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On November 7, 2013
Last modified:November 8, 2013


BigBangBigbang is marketed on the ThemeForest site as an “online personal portfolio” design. Although it is essentially a portfolio-style WordPress theme, it also includes a selection of blog layouts which are very attractive, albeit all rather similar to each other.

The key portfolio sections come in layouts ranging from two to four columns, and it’s possible to display work in these layouts in triangles, circles and hexagons (you will find more on this in the “Highlights” section below).

Bigbang is responsive and suitable for mobile use, but isn’t described online as “retina ready” at the time of writing.


Resident Designer’s Opinion

 “Bigbang is a stylish theme that seems particularly slick in operation. We really liked the hexagonal and triangular portfolio layouts, which look a bit different to the norm, although it’s a bit of a shame that these shapes start out as rectangles and then change as the page loads.

Another big plus point about this theme is the blog layout. While it isn’t hugely configurable, it is striking and elegant, and feels like an integral part of the theme, rather than just an afterthought.”



We’ll begin by talking about the homepage layout of Bigbang. This is minimalist and attractive, with the kind of slider style centrepiece that’s hugely popular on modern websites:


Bigbang is intended for portfolio sites. The basic layout, available in two, three or four columns made from rectangular tiles, is fairly standard stuff, and resembles a lot of the popular themes currently on the market.However, it is very attractive, with a great default font choice, and pleasing hover effects, as you can see in the top left tile of the screenshot below:


The Bigbang theme starts to get interesting when you look at the other portfolio display options, here is the triangular layout:


The next screenshot shows the hexagonal layout. All of the different shape options support the same responsive hover effects.


There are two attractive contact page options. The default is shown below, and there is also the full-width map option that seems so popular currently.


The blog layout is simple yet effective, and we liked the attractive date / comment boxes. The demo theme shows six blog layouts, but the differences between them are minimal.


Finally, there are various shortcode options – perhaps not as many as are offered by some more full-featured themes, but enough to cover all the basics.




ThemeForest shows the Bigbang theme as offering all of the following features:

  • All pages are W3C Valid
  • Fully tableless design
  • Several Pages templates:
    • 2 different Layout solutions:
      • Streched
      • Boxed
    • 6 Portfolio post formats:
      • 2 Columns
      • 3 Columns
      • 4 Columns
      • Items shaped as hexagon
      • Items shaped as triangle
      • Items shaped as circle
    • Portfolio single page
    • 6 Blog page layouts
    • 6 Blog single post layouts
    • 2 different Layout solutions for contact page:
      • Fullwidth map with popup box
      • Default layout
    • Clients page
    • About page
    • Fullwidth page
    • Sidebar page
  • Shortcodes
    • Photostream (full page (Instagram, Flickr, Dribbble, Pinterest) and widget style)
    • Grid
    • Team members
    • Sliding graph
    • Social networks
    • Columns
    • Buttons
    • Google map
    • etc
  • Brankic Panel
    • Global options
    • Blog options
    • Contact page options
  • jQuery Features:
    • Flexslider
    • Socialize icons widget
    • Photostream widget:
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
      • Dribbble
      • Flickr
    • Toggle content
    • Accordion content
    • Masonry
    • Image view with PrettyPhoto
    • Google typography implementation
  • Documentation files: Html


Bigbang is one of ThemeForest’s cheaper themes, at a cost of $45 for a standard license. An extended licence retails as $2250.

It’s a popular theme with just under 8000 downloads at the time of our review. The quality is certainly adequate to justify the standard license price, but we won’t pretend that there are other themes out there that offer more customisation opportunities for the same cost.



Whether or not Bigbang is the theme for you is a decision you can make quickly after looking at the demo site. For some, the quirky triangle and hexagon designs will be enough to close the deal.

However, it is fair to point out that Bigbang is one of those themes that’s always going to look pretty much how the original author intended it. There’s not much scope to make the theme unique without starting to fundamentally change it, so if you want something you can configure to a fine degree with little effort, you may be best to look elsewhere.


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