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On November 26, 2013
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Emulate is a multi-purpose WordPress designed from the ground up to be clean and modern in its design, and was created by ThemeWoot.  This is ThemeWoot’s very first product on Themeforest as of November 7, 2013, but the authors Matt and Adrienne have been Themeforest contributors since 2011.  Both authors have a proven record of experience in developing their WordPress themes.  With that in mind, the Emulate theme is most certainly not a novice level quality theme by any stretch.  Being a multi-purpose theme, Emulate naturally come heavily loaded with features to fully customize the theme to your own taste.  Like many new Themeforest themes as of recent, the site comes fully compatible with any visual device that includes mobile devices such as smart phone, but additionally, comes with the premium LayerSlider and page builder, Visual Composer.

Designer’s Opinion

Emulate is a very standard design, that is to say it comes with everything you would expect to come with a Themeforest WordPress theme.  That definitely does not make it a bad thing, as you need to stay with the trends for users to buy your product after all.  And considering Emulate is a new theme for a new author, I would say that they are off to a pretty good start in making more excellent themes.

I like the use of colors and spacing of elements.  The flat colors and whitespace go well together in making Emulate feel very modern indeed.  As for space, nothing feels cluttered as everything has room to breathe.  The semi-interactive elements of Emulate are a nice touch as well.  Scrolling down a page triggers fade-in transitions of elements that set onto the page gracefully. The rollover and dropdown menus for the navigation are affected by these transitions too completing the immersion, sort of.  The “bring to top” button doesn’t seem to share this effect, but that is a minor thing.




Emulate comes with an assortment of standard features but naturally it would also have blogging.  The theme has several options at hand for the user that appear to be available in the form of shortcodes as well.  The Emulate theme options include a default layout, sortable grid layout, list layout, and masonry layout similar to the portfolio pages.  The way these sections are designed they are almost interchangeable.



Pricing Boxes

As a multi-purpose WordPress theme, Emulate also includes some minor ecommerce features such as these pricing boxes.  They can be implemented via shortcodes and their flat design is customizable.




Emulate is filled with over 40 shortcodes fully customized for the theme.  A lot of the theme itself seems to be built on these shortcodes showcasing the variable nature of Emulate’s customization.  These shortcodes range from blog and portfolio layouts to single elements including video and audio elements.

Portfolio Layout


Portfolio Columns

Emulate comes with a sortable portfolio that can have 1 to 4 columns and are fully integrated with a load fade-in transition like most of the other elements of the theme.



Masonry Columns

The masonry portfolio is very similar to the default portfolio with a slight change as it does not follow a grid system, but still retains all the features.



Columns with Sidebar

The open space of Emulate allows for a lot of elements to align next to one another.  In such a way that it allows the portfolio layout to line up next to several sidebars or whatever you see fit.


•    Compatible with WordPress 3.7.x.
•    Responsive and Retina-Ready: Emulate is a fully responsive WordPress theme and works perfectly on all screen. The layout adapts to the screen size whatever device your users, vistors and customers, includes high resolution icons, all assets are selected with care so they look great on high pixel desnity devices like ipad, iphone, android devices, retina macbook etc.
•    Drag and Drop Page Builder (Save $25): Included the Visual Composer Layout Builder, it helps you to create any layouts you can imagine with 40+ shortcodes.
•    Powerful Admin Interface: It comes with very intuitive, easy to use admin interface. Add unlimited sidebars and colors, change fonts, portfolio, blog, header, footer options.
•    40+ Shortcodes: Get creative with unlimited combinations of easy-to-use shortcodes and quickly create any type of page you like.
•    3 Ready Made Skins: It has included 3 ready-made skins in different color schemes for different purposes. They can be a great starting point for your unique custom design.
•    Unlimited Color Options: with backend color picker for any kind of gorgeous color settings.
•    LayerSlider (Save $15): Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects, you can add multiple to each page.
•    2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow.
•    1300+ Font Icons: We have fully integrated the entire Elusive, Entypo, FontAwesome, Linecons, Typicons, Zocial Icon Set with emulate. Each icon can easily be used via shortcodes or the content composer.
•    Unlimited Sidebars: Add your own widget area to the pages and create any number of unqiue sidebars, filled with widgets of your choice.
•    Unlimited Portfolio and Blog Pages: Create any number of portfolio and blog pages you want with different tempates and categories.
•    WPML and Translation Ready: Compatible with WPML plugin for users to create multilingual web sites and fully prepared for translation to any language using po & mo files.
•    17 PSD Files Included: It’s easy for you to edit or create pages for your client, comes with over 200mb psd files.
•    Search Engine Optimized: Search engines will easily index any page of your website because of the integrated search engine support. Set meta keywords and description for each individual page and increase SEO ranking.
•    10+ Custom Widgets: blog, comments, contact details, dribbble, flickr, instagram, portfolio, portfolio tags, social icons, twitter.
•    Related portfolos: carousel and grid layout support.
•    Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
•    Reorder Posts: blog and portfolio posts.
•    Smooth Scrolling.
•    Sticky Header.
•    500+ Google Fonts.
•    Automatic theme update via wordpress backend.
•    Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10
•    Child Theme Support: For easy customization, that is not affected by theme updates.
•    Perfect Code: Coded in HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery.
•    Developed with WP_DEBUG and Debogger enabled.
•    Developed with Theme Checked.
•    Network install compatible.
•    Extensive documentation.

Regular License: $45
Extended License: $2250

Emulate is definitely worth $45 because it is at the standard.  See, Themeforest recently changed their submission requirements so that a WordPress Theme would need to meet a certain level in order to be sold.  ThemeWoot meets these requirements by building Emulate specific to those standards with the addition of quite a bit of customization in page building.  But, is it really worth buying?  Shore it is, there is nothing really bad about Emulate,  if you are new to WordPress or Web Design and looking for something general and really easy to customize then Emulate is an excellent choice among many others.

Overall, despite the modern design, flat colors, and open space around the elements, Emulate is still a pretty standard WordPress theme, which as stated early is just fine for a Themeforest publishing.  It gets the job done and that is all.  Emulate would be a great starter theme for people new to shopping on Themeforest and just don’t know what to choose.  And being a multi-purpose theme means that Emulate could potentially fit any genre necessary for the buyer without them having to necessarily shop for another theme specific to a niche requirement.  With that in mind ThemeWoot has just started with its first theme on Themeforest and they are off to a pleasant beginning.

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