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On November 18, 2013
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907 is a single or one page Parallax WordPress theme authored by webcreations907.   The theme boasts up to several options for header layouts such a video option, a flex slider option, and including two highly popular Themeforest premium sliders; the Revolution slider and the Cute 3D Slider.  The 907 theme also supports heavy use of the Parallax plugin for many-if not all-sections and comes customizable.  And like many other WordPress themes on Themeforest it comes with an assortment of shortcodes, custom post types, and WPML & qTranslate support.

Designer’s Opinion

It is a pretty straight forward standard issue one-page layout.  Sadly, that’s all there is too it aesthetically at a glance.  The choice of defaults colors and font format is exceptionally fitting, giving ever important label notice in all caps.

Not to say it isn’t pleasing visually, but the demo is pretty generic overall which admittedly required me to change gears a little and dig deeper into the actually tools or features provided by the 907 theme.  I like do like the high customization, especially to Parallax where even though it is in the title it is still an option that can be turned off.



Header Option – Full Screen Slider

The 907 theme comes with a standard full width or full screen slider and comes with the navigation at the bottom instead of the top.  There are other header options with the navigation at the bottom, in this situation the navigation auto adjust when you lower or raise the height of the browser.



Header Option 2 – Full Screen Parallax

Of all the header options the Parallax option follows true with the 907’s apparent focus on the Parallax JavaScript functions.  This header option is pretty much the same as any of the pages sections using Parallax on the backgrounds.



Header Option 3 – Cute 3d Slider

One of the two premium sliders that come with the 907 is the Cute 3d Slider.  It’s a JavaScript driven slider that handles three-dimensional transitions between pictures and also allows for the individual movement of elements for each pictures.



Header Option 4 – Revolution Slider

The Revolution slider is the second premium slider that comes with the 907 theme.  It is significantly more complex than the Flex slider as it allows for many of the elements on display to be moved individually rather than as one giant picture.  This is coupled with an array of stage transitions.



Header Option 5 – Video Header

The 907 theme even comes with a full width or full screen video player for the header.  The controls are minimized to the top right corner and are simple to use for stand playback.



Header Option 6 – Flex Slider

The Flex slider option of the 907 theme is pretty basic overall is of course responsive as the rest of the WordPress theme.



Parallax Backgrounds

Between each section on the 907’s one-page layout is a Parallax background.  These Parallax separations are both unlimited and optional and can be traded for regular page sections.

Portfolio Layout



Portfolio Gallery



Portfolio Gallery 2

The 907 WordPress theme comes with a straightforward sortable gallery system.  This gallery system comes with two layout options in 3 columns and 4 columns.  The gallery itself can be built in the WordPress control panel with a quick and easy drag and drop system.


•    One Page Responsive WP Theme
•    Front Ajaxed Blog Pagination
•    New Font Awesome Icons
•    New Unlimited Sidebars
•    Isotype included for works/portfolio grid
•    Premium Sliders Included
o    Revolution Slider($15 value)
Use this slider anywhere on the page(s)
o    Cute 3D Slider($18 value)
Use this slider anywhere on the page(s)
•    Translation Ready (includes .po/.mo files)
•    WPML Supported & qTranslate Supported
•    640+ Google Font Options Through Options Panel With Fallback
•    Ajax Contact Form with Shortcode Insert
•    Header Options
o    Full Screen Slider
o    Full Screen Parallax
o    Full Screen Video (Youtube/Vimeo), cover image shown for non supported devices
o    Customizable Header, works with shortcodes/html
o    Flex Slider with Sorter
•    Great Theme Options Panel with Lots of Options
•    Unlimited Parallax and Page Sections
o    Parallax Sections
1.    On Front Page
2.    All Sub Pages
3.    Post & Pages Can Have Custom Parallax Sections Attached
4.    Theme Options To Set Default Parallax Section to Show Throughout Site Pages/Post
o    Page Sections
1.    On Front Page
2.    All Sub Pages
3.    Post & Pages Can Have Custom Page Sections Attached
4.    Theme Options To Set Default Page Section to Show Throughout Site Pages/Post
•    5 Custom Post Types
o    Page Sections
o    Parallax Sections
o    Recent Works
o    Portfolio
o    Team Members
•    Posts Support Slider/Videos as Featured
•    Sample Data Included
•    2 level sub nav
•    5 Custom Widgets
o    Flicker (multiple ids)
o    Responsive Video
o    Recent Comments
o    125 ads (unlimited spots)
o    250 ad
•    Filterable Portfolio(supports slides/videos within prettyPhoto) with 3-4 column toggle
•    Shortcodes + Generator
o    Responsive Video
o    Contact Form
o    Team
o    Portfolio
o    Blog
o    Slider
o    Pricing Table
o    Grid Columns
o    Social Links
o    Contact Info
•    Threaded Comments
•    Sticky Nav on Full Screen Slider & Full Screen Parallax

Regular License: $45
Extended License: $2250

So, is it worth the price? Well, yes, this is due to the amount of equipment inside the WordPress theme rather than any aesthetic innovations.  Instead of thrilling the consumer with some new design, the 907 theme is filled or packed with dozens of high quality features including several premium sliders directly from Themeforest itself.  Also, really now, you cannot argue against over 4,900 purchases on the 907 theme, it is an astounding piece of collective works rolled into one.  If you need a quick and customizable solution for a landing page then this certainly fits the bill.

Ultimately, the 907 Parallax WordPress theme does its job as an amalgam of highly popular features.  While it does feel generic, the presentation is very professional in appearance, and does not disappoint in the amount of customization you can do to a single.  The option for several types of headers is a nice touch including some really good premium sliders as well as the option for video. If you are looking for something to contain many internal pages then this is probably not the right WordPress theme, but at the end of the day 907 theme is worth having.

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