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In this collection, you will find a hodge podge of different themes that you may not have realized existed, but you might want.

Wp themes / Miscellaneous Themes

There are WordPress themes and categories for just about anything that you can possibly think of. They range from corporate, retail, non profit, music, entertainment and so much more.

We have covered a great deal of different subjects in our collections series right here on WPthemes.org and still have a considerably long way to go.

While researching this past week, it came to my attention that there may have been a few themes that have gotten left out or overlooked because they were difficult to find, not properly identified or placed in an obsolete category because they were created for a very specific purpose.

I began to investigate a little further, scoping through the miscellaneous category and to my surprize, I found some very interesting and unique themes that I want to share with you.

I cannot number this list because most are the only theme of its kind and it seems unreasonable to do so.

In this collection, you will find a hodge podge of different themes that you may not have realized existed, but you might want.

Perhaps, you are saying to yourself, “Thanks, for that!” So sorry, but the good news is, it is not too late to add any of them to your Christmas list.

In no particular order, here are fifteen exceptional miscellaneous WordPress themes:

  • Creative


Quite possibly one of the best photography, multi purpose, creative and portfolio artistic themes ever, I cannot imagine how I had not come across Blume on several other occasions. This theme should be included in several of our best collection lists, but obviously, somehow it had gotten overlooked. Blume Creative WordPress theme is one beautiful “portfolio” and “scrolling” presentation type theme with so many features, I am not sure where to even begin.

Responsive, retina ready, tons of shortcodes, SEO optimized, unlimited colors, unlimited fonts, unlimited backgrounds and templates, portfolio displays, sliders and language support barely covers the basis of what this theme is capable of.

Its overall design is one of the nicest combinations of classic meets modern user friendly designs that I have yet to see.  It is truly one of the best creative themes available today.

For something a little old, a little new, Blume is an entirely different kind of theme.

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  •  Fashionable

Fashion shop

Every once in awhile, a website is so stunning that when you open the page, you feel as though you cannot breathe and that time has just stood still. This is called a beautiful and captivating theme and I have to be honest, that is how I felt the first time that I came across the Fashion Shop WordPress theme created by CrunchPress. It is simply breath taking.

A clean and responsive ecommerce theme that is suitable for boutiques, clothes store, fashion stores, health and beauty shops, makeup products or any similar type industry, Fashion shop is powered by WooCommerce and packed with a numerous amount of modern features.

Designed for the fashion industry, Fashion Shop can be used in a multitude of different ways because of its great features such as multiple color themes, mega menu system, 3D Layer Slider, awesome sliders,  WPML integration, multiple blog and gallery layouts, shortcode system, page builder, slider manager and so much more.

Take your fashion websites and designs all the way to the runway with this totally amazing theme.

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  •  Angelic

Model Agency

Fully responsive with an easy to use options panel, full screen slider background, scrollable left sidebar, one to four column portfolio pages, gallery portrait and landscape templates with numerous shortcodes and a swipe enabled system for images and sliders, Angels WordPress theme was created specifically to be used for model agencies. Perhaps this is the reason that it has yet to be covered in any of our full screen or photography collections, it certainly should have been, this is one pretty amazing theme.

Angels is a portfolio theme that is very well designed and has a unique landscape and portfolio gallery for showcasing models that is really quite clever. The background image allows you to showcase a different model while the users navigate your site and it is really quite effective as an added promotional benefit.

The only one in its class, Angels is a great theme for model agencies.

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  • The “X”  Factor


The theme known simply as “X” is the absolute ultimate WordPress theme because it is a multitude of designs in one.

X is almost completely design free with a blank canvas that needs to be customized. Sounds difficult? It really isn’t, because X helps you every step of the way with its amazing admin panel and default templates. X is a theme after my own heart, I have a love and hate relationship with it. While it is the best theme and I love that about it, it is so good, you may never need another theme. I have to admit, this theme just may put a great deal of designers and developers like myself out of business and that is what I hate about it.

X is one of the only themes currently available on ThemeForest that has already incorporated WordPress 3.8 and literally has unlimited styling, meaning you can build virtually anything with this theme. In fact, it hardly seems like a theme, because it acts like an application.

For the do it yourself designer, this is a great framework to begin and build with. Suffice to say, it has every feature you can possibly need to build amazing, one of kind websites.

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  • The Talk of the Team

team talk

Team Talk is a truly unique concept in a WordPress theme because while it is a theme, it is also a social application for small teams and businesses to use in order to discuss ideas and collaborate in real time. Each participant can see the posts as they are updated by each other, comment and reply to them.

I think this is a great concept, however I would suggest using this only in a private network or password protected site, because others might see your work and duplicate it.

It does have some customizable features such as colors, logos and backgrounds and more, but it is the originality of this theme that gets my vote!

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  • Classified


A popular trend on websites are local and global listing directories.

Blogs, classifieds and product listing directory websites are popping up everywhere as people try everything to save a buck or two. These types of themes are even more popular in the real estate and car dealership markets because you can filter inquiries based on a number of different criteria. Listings WordPress theme was created to do one thing and one thing only, create different types of listing websites.

Easy to use and set up, the listing and search functionality is basically created by the user depending on the search criteria used. Listings also comes with some default choices such as location and cost. Depending on what criteria you use is ultimately how the site will work.

The design is created via the admin panel which has a variety of different options including; color choice, backgrounds, 8 Page Templates, 3 Custom Post Types, Unlimited Sidebars, preset skins or the option to create your own, shortcodes and so much more.

This theme may have a simple purpose, but it is highly sophisticated in options, features and overall design.

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  • Lovely


The Love Story WordPress theme was created for building dating sites and its not just a theme, its a full scale application with awesome built-in features, such as membership fees, virtual gifts, chat messages and just about everything you need to have in a theme of this type.

Using an extended version of the WP profile managers, users can edit profile fields, upload photos, add favorites, view gifts, read messages and edit privacy settings without ever having to see the backend of the theme.

It is one of the most elegant dating designs and really looks like a modern website. Many dating sites look somewhat “trashy” and if you are going for a nice decent dating website, this is a great alternative.

Love Story looks like it was created with women in mind, and this is something many dating sites will tell you is the secret ingredient for successful dating website designs.

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  • Novel


Like the theme’s introduction says, “If you are looking for a blog, you have come to the wrong place.” Novel WordPress theme is not a blog persay, but rather a serious writers homage to his or her writing collections. The overall look and feel of this theme is one large novel that is divided into chapters, which are actually your posts. In other words, what you create for posts is what the “Novel’s” chapters will include.

It even has a really nice and authentic looking index page, which categorizes your “chapter’s.”

A truly novel idea that is well designed and so original, I just make take it upon myself to create my own online novel.

You just have to see this theme to believe it, it really is one of a kind!

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  • Festive


The holidays are just around the corner and I must admit, I am a big fan of Christmas, not for myself, but for the little people in my life. I think that everyone deserves gifts now and again and its the perfect way to provide some memories. That being said, I was shopping around for some festive themes when I came across Polaris.

Polaris is an ultra responsive one page WordPress Theme suitable for events or parties. It is retina ready with 16 color styles including some holiday festive ones, font awesome iconic fonts, parallax effects and so much more.

Based on the popular twitter Bootstrap framework, it uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and is quite powerful.

Because it is also an event theme, it has a countdown ticker that could easily be used to countdown the days till Christmas or any other holiday for that matter. For a HO HO HO, lot more in a theme, Polaris is a great one page multi purpose theme that is already designed!

Buy Polaris

  •  Educational


Academy is the perfect theme for sharing and selling online courses, workshops and training sessions. Make no mistake, Academy is not just a theme, its a fully featured learning management system that provides awesome features for creating and building online courses, such as extended user profiles, a built in rating and questions system, file attachments, embedding self-hosted media, tracking course progress, WooCommerce integration and more.

Its overall design is very classic and professional looking and has options like boxed or stretched sliders.  Fully customizable, the admin panel is easy to navigate and the theme is retina ready and responsive for modern mobile students who prefer direct communication with instructors.

Have some knowledge to share with others and want to make some money doing it? If so, then Academy is a great option for getting you started on your way.

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  • Supportive

support desk

A fully functioning support desk without the cost is what you will get with the Support Desk theme from ChrisMooney. Choose your own colors and multi-level animated navigation, custom widgets or use a variety of shortcodes to liven things up a bit and create a unique and personalized support experience.

Support Desk is a great theme for companies that want to spend less time answering phones and email and more time doing business.

A great many topics can be covered by a support system, leaving only the real and most important issues to be dealt with directly. If a question cannot easily be answered, the user can contact support for more information.

This theme is a practical idea and a great overall design which gets five stars for providing a service that a great number of people may actually benefit from.

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  • Knowledgable


Similar to the support desk theme above, Knowledge Press WordPress theme is a support theme that is mainly based on a forum of topics, questions and answers that the user can search through to find valuable information regarding a variety of topics.

The user simply asks the question and a number of viable responses are provided in order for the user to choose the one that he or she is interested in or that best suits their inquiry. Knowledge Press even provides information in a live search feed that is perfect for use in mobile designs, how awesome is that?

Knowledge Press is a clean, yet colorful theme that is very modern and has a flat user friendly design.

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  • Directional


With an easy to use admin panel, Directory WordPress theme is a unique theme concept which allows you to set up an online directory portal like the professionals in order to list categorized items of any type, such as brick and mortar companies, shops, websites and so much more. Directory has ample built in spaces for advertising, so you can easily integrate google adsense or any other affiliate advertising that you have.

It has a custom built search and filter of all items that you add in into online directory. Essentially, this is one large portfolio system.

5 different headers can be used on a per page basis including; a Google map or Google map street view, revolution slider, no image or a large stunning static image. Whatever way you decide to customize it, it does one thing well, categorizes your content into easy to search directories.

Buy Directory

  •  Workable


Jobify WordPress theme is one of the easiest ways to create a job board website and create a community of employers and prospective employees. The theme uses a number of integrated features to create the functionality that job boards need such as Mike Jolley’s WP job manager plugin, the simple paid and WooCommerce paid listings plugin, Slider Revolution, Silioquy Lite, Testimonials by WooThemes, Gravity Forms and Restrict Content Pro, which allows you to create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during the job submission, but unlike store products, these are only used to sell job packages because it was created for this purpose.

This theme fills the void in a niche that is important to a global market.  It can also be used as a personal freelance website or paid service site, however it should be noted that it was not created with this in mind.

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  • Formidable


Forums are a great addition to any website or can be used as a stand alone site for creating community discussions on just about any topic (s). WordPress has a theme that was developed to do just that, ForumEngine is a flat responsive forum theme created by enginewpthemes, and a very good one at that. It’s sole purpose is to create forum like discussions in order for your users to become actively involved  with your website and/or help one another.

The idea of a forum based site is to grow a site without having to add all the content yourself, because a great deal of the content is added by your users by creating their own discussions.

Users can create a profile and follow threads without ever having to go into the back end of the website and this makes for a total user friendly experience.

ForumEngine comes complete with a host of new features such as the ability to add more sidebars and put static content block into widgets, as well as, a new blogging feature that enables you to put a forum on any existing blog, Facebook and Twitter login capabilities and a reply lock editing feature that makes for one power packed theme. 

Buy Forum Engine

If you consider the fact that there are over two thousand plugins, and tons of different types and styles of WordPress themes, it is not hard to imagine that you can create just about any type of WordPress theme that you want. When you cannot find a functionality in a theme, there is a good chance that you can find it in a plugin.

Themes that were created with a specific purpose are a great starting point, when you cannot decide on exactly what you want or need.

As you can see in most of the themes above, you can take any design to a higher level simply by adding some customizations and personal aspects to it.

These fifteen are only a few of the interesting and unique themes that are available on ThemeForest. I encourage you to check the miscellaneous category often because you never know what treasures lie in there.

Every great design begins with an even better story. ~ Lorinda Mamo

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