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Peter Zaborszky

Peter Zaborszky

I run quite a few wordpress based websites, and when I was building the latest one I realised that I needed a decent theme for it. Looking through sites like ThemeForest got me a bit confused as it was hard to compare them. So, I decided to create a WordPress Theme comparison website.

While there are quite a few of these already, none really offer high quality reviews and articles. It’s mostly just spam in Google. So, I am trying my best here to review themes in detail, and then offer collections where you can see what the best ones are in a certain category.

So, that’s how it started, and now I’m building this site!

How I review

When I look at themes I try and think of what personally would be best to me. The following criteria are what I use most often:

  • Price Value (cheap might not actually be that good!)
  • Design of the theme
  • Page options, blog variations, gallery variations, etc
  • Shortcodes / extra features
  • General User Features (how easy is it to use?)
  • Money Back Policy
  • Control Panel

You won’t ever need to do extensive research, as I’ve done that already!


Users of WPThemes.org should not view the information as advice, the website is stricly for informational purposes only. Views expressed by the user reviews on the site are not the views of WPThemes.org.

WPThemes.org sometimes receives monetary compensation from theme providers listed, however not all of them. Rankings, scoring systems, opinions, comparisons and reviews are presented at the sole discretion of WPThemes.org. We do what we can to be accurate and to provide up-to-date and factual information however we cannot and do not provide a warranty for the accuracy of data and information on this site.

Site Operator

The site is operated by Peter Zaborszky who works for 4Choice ltd in the UK. Here are the company details:

4Choice Ltd

Manor Coach House

Church Hill

Aldershot, Hampshire

GU12 4RQ

United Kingdom

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