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Peter Zaborszky

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On October 30, 2013
Last modified:November 6, 2013


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Flatsome is an attractive WooCommerce theme intended primarily for online shops. Available via ThemeForest, it has been purchased just over 1400 times at the time of writing.

Flatsome is optimised for mobile devices and retina displays, guaranteeing an attractive look and feel when used on high-end tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, it offers responsive sliders and banners that are perfect for touch interaction.

This theme is intricate in design and offers plenty of flexibility. It’s suited to online stores with a wide range of products, and the live preview alone demonstrates a level of quality that a high-end retailer wouldn’t be ashamed to claim as their own.

With plenty of colour and font options, this is definitely a theme that an online business can tailor to their exact requirements. There are also lots of custom icons included and a couple of plugins to add extras such as “wishlist” functionality or live search.


Resident Designer’s Opinion

“Flatsome can be used to create the kind of sites you expect to see from luxury retailers, and it looks stunning on mobile devices thanks to its Retina capabilities. There are plenty of options here, so you’ll need to spend some time tweaking the site settings to achieve the exact look and feel you are after. The plus side of this is that it’s easy to introduce some originality to your design, which is important when a theme is this popular. After all, every business needs to stand out from its competitors.”



The best way to show how attractive Flatsome appears is to begin with a screenshot of the main homepage. It’s easy to imagine this looking equally good on a desktop PC or an iPad-style device.

Full Screen

It’s only once you start to fully explore the demo site that you see just how flexible the design is. Below is a standard shop page with a right-hand sidebar. However, you can also position it elsewhere, or leave the top bar as the primary means of navigation.

Shop Pages


Towards the bottom of the shop pages, it’s possible to add cross selling and up selling options. These are a great way to generate extra revenue for your store, as you’re sure to know from the way the likes of Amazon conduct their business:


Although the primary purpose of Flatsome is as an online shop, there are plenty of other nice additions. There is an attractive blog, with the easy ability to add galleries to blog posts, as shown below:

Blog plus gallery

There is also a nicely designed “contact” page, with the ability to incorporate maps and FAQs:

Contact page

It’s also easy for anyone with basic coding experience to incorporate shortcodes for funky extras like sliders, banners and message boxes.


This is undoubtedly a theme with very rich functionality, so it’s well worth checking out the ThemeForest demo to get a full sense of what’s available.


Below is the full features list, directly from ThemeForest:

  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • Touch optimized Sliders and Banners
  • Beautiful CSS animated banners
  • Upload Custom logo and Custom Shopping Cart icon
  • Easy to customize look and feel.
  • Create unlimited forms (optional plugin).
  • Built-in Google fonts. 500+ Web Fonts Support with Preview
  • Boxed or Wide Layout Option
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas
  • Product page with Tabs- or Sections-style
  • Wishlist / like feature included (optional plugin)
  • Sticky header for quick navigation (optional)
  • Beautiful Custom Checkout design
  • Live search for products! (optional plugin)
  • Built-in Quick View feature
  • Pre-defined Responsive and animated banners
  • Beautiful Pinterest style Shortcode
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas (WooSidebars)
  • Dummy Content Available
  • Easy to use Theme Options Panel
  • Pre-Defined Page Layouts ready to be used
  • Fully Customizable Homepage using shortcodes
  • Custom Login / Register Page
  • Google Maps Shortcode
  • Slide anything.
  • Portfolio style pages
  • Parallax effect on UX Banners
  • Catalog mode option! Hide Shopping functionality and prices.
  • Facebook login (Optional plugin)
  • Left and right sidebar option on product pages



The ThemeForest price for a regular Flatsome license is $55. This seems ludicrously cheap when you consider that an e-commerce site of this complexity would have cost thousands just a few years ago. As with all ThemeForest themes, this is for a regular single use “not for resale” license. If you wish to sell the theme on to your clients, the cost for an extended license is $2750.


Flatsome is a beautiful theme, and given that more and more people now shop using mobile devices, it’s retina capabilities are particularly notable. When you consider what you get for just $55, this theme is definitely something of a bargain.

However, it’s fair to say that Flatsome’s look and feel is particularly suited to fashion-related sites, and using it for a different kind of online store could feel like trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Even so, if it’s a fashion retail site you’re building, you can’t go far wrong with Flatsome.


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