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On November 28, 2013
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David & Goliath is a corporate and business WordPress template created by Vamtam.  It boasts an easy-use system for users with no technical knowledge in programming skill without any detriment to highly qualified WordPress developers. David & Goliath comes with many of the usual features common to recent WordPress Themeforest themes including but limited to a page builder, predefined styles, iconography, and a slider.  In addition to the usual features, the David & Goliath them comes with premium support for the form builder Quform, super customizable navigation Uber Menu, and even WooCommerce.

Designer’s Opinion

The initial visual representation of the David & Goliath theme is rather busy.  The busyness may be a factor do to the amount of features Vamtam is trying to display on a single page, but they don’t work out too well.  This may be a glaring flow in the layout design, if it looks like this now, how will it look when it has real user content on it?  The David & Goliath theme seems to use a lot of really light greys which blend into the white background and the color palette isn’t appealing at all.  Overall, it’s a pretty ‘meh’ design for my taste and that’s mostly because it feels so busy.  The color choices do not help at all in the matter.

Quirks as of November 24, 2013:

Some elements don’t fit the page width – Some things, for example a Vimeo video, are bleeding off the side of the David & Goliath theme’s boxed borders.

Fine tune the Parallax effect – The Parallax effects on the Parallax page could use of fine tuning.  Why? When I view the Parallax effect at full browser height (1080px), white space show at the bottom of the next background image to scroll, which indicates the image isn’t scaled properly to my browsers height.  It’s not a bug and most people probably won’t be concerned by it, but I feel it should be pointed out regardless.



Blog Post Formats

The David & Goliath theme comes with a masonry layout by default.  Blog posts can come in several formats; a standard text-only post, a video post that is currently a little buggy at the full width of the site but fits perfectly at mobile sizes, and a slider blog post.



Immense Iconography

The David & Goliath theme also comes with a premium iconography set.  This iconography set is extremely with 900 icons.



Parallax Effect Plugin

The Parallax effect plugin has become quite popular as of recent with Themeforest themes.  As such, the David & Goliath theme also comes with the Parallax Effect as an option, however it can be a little buggy at larger screen resolutions.



Forum Feature

Jammed packed with many features, David & Goliath also comes with community forum functionality that naturally fits to the theme’s layout and goes well with the eCommerce factors that also come with the package.

Shop Layout


Shop Landing Page

One of the additional features of the David & Goliath theme is the shop and ecommerce.  Here on your landing page, the best or newer of your products can be displayed.



Default Shop Page

The shop area also comes with a more filterable gallery layout that comes complete with price ranges, sorting, and category specific searches.



Account Page

And of course an eCommerce community site wouldn’t be complete without login and register functionality.

Portfolio Layout


Masonry Style

Portfolio pages can come in several formats in the David & Goliath theme.  This is a masonry format that allows for the integration of video and audio alongside sliders and full portfolio posts.



Gallery Grid Style

Another theme option is the standard gallery grid layout.  This grid layout comes with the option for filtering categories.



Load More (Infinite Scroll) Style

This portfolio layout is similar to the other multi-column galleries with the added feature of a Load More function that adds more posts to the same page without refreshing the page and can potentially be infinite.



Full Screen Style

David & Goliath even comes with a full screen portfolio option.  This option pretty much changes the entire layout giving you the full benefit of viewing a high quality images.



One Column Style

Lastly, this portfolio option is simply the images and video filling in a single column with no text but displays significantly larger samples.


•    Optimised for speed.
•    Sleek and easy to use Drag & Drop page, blog posts and portfolio posts builder.
•    CSS animation option for most of the elements.
•    Easy parallax builder.
•    Revamped Admin Option Panel.
•    900 Premium Icon Set – $39 Value!.
•    Layered Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin – $15 Value!
•    Support for the premium plugin – Uber Menu.
•    Support for the premium plugin – Quform.
•    Support for the great plugin – WooCommerce.
•    Support for the popular plugin – bbPress.
•    980, 1200 or 1360 max resolutions.
•    Unique featured slider for pages, blog and portfolio posts.

Top notch customer support
•    Help Desk with one on one email and ticket support and dedicated support staff ready to assist you.
•    Response times usually less than 8 hours.
•    Video install guides for beginners.
•    Extensive set up guide for beginners.
•    In-Dashboard Contextual Help. There are little helpers everywhere in the interface, that let you retrieve quick information about the particular fields you are currently viewing.

Next-generation features
•    The VamTam drag & drop page builder is tightly integrated with tinymce editor and you can switch to visual or text editor at any time without losing any changes.
•    Responsive liquid layout (320px to 1360px).
•    Hardware-acceleration on sliders and all javascript.
•    Unique mobile menu.
•    Touch Enabled Sliders with swiping.
•    Touch Enabled Featured Slider with swiping.
•    Gracefully degrades in older browsers.

Endless layout possibilities
•    Boxed and full-width layout.
•    Choose from three max resolutions – 980 px, 1200 px, – 1360 px.
•    Any page can be home page. Set-up your own home page as you wish! Unlimited Homepage variations.
•    Flexible 6 sidebars in body and in footer.
•    Flexible left, right or both sidebars on inner pages and posts.
•    Unlimited Dynamic Sidebars.
•    Unique widget areas for posts/pages.
•    Global archive templates.
•    Per page and per post option panels.

•    Vamtam Rock Solid Theme Framework.
•    Lighting fast. Exceptional page-load performance straight out of the box.Nothing’s required but a standard PHP web hosting .Most of the themes nowadays are bloated with effects and you can hardly scroll the page. David & Goliath is packed with CSS animations and yet light and with exceptional loading time.
•    Valid HTML5 and CSS3 design following all modern best practices. Designed primarily with CSS, minimal graphics means minimal load-time.
•    Consistent code structure.
•    No Timthumb.Native WordPress Thumbnails support.
•    Easily modify the theme options pages with our meta programming options generator.
•    Very well-maintained and minimalistic code structure.
•    Pixel perfect design.
•    Custom post type support for Portfolios and Testimonials.
•    Unobtrusive CSS3 and jQuery-powered effects.

Unlimited styles
900 Premium Icon Set – $39 Value!.
Easy Parallax builder
CSS animation option on most of the elements.
30 + custom ready to use pages with amazing design.
Theme skin switcher with 4 predefined skins. Plenty of Shortcodes. All our themes include Custom Shortcodes that allow you to easily add buttons, lightbox, icons, drop cap, divider, styled list, tooltip and more to your posts, pages and widgets.
Fullscreen background images. Set a different background image for each page Set a different background color for each page.
55 + color pickers to style every element The theme will let you customize the style and typography of every element in the design. Packed with 100+ options, it allows you to make your website look exactly like you want!
Child Theme Support for Advanced Users.

9 custom widgets
•    Vamtam Post Formats Widgets.
•    Vamtam Advertisement Widget.
•    Vamtam Links with icons Widget.
•    Vamtam Contact Info Widget.
•    Vamtam List Subpages.
•    Vamtam Flickr Widget.
•    Vamtam Multi Widget. Shows popular,recent post, comments and tags
•    Vamtam Gmap Widget.
•    Vamtam Authors Widget.

Mobile support
•    Responsive liquid layout (320px to 1360px).
•    Unique mobile menu.
•    Responsive Sliders.
•    Responsive full width portfolio with categories and swipe support.
•    Hardware-acceleration on sliders and all javascript.
•    Touch Enabled Sliders with swiping.
•    Gracefully degrades in older browsers.
•    Dedicated mobile design, looks perfect on your Iphone and Ipad.
•    The columns of portfolio,blog and featured slider layout respond to resolution.4 column layout will go down to 2 in mobile resolutions

Page/Post drag & drop builder
The VamTam drag & drop page is a very rich tool with simple interface for building any page or post layout with simple drag & drop. You don’t need to touch one line of code for creating your page layout and elements. This tool will save you lots of time on building your pages or posts.
The VamTam drag & drop page builder is tightly integrated with tinymce editor and you can switch to visual or text editor at any time without losing any changes.
Tabs and Accordion elements with drag and drop interface.
Drag & Drop page builder works with pages, blog and portfolio posts.

Font replacement
You can change any text on your site to the font of your liking and you can preview fonts in the admin panel
•    Google fonts support – 400+ fonts
•    Font Face

Sidebar manager
Custom sidebars for posts and pages. Sidebar Manager allows you to replace all widgetized sidebars in our themes with unique custom sidebar.

Powerful theme options
•    Sleek and easy to use Drag & Drop page, blog posts and portfolio posts builder.
•    Revamped Admin Option Panel.
•    CSS animation option on most of the elements.
•    Easy parallax builder.
•    Shortcode generator.
•    Tons of shortcodes with tiny MCE visual integration!

10+ portfolio layouts
•    Re-sizable full screen portfolio with categories and touch swipe support.
•    Masonry style portfolio.
•    Filtered portfolio with cool CSS3 animations.
•    Featured slider for portfolio listing and portfolio posts.

One-click demo content install
•    Integrated Envato Toolkit – you can update the theme from the admin panel.
•    Demo content and configuration one click install.
•    Widget importer.

We’ve got it covered, we support the great bbPress plugin!

Layered Slider
Layered Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin – $15 Value!

Support for the best shop plugin – WooCommerce!

Contact Form 7
•    Create forms easily with Contact Form 7
•    Working Contact Form – right out of the box.

SEO friendly
•    Built with semantic best practices and search engines in mind!
•    Support for All in one SEO pack plugin.
•    Support for WordPress SEO plugin by Yoost

Translation Ready
•    100% WPML compatible.
•    The theme is translation ready – po/mo files included.

Regular License: $55

A lot of Vamtam’s WordPress themes come with similar features and lighter color use.  Is the David & Goliath theme really worth $55?  I find it odd that it is anywhere near $55 to begin with compared to their other works.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand why they went it that price just by looking at the insane amount of features.  This includes Vamtams own custom built framework and the 900 premium icon set.  And yes, it does have some eCommerce with the shopping page, but that is an additional thing as oppose to being the main focus of the theme.  Really though, I would leave this up to buyer’s choice as the visual busyness from my point-of-view is distracting to the otherwise immense customization the David & Goliath theme is packing.

At the end of the day, the choice to buy the David & Goliath WordPress theme is entirely up to the customer.  My initial personal taste on the visual layout and some of the issues make it hard to fully recommend this theme.  This is despite the overwhelming effort on Vamtam’s part in giving the David & Goliath theme so many features and functionality to the WordPress theme.  It is a really full theme, complete with everything you would need to build a business that can even include eCommerce.  Just be careful and read the comments to find out about any particular issues the user base maybe having that may present a potential issue to your choice of the theme.

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