    Audio Player
•    Toggled Content
•    Author Bio
•    Columns
•    Tabs
•    Dropcap
•    Tooltip
•    Divider
•    ADS Shortcodes
•    Review Shortcode
•    Lightbox Shortcode

Regular License: $55
Extended License: $2750

Is it worth $55?  Easily, the Jarida theme might actually surpass its price in value.  This theme comes fully loaded and packed to the brim with features all of which provide an extremely customizable experience.  From a designer and developer point-of-view, you could even say the Jarida theme might actually be a bit too much for its price when you consider the value of giving the user such a rich environment to play with.  It is in fact a toolbox with a nice design and a must buy.

Overall, this is a really good WordPress theme that fills its purpose to a rather extensive degree of control for the user.  Even if you do not use the Jarida theme for the main focus of reviews, there are enough features, widgets, and shortcodes that you could easily make something.  But, the Jarida theme is a standard WordPress theme on Themeforest that comes with the usual bells and whistles all in a neat multi-platform responsive container.  So if you are looking for something fancy, in terms of fashionable aesthetics, then this is not the theme for you even with the nice selection of pre-defined skins and unlimited color.

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