Divi Theme Review

home 1
The Home page looks gorgeous, with the logo in the middle showing off how the image module can be used to make stunning animated effects

We like the ElegantThemes look, but after reviewing a few themes from the pack we were beginning to feel that we had seen it all before. Well, that was before brand new theme ‘Divi’ came along!  Featuring a fantastic new look and feel, and boasting more bells and whistles than you can shake a big stick at, Divi sets out to impress, and shows that the ElegantThemes team has been keeping themselves very busy. Divi completely overhauls the ElegantThemes templates, adding lots of stunning visual effects, a plethora of often complex layout options, and a comprehensive suite of tools that make the theme suitable for almost any application.

Resident Designer’s Opinion

It is hard not to be impressed with Divi, as it almost overwhelms you with funky visual tricks while providing bags of functionality. And it’s not just the big and flashy elements; all the layout options, inline modules, and little effects make for a striking and highly flexible design.

If I really wanted to quibble then I would say that I’m not a fan of the color scheme, finding its white and pastel blue/green ascetic a bit wishy-washy, and although link colors are easily changed, the main scheme is not. However, in the face of the visual treats Divi has in store, combined with enough shortcodes and page layouts to cover pretty much every eventuality, it would be churlish to suggest anything other than that this is a fantastic theme.


Divi has so many tricks up its sleeve that it is difficult to know where to start, and almost every page oozes flair and a robust functionality.

home 2
Perhaps even more stunning than the animated logo, the second banner slider image on the Home page shows a beautiful animation effect

sales 1
This  colored smoke movie used as a header here shows what can be done with Divi when a bit of imagination is used

featurres 2
Again, these animated buttons (with swirling color effect) look fantastic

This Sales Page with sliding movie banner shows some of the structural and content modules available

A dazzling array of these ‘Elements’ (we would usually refer to them as shortcodes) can be combined to make a unique, visually arresting, and highly functional website

home 4
The Divider module for example sounds rather boring, but the Divi live demo shows how such elements can be used to very pleasing effect

Here is the Contact form, and while more practical than beautiful, it fulfils its rather pedestrian role with a reasonable amount of style

The ‘About us’ template again shows us how Divi can present less flashy but smarty presented layouts

And as with the modules, there is a great selection layouts available

 case study
Here is the Case Study layout, reminding us that when you want flashy, Divi can give you flashy

customizer 1
The Theme Customizer lets you change Theme color, link colors (with unlimited color selection) and font. Changing the Theme color however does little other than change the underline rollover effect for the dropdown menus so the top of the page, so is rather pointless in our opinion

Blog layout

As a fully featured theme, Divi includes comprehensive Blog capabilities.

blog standard
This is the ‘standard’ newsfeed layout. The sidebar navigation links make finding your way around articles and website sections a breeze. There is also a ‘Three column blog’ layout available, with sidebars on both sides

blog tiled
The Tiled newsfeed layout provides a better overview of blog posts,allowing you to see more of them at once

blog main
If you click on a newsfeed item then you are taken to a main Blog article page, which is little changed from more traditional ElegantTheme’s design. This no bad thing however, as it looks good, has a nice image banner, provides as much room as you need to enter text, and has a comments section where posters can individualize their profiles with photos or avatar pictures

Portfolio layouts

We have had a bit of an issue in the past with fact that the deference between the ElegantThemes’ Image Gallery and Portfolio pages was minimal, so it is good to see they have been consolidated in Divi under the Portfolio heading.

port grid
Portfolio Grid, the basic portfolio page, looks tidy and functional, but is not the most beautiful part the of theme (and we actually prefer ElegantThemes’ usual page)

port width
The Portfolio Width layout, however, gives you large ‘in your face’ images, which we rather like

 portfilio page
Clicking on a Portfolio gallery link takes you to either a ‘Standard Project’ page, which is cleanly laid out and effectively (if a little unexcitingly) displays the gallery image  and some explanatory text…

port extended
… or an ‘Extended Gallery’ page which shows off some of Divi’s fancier tricks. In the live demo this is a little too busy for our tastes, but the parallax effect (where an image stays stationary as the webpage scrolls over it) is very impressive, if not entirely ascetically pleasing

Shop layout

We’ve already looked at the Sales page which is great for pitching a product, but Divi also includes some shop functionality. Clearly designed to plug-into the popular freeware WooCommerce WordPress plugin, Divi does not include any advanced e-commerce tools, but instead provides a front-end for and interface to WooCommerce, which in our view is a sensible solution as WooCommerce is an excellent tool for those wanting shopping facilities.

shop extended
The Shop layouts are cleanly presented and allow potential buyers to quickly assess the items for sale. There is also room for Sales offer banners, a gallery of products on sale, a gallery of top rated products, and more

shop 2
Clicking on an item will take you to a detailed product page, complete with a reviews section and a related products gallery. You can add items to the cart, but this is as far as Divi’s shop functionality goes, and it’s time to start using WooCommerce (or other e-commerce solution)


Divi Builder

  • Divi Modules
  • Module Options

Premade layouts

  • Company (About Me, Our Team, Creative Agency, Contact Us)
  • Corporate (Sales Page, Product Features, Case Study, FAQ Page)
  • Homepages (Extended, Simple, Store)
  • Basics (Left, Right and Dual Sidebars, Full Width)

Responsive design

ePanel Theme options

Unlimited colors (for the links)


Divi marks a new direction for ElegantThemes, and about 80 per cent of the content looks new and fresh to us (it may just be clever use of existing shortcodes, but then this just goes to show how powerful these shortcodes are). Absolutely bursting with ideas, snazzy effects and smart design decisions, ElegantThemes has also pretty much thrown in the kitchen sink when it comes to functionality.

Shop functionality has been scaled back a bit, but as using a dedicated e-commerce solution is almost a certainly good idea, we think this a wise move. Other than some doubts about the color scheme, we think that Divi is fantastic, and we are sure to see many of its design elements resurface in future ElegantThemes themes. In the meantime, it is a unique and exciting theme that is easily worth the $39 asked for the whole package just on its own, plus you get another 86 themes thrown in for free. Bargain!


ElegantThemes has really pushed the boat out with Divi, and we expect that many of the fantastic layouts, ‘modules’, groovy looking effects, and practical functionality will be used to freshen up the already very smart ElegantThemes line. Of course, making any website truly unique and outstanding takes imagination and flair, but Divi is packed full of tools which make almost anything possible, and the live demo not only illustrates the potential of such tools, but should also provide plenty of inspiration to designers (both amateur and professional) everywhere. Now if only they brought out a very similar theme with a different color scheme…

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