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One thing that all modern WordPress wedding themes should have is a truly elegant responsive design, which captures the essence of the entire ceremony, from the planning stages to the day itself.

A successful wedding theme must be flexible enough to make it easy to add numerous posts, images and pages. The best themes help you take your entire wedding party along on a journey – starting with the planning and going all the way through to the wedding day and honeymoon thereafter.

Usually, wedding themes are designed with a clean and elegant white or pale background. They are often adorned with flowers, lace and other delicate wedding decals.

Ease of use is essential for us to include a wedding theme within our list of the best. The people interacting with it may not be technical experts, so it must be extremely easy for the bride, groom and guests to capture their own special moments. Technically speaking, we have looked for some or all of the following options: “his and hers” about pages, information and key date sections, guest books, gift registries and wish lists. Obviously photos are important, so we look for gallery, slider or portfolio features for displaying images and videos.

The wedding themes included in this list are all personal themes, used to plan or showcase a wedding from the very moment a fiancee says “yes” until the couple says “I do.” We have selected themes that demonstrate the kind of style and grace one might expect for such an auspicious occasion.

What theme is best suited for your wedding?  Well, that depends entirely on how you and your spouse want your own wedding story to be told. You should certainly be able to find something appropriate from this list.

A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride ~ Carolina Herrera.

The perfect wedding theme must reflect the personality and style of the couple.

1. The Wedding Day 

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day responsive WordPress theme is a relatively new design created in October 2013. It is quickly gaining popularity due to its ease of use and unique format.

The home page features a custom circular slider with rose adornments, which adds a unique personal touch to the overall theme. There is a modern parallax scroll effect throughout.

The theme includes over fifteen custom pages, ten portfolio layouts, a drag and drop page builder and a shortcode maker.

The Wedding Day theme is a great all-in-one package: it comes with a bonus matching printable invitation, an online countdown ticker and a registration form.

The theme is simple and perfect for an intimate “home style” wedding with its delicate design.

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2. Tripod

Sly Gallery View of the Tripod THeme

Tripod is a professional photography theme for WordPress. While it was not created specifically as a wedding theme, it is very much suited to the purpose, with some of the most elegant post pages, slider layouts and portfolio displays in any current ThemeForest theme.

It’s possible to employ its heart-shaped “like” feature for posts to encourage guests to vote on the best images and wedding moments, making for a pleasingly interactive wedding game.

The theme supports multiple blog layouts including grid view, thumbnail view, mosaic and list view.

Its overall design is very elegant and reminiscent of a wedding theme and while it may not have been created specifically for this purpose, it works as a wedding theme with very minimal work. Tripod is definitely worth a detailed look from those seeking a versatile wedding theme.

For a full review, please visit our Tripod Review page.

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3.. Unique Wedding

Unique Wedding

Unique Wedding is a clean, fully responsive, and modern WordPress theme created by 2mediax. The theme design screams wedding, with a laced border background, delicate fonts, simple menus and clean page layouts. However, it is, in fact, marketed as a fully functional event theme.

This is a great looking theme with a huge number of features, including a simple to use countdown ticker, four different “he and she” styles, a wish list, and a unique layered slider.

If you want a truly unique and fully equipped theme, Unique Wedding has a lot to offer. In fact, its only downfall may be that it has too many options, making it best suited to more experienced users or wedding planners.

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4. Almera


Almera WeddingThe Almera portfolio theme is fully responsive, and impresses with its clean and soft looking design and powerful gallery and portfolio functionality. It’s a great choice for those who wish to share their wedding story with images.

There are three different homepage layouts and some great sliders, giving you a flexible choice of how you want your story to be told. The theme also includes some great features including a page layout constructor, twelve default coloured skins, and an added skin constructor for creating unique skin designs.

It may not be a typical wedding theme, but Almera is a great option for an easy online wedding album that you can share over a variety of different mobile devices and social media platforms.

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5. Acoustic


Complete with an exclusive motion slider, Acoustic is a powerful WordPress theme designed for a variety of different websites. It has a very clean and minimalistic style typical of wedding and other personal themes. While it may look minimalistic, the theme functionality is anything but.

Acoustic is packed with all the features you could need to create a fairytale wedding site. It is powered by an advanced Pexeto Panel packed with options that are incredibly easy to use, making it well suited for both beginners with no coding experience.

The theme comes with 23 different background patterns, including some specifically for wedding use. If you prefer, you can design and upload your own.

For an easy, “out of the box” wedding theme alternative that has a bit more colour than most, Acoustic is a great choice.

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6. Gitty’s


One of the best features of the Gitty’s Wedding theme is the fact that it is BuddyPress ready.

In case you’re not familiar with BuddyPress, it is essentially a social media networking plugin that allows your website users to interact with each other, via forums and private messaging similar to Facebook. Using BuddyPress within your wedding theme provides a great way for guests to talk and share information about the upcoming nuptials.

The background can be changed for each post and page, creating a huge full width wedding album that is stunning in appearance and very personal.

There are also plenty of other customisable options and added features, allowing for extra creativity.

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7. Elegance


Elegance is a fully featured professional WordPress theme with an adaptive design that is clean and sophisticated, and ideal for a more classic-looking wedding website.

The theme’s main design resembles an old fashioned photo album. Couples who are seeking a ready-made theme will little need for customisation could find this ideal. There are several coloured skins layouts to choose from, and also some limited further customisations available via the user-friendly admin panel.

This theme is ideal novice users who don’t want to to spend their time tweaking hundreds of options.

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8. GeekLove


The GeekLove wedding theme was clearly created with younger, more technologically advanced individuals in mind.

It is fun, flat in design, and markedly different to most traditional wedding themes. The theme comes jammed packed with great features, including a handy RSVP form, a guestbook, a dedicated event page and four custom post types.

In keeping with the modern approach, the homepage has a unique circular “girl plus boy” feature that loosely plays on the Google Plus design and adds a quirky touch to the overall design.

For something a little bit different, the GeekLove Wedding theme is one of a kind and perfect for couples looking for a rather more individual wedding website.

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9. Hitched


In total contrast to GeekLove, the Hitched WordPress wedding theme is as traditional as it gets.

Everything about this theme says, “classic wedding.” There are two equally stunning versions available: The darker version features complementary tones of charcoal and peach, while the light version combines shades of chocolate, pink and peach. Each of these versions comes with three user-selectable background textures, so you can choose the combination that works best for you.

Despite the traditional look and feel, the theme has some really modern features such as a touch carousel slider, a guestbook template and a fully responsive design, making for the perfect balance between traditional style and modern functionality.

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10. Moreno



The Moreno wedding theme provides unlimited home pages variations with different “point of call” shapes. Each page can also feature a background image slideshow.

The contact and blog pages are designed to resemble an old fashioned postal wedding invitation, which is a pleasing touch.

The menus and fonts are very subtle and offer a soft elegance to the theme. Features include multiple galleries, unlimited colours and tons of shortcodes – so there’s plenty of customisation potential for those who wish to add more of a personal touch.

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11. Nunta


The Nunta wedding theme is fully responsive, and is one of the easiest to use yet flexible themes in this list. While it may not appeal to everyone, it’s ideal for those who want to place their own creative touch on their wedding website.

The theme comes with an abundance of features for creating different designs such as ten different colour options, unlimited custom backgrounds, four alternative comment systems, and an interactive post gallery. However, the overall looks and feel is perhaps not quite as elegant as some of the other wedding themes in this list.

Nonetheless, the Nunta wedding theme will appeal to couples who are a bit more down to earth and creative.

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12. Soul


Soul is one of the more unique wedding themes in this roundup. It is modern, colourful and bold theme, with a relatively flat boxed design.

The Soul theme includes advanced features such as touch sensitive sliders, retina graphics, event management and social media integration. It comes fully featured with an online reservation form, a wishlist and many other options for creating a perfect modern day wedding website.

The bold colors make for a pleasant change to the more traditional wedding themes, however the design is quite “busy” and appears rather “promotional.”

If this is what you’re aiming for, then the theme is fine “out of the box”, however couples may wish to tone down the home page a little make it appear rather more welcoming for guests.

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13. Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

As the name suggests, the Vintage Wedding theme reflects a more traditional style. Anything “vintage” is on-trend at the time of writing, so this theme is sure to become rather popular.

The theme has a responsive layout with a fluid grid system that easily adapts to any viewing environment, and comes complete with eleven custom page templates and twelve custom widgets.

The entire theme is covered in lace with torn page adornments in keeping with a vintage look and feel. Despite the vintage look, the theme has all the modern features you could hope for including a date ticker, blog and online RSVP form.

If you want a little bit of old mixed with a whole lot of new, the Vintage Wedding theme is certainly one for your shortlist.

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14. Wedding


The simply named “Wedding” theme is a single page theme. However, it is the only theme in this list to include a “tumblog” module that allows you to share your wedding story in a timeline fashion, akin to the Tumblr social media platform. Users can see each event, image or post in realtime, keeping your guests engaged throughout your wedding preparations.

While Wedding may only be a one page theme, it includes plenty of unique and powerful features. There’s an online RSVP section, and a flexible gallery and slideshow for displaying images in a variety of different ways.

If you’re looking for an easy to use theme that is highly interactive, Wedding is the perfect choice.

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15. Wedding Slide

Wedding Slide

The Wedding Slide theme is one of the simplest WordPress wedding themes to use “off the shelf.” It includes ready- made pages and textured backgrounds, and is easy to launch in a matter of minutes.

The ready-made pages include a home page, about pages for the bride and groom, a general information page, gift registry and RSVP form.

With just a few clicks, you can create your own unique colours and backgrounds for a fabulous looking wedding website. The main design will always remain as is, however the basic customisation options offer colour tweaks that can help make it your own.

This is the perfect theme for beginners looking for a simple but effective wedding website.

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16. Wedding Album

Wedding ALbum

Wedding Album is essentially a photography theme. Many such themes could work as wedding themes as they allow you to tell your story via image gallery and portfolio displays and add additional information pages and other features.

However, few photography themes have made this list, as they’re not geared sufficiently towards the big occasion.

This theme, however, is notable as it is designed specifically as a wedding album. One of its unique features is a password protection option, which only allows invited guests to view the photographs.

Wedding Album isn’t ideal as an “all singing, all dancing” wedding site – but if all you want is an attractive way to share your photographs, it is ideal – and very attractive.

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17. Wedding Classic

Were getting mrried

Wedding Classic is an elegant WordPress theme designed in traditional website style.

With a slider-enabled front page, a featured posts section and a huge content area, Wedding Classic resembles a magazine blog theme or personal journal, and is a great alternative for couples who want a little more space to write down personal thoughts and feelings about their upcoming wedding.

Despite the traditional website look, Wedding Classic comes with ample modern features such as an online guestbook, online RSVP functionality, and an image gallery.

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18.  Wedding Invite 

save the date

Wedding Invite is a little different to most of the themes here. It’s intended as an alternative to printed invitations and is not a fully-fledged wedding theme.

Still, inviting people to a wedding like this it is cost effective (with no stamps to purchase) and helps to save the environment.

The Wedding Invite WordPress theme is simple and modern, but does allow you to create multiple pages. It actually includes blogs and galleries like most themes, but the overall design is very straightforward, closely resembling a wedding invite, hence the name.

If you are looking for a simple alternative to a large-scale wedding site, Wedding Invite just might be the solution.

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19. Game Over

Game Over

The rather oddly named “Game Over” WordPress theme includes a powerful drag and drop layout builder, “his and hers” features, guest books and a huge number of other wedding-related options.

The theme design is cute and playful and would definitely have placed higher in this list were it not for the fact that it appears not to have been updated in a while. Hopefully the developer will soon revisit the theme and bring it up to speed.

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20. Wedding Vow

Wedding Vow

The Wedding Vow WordPress theme has a charming overall design. The huge homepage image slider is striking and integrates beautifully with the transparent icons.

Wedding Vow is another theme that would be higher up the list if it weren’t for the fact it’s not been updated in a while.

It’s important to note that just because a theme is not updated, it doesn’t mean in becomes incompatible with newer versions of WordPress. However, issues can begin to arise as a result, and for that reason we must mark it down a little.

However, for a truly minimalist, easy to use one page theme, Wedding Vow is definitely the nicest looking theme of all.

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