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On November 4, 2013
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Gonzo Magazine style theme is both classic and modern at the very same time giving it a unique look and feel. The theme comes with classic blogging features ...

Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine

One of the most organized themes available today, Gonzo’s, clean and responsive WordPress magazine theme created by OllieMcCarthy brings blogging into the twenty first century with impressive features and impeccable responsive design. There are two main styles of blogroll and five different layout modules included in the theme for creating complex designs, as well as, a host of other options that modern bloggers need for successful blogging.

As Jon Morrow, professional writer and blogger once said, “Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can,” and this theme definitely has what it takes to create intelligent magazine style blogs.

Designer’s View:

Almost as if caught in a crux of time, the Gonzo Magazine style theme is both classic and modern at the very same time giving it a unique look and feel. The theme comes with classic blogging features such as featured post pages, content galleries and widgets alongside a powerhouse of trendy features like a dedicated author page, facebook commenting feature and an image attribution option.

Sometimes the old ways are still the best way, and Gonzo magazine shows us that even classic magazine style blogging can be up to date, responsive and stunning with a whole lot more text and a little less images.

Theme’s Highlights:

Reward your content providers with their very own personalized dedicated author page. The page includes an author box, link to the author’s website and social media profile icons that can be accessed directly from inside the user’s dashboard.  It can be customized with a few personal touches and showcases the author’s content contributions in a nice clean featured posts format.

Gonzo's WP theme author page

Responsive means that the Gonzo theme can be viewed on a variety of different screen sizes and mobile devices and ensures that the blog looks great on every device and fits nicely into each browser.  In the past, turning blogs into a more mobile experience lacked any real sophistication and bloggers often had to resort to creating separate mobile versions of blogs.  This step is completely eliminated with newer responsive themes, blogs look the same no matter how you “slice” them and this one looks pretty good overall.

The theme provides an easy way in which to choose between using Facebook or WordPress commenting. Depending on the kind of market that you’re in, sometimes Facebook commenting on a particular post is not always appropriate and therefore, the more classic style of WordPress commenting might be a bit more useful to some bloggers.  It is just comforting to know that both options are readily available.

Gonzo theme - commenting views

One feature worth notable mention is the handy photo and attribution page seen in the image below. Attribution conveniently addresses the issue of copyright, a huge concern when it comes to blogging.

hoto attribution page Gonzo WP theme




Designed for category based blogging, this theme comes with easy to use blogging features such as button shortcodes, toggling features, text highlighting and easy to embed videos.  The posts page can be viewed either vertically or horizontally with a few different layout variations for more complex viewing.  The homepage features and galleries can be viewed in a variety of different display options including thumbnails and small image views.

Clean, well organized the full page view of the blog page is user friendly and does not appear to be too text heavy.

Blog page Gonzo WP theme

In classic blog style, the individual post page is simple and clean which allows for a huge amount of content.  The text is legible and the font is clean and classic which blends well with the widget sidebar area making for a pretty good reading and content viewing experience.

Gonzo theme- blog


Full list of Features:

  • Compatible with Adpress Plugin: For responsive advertising, Gonzo is 100% compatible with Adpress from CodeCanyon right out of the box (not included).
  • Facebook and WordPress Comments: You have the option of using Facebook comments to get more reach or use WP comments to preserve anonymity. The choice is yours.
  • Four Post Formats: Choose from standard, audio (with soundcloud), video (embed) and gallery.
  • GUI Shortcodes: User-friendly buttons/dialogue system. No need to type or remember the shortcodes.
  • Widgets included: Facebook Fans, Socialbox Counter, Video, Latest Posts with Thumbnails, Tabbed Widget (supports all widget types) and Flickr Widget.
  • Connected Author Page: Dedicated Author page with social media icons directly integrated into the User Panel in the WP Dashboard.
  • BBPress: Gonzo is now compatible with the BBPress forum plugin.
  • Best Reviews Page: As of version 1.5 there is a best reviews page and widget (both are filterable by category).


Well within its pricing range, Gonzo is one of the top magazine responsive WordPress themes and the 45.00 for a regular license is worth every penny.


If you are looking for an easy to use magazine style theme for blogging that is widget ready, responsive and comes with modern features, than the Gonzo theme is a pretty good option.  Neatly arranged, you can set up a highly organized blog in a matter of minutes. For websites with a lot of heavy content, this is a great way to instantly organize all of your content into categories for easy viewing.

This is the perfect theme for long time bloggers who want to bridge the gap between the past and future but do not want to lose all of their valuable content published over the years.

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