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On November 4, 2013
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Fluxus is a photographer’s WordPress theme on Themeforest created by the elite author intheme.  Inspired by magazine layouts, the Fluxus theme flaunts the horizontal layout method of browsing, a technique where scrolling works sideways rather than vertically up and down.  This is coupled with a design that is rather minimal at observation because the pages are designed to show off your images primarily and does so in full boldness.  The Fluxus theme, like most others on Themeforest, come with the usually fanfare of standard features such as a slider, responsive design, shortcodes, retina ready and an assortment of theme options.

Designer’s Opinion

I personally am not big on simplicity, but I do respect the time and effort in designing something that could have otherwise have come off as gimmicky.  The Fluxus theme does what it does and does it great.  And even if you do not like the horizontal presentation, intheme put it upon themselves to make sure you were given the usual vertical option.  Though, there isn’t much to say about color.  From what I could tell, you are either getting white or black which is just fine for a minimalistic theme.

Quirks as of November 1, 2013:

Homepage slider text gone until rolled over – I noticed that the author-intheme-is using the same JavaScript for its homepage as it does for the portfolio pages.  The problem I am having with this is that the user interface and text do not show up until you rollover it with your mouse.   Now this may have been intentional but the first slide is nothing more than a colorful background.  It threw me off a bit because I thought I had turned off JavaScript by accident or that the homepage was bugged.  It’s also a little weird that you have the text animated on the homepage slider but you would not be able to see it unless your mouse was over the slider as it will go invisible even as the animation is occurring.

I would recommend at the very least allowing the animation to occur then pause for 3 standard seconds before a fade out.

Drop-down transparency – A minor thing, I noticed that when I switch to the black theme version of the Fluxus theme the drop-down menu is semi-transparent, but the white version is completely opaque as far as I can tell.  Was this intentional?  Most likely, but the semi-transparency on the Fluxus theme looks a little weird because it flows over an opaque background on to an image.



The Hello Homepage

The “Hello” homepage an interesting choice by intheme to add what amounts to a welcome page alongside the full page slider and portfolio grid options.  It’s a short and to the point option introducing the user to the site’s owner and allowing the user to instantly travel to the portfolio or the contact page.



Blog Post Gallery


Blog Post Gallery 2

One great thing about Fluxus is that it is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off images.  A single blog post in the Fluxus theme can have a massive showcase image along with its own gallery that is complete with a threaded commenting.  Sadly, Fluxus does not seem to provide and horizontal option to blog posting as of yet, but it does not look like it would too hard to design.



Horizontal Navigation UI and arrow key control

Intheme made sure to cover many bases in terms of browser control.  Such as it were the Fluxus theme allows for horizontal arrow key usage, a left and right UI and of course the ability to manually scroll via horizontal browser bar.



Horizontal Blog

The horizontal layout is not limited to portfolios alone.  You get the option of both horizontal and vertical control in the Fluxus theme.  Each blog post comes complete with its own information at the bottom similar to any normal vertical layout.  The main difference here is that the pagination is part of the horizontal bar, and as a result it is to the far right of the area until you have scrolled far enough.




Let us not forget about shortcodes.  Although many of the Fluxus theme shortcodes are pretty standard, the iconography design of the services section does a great job complete with the option of over 200 icons.

Portfolio Layout


Portfolio Homepage

The Fluxes theme gives you the option to have a portfolio layout on your homepage which is a nice touch.  Although, it does not appear as though you can horizontally scroll with it like you can with inner portfolio pages, or most likely there are not enough pictures to show that feature off.



Horizontal Portfolio

The horizontal portfolio appears to be the main option of the portfolio choices.  It does a wonderful job of showing off the inspiration of the Fluxus theme in all its glory as it really does feel like you are reading from a magazine.  The entire central space of the theme moves, that includes the sortable list to the left of the images.  Any information related to the picture is shown when your mouse rolls over the area and reveals a nice transition of catchy text.  Clicking on the “View Work” button on one of the many pictures takes you to that pictures full gallery that also shares a similar layout.



Grid Portfolio

The grid portfolio section is pretty much the same as the homepage portfolio but with more drop-down options in terms of grid size.  The grid comes in 4 by 3, 3 by 2, and 5 by 3, and all three grids provide nice alternatives to the standard gallery style.


•    Horizontal Layout (for portfolio and blog sections)
•    Fully Responsive (specially optimized for iPhone and iPad)
•    Full Page Slider (with custom positioned titles, auto slideshow and 3 animation options)
•    Video support in blog and portfolio
•    Share Integration (Facebook Like, Tweet, G+ and others)
•    Shortcodes (for Gallery, Typography, Buttons, Tabs and more)
•    Post Formats Support (Video, Quote, Link, Aside)
•    Retina Ready (High Resulution Assets and Custom Retina Logo Upload)
•    Translation Ready (.po/.mo files included)
•    Google Maps
•    White and Black Skins
•    Layered PSD Files
•    Threaded Comments Support
•    3 Custom Menus
•    Theme Options
•    Detailed Documentation
•    Vertical layout for blog
•    Video support in portfolio projects
•    Lazy loading of project images
•    Password protected posts
•    New slider animations

Regular License: $45
Extended License: $2250

Does the $45 price tag work?  Maybe, but I myself am having a hard time finding a better reason aside from the focus of the horizontal method.  From a distance you might think it should be lower, maybe $40.  That is only because of the minimal feel of the site.  Overall, it does not have a lot of features but what it does have is not wasted as some frivolous gimmick.  intheme made it clear that the Fluxus theme was magazine inspired, and that is what you will get.  But perhaps they could put more custom designs in, I personally would like to see some kind of price shop if possible.

By far, the Fluxus theme seems to be mainly focused on emphasizing the use of the more natural horizontal.  That is to say more natural for us that read right to left when reading a book, but not normally for browsing the web.  Which is fine, currently there are not that many themes that utilize horizontal layout methods so this comes as a nice change of pace.  I get the feeling inthemes is starting a new as they only have 2 portfolio pieces on Themeforest, Fluxus and a dynamic CV webpage.  I honestly hope intheme expands on the Fluxus theme.  They’ve received over a thousand purchases which should be more than enough motivation to at the very least keep updating it.

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