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On November 9, 2013
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E-commerce WP themes

WordPress themes are being created on a daily basis and as a result, it is often difficult to stay on top of what is considered trendy and what is not. A great deal of the information that is currently available is already outdated and not necessarily accurate. It is for this reason, I decided that it was time for me to gather all of my notes and compile a more recent list of the best WordPress themes available today. I have already created my first top themes compilation which covers a wide range of themes, I am now trying to focus my efforts on specific design features.

What better place to begin than with twenty of the 20 Best WordPress Ecommerce themes?

It seemed to me, the best way to do this, would be to separate the themes into categories based on the type of plugin that the theme supports and how easy its options are to use and incorporate into the overall design. I chose themes from each of the following ecommerce categories:  WPcommerce, WooCommerce, Jigoshop and Cart66.

To make it a bit more interesting and add a bit of pizzazz, I added a few miscellaneous themes to round out the top twenty. It might be important to note that all of the themes are reasonably priced at less than 60.00 each.

I based my criteria on four factors including; overall look and feel of the design, amount of customizations available, back end features and whether or not the theme was something that I would consider using myself, here are my top twenty:

1. Kallyas ~ Leader of the pack

Ecomerce WordPress Theme-Kallyas

One of the most comprehensive and visually stunning WordPress themes, Kallyas leads the pack when it comes to ecommerce themes because it leaves nothing to chance. WooCommerce ready, Kallyas is a premium responsive multi-purpose theme that is without a doubt, the most complete theme ever made. Twelve different sliders, full screen views, 3 portfolio layouts and an amazing customizable Page Builder that contains approximately 69 options only begins to scratch the surface of what this theme has to offer.

The shop itself is a portfolio style format that can be displayed in a number of different ways including mosaic images, featured products and product categories providing a modern look and feel to the shop.

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2. Flatsome ~ Designer’s favorite

Flatsome ecommerce theme

Flatsome, a recent favorite among the WordPress design community, primarily due to its clean and flat design, seems to be gaining momentum each and every day. Interactive, sliders and product carousels means that images and products can be rotated using the touch of a finger, a very popular feature on mobile and tablets. Sharp Retina graphics along with a host of other customizable features makes this theme a hit with designers worldwide.

The large image posts page included in this theme is really nicely laid out and provides the theme with a sleek added touch which offers another great way to display galleries and products. Truly one of the nicest blogs that I have seen to date and perhaps one of the reasons this theme is so popular.

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3. Gothicus ~ Bold and beautiful

Gothicus one page theme

Bold and beautiful, the Gothicus theme is a stylish one page portfolio presentation style e-commerce theme that is perfect for individuals who want a ready made one page design. The true charm behind the Gothicus theme is the unique and very bold product feature gallery. Gothicus comes with a variety of advanced tools such as AJAX for loading of the projects and posts on the front page, Aqua Page Builder, WooCommerce and Revolution slider plugins for creating a dynamic and responsive design.

When it comes to originality, this theme is the clear winner for being simple and bold at the very same time. Gothicus is a fairly new release and I am certain it will not be long before it becomes one of the most popular themes. Be the first one of your friends to have this unique one page online retail shop by purchasing it via the link attached.

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4. Retailer ~ What’s in a name?

Retailer WordPress theme

As it’s name suggests, the Retailer is one of the easiest and most flexible ways to kick start your online store with its custom made pages and predefined layouts. Its unique interactive flip product gallery allows for a two sided view of products which comes in handy if you are a fashion designer wanting to show the front and back views of your clothing lines. Integrated with an order tracking system, WooCommerce plugin, a multitude of shortcodes and clever responsive banners, this theme is clearly one of the front runners in fully responsive retina-ready ecommerce design.

The attention to detail in this theme is really quite impressive and that is evident from the eight homepage layouts that are really quite varied from one to the next, offering the possibility of a truly unique design each and every time.

If you want to show off a new design each week or add a holiday homepage to liven things up, then this is definitely the theme for you because it has so many different layouts to choose from.  Change is good!

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5 Kassyopea ~ Rounding out the Top

Kassyopea Multi Purpose theme

Kassyopea has long been considered a favorite among the WordPress design community because of its flexibility for creating both corporate and ecommerce style designs. Primarily an ecommerce theme, it can also be used as a stunning corporate website with some really helpful bonuses included, such as 2 html email templates for your newsletter and printable branding business cards with matching letter and envelope.

Perfect for selling all kinds of products, the theme also supports digital shops that are used mostly for downloading files.

The posts page included in this theme is a really nice classic style blog that gives the theme a very polished look.

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6. Maya Shop ~ Fresh and exciting

Maya Shop HomePage

It is almost hard to conceive that a theme this clean and fresh can be as solid and secure as the Maya Shop WooCommerce and Jigoshop e-commerce theme is. At first glance, it appears rather simple and perhaps a little too clean, that is until you open the hood and realize this theme has a power packed set of customizable features under its hood just waiting to be taken for a spin. There are eight different choice sliders including the most popular parallax type slider, unlimited colors and custom fonts with over 60 different backgrounds to choose from and that is even before you open it up and get to the real guts of the theme; the shop itself.

The shop layout has a unique interactive feature that allows the prices to pop out from under the image adding a real nifty touch to it and the blog page featured image frame is so different, it really does not need any customizations at all.

When you want a truly personalized design, reasonable graphics, with responsive liquid design, and ready made blog, then this is definitely the theme for you.

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7. Bistro Store ~ A Relaxing break from the ordinary


Bistro Store WP theme

A bit on the dark side and clearly not like many of the other themes currently available, Bistro Store WP ecommerce theme is a break from the ordinary. If you’re looking for a theme that is a little bit different, highly responsive and user friendly, then this theme may just be what the designer ordered.  A bold design that is quite “to the point” is offset by the more softer product displays that have a neat interactive pop up pricing feature. Included in the theme is a custom deals page that counts down the minutes until the offer is no longer valid that can just as easily be added directly into the home page menu offering a truly unique experience.

Complete with a category filter portfolio feature, multi language support and social media ready, this theme can be set up and ready to wow your customers before your coffee break is even over.

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8. Mazine ~ Ideas come to life

Mazine theme

One of the more trendy WordPress themes from Transparent Ideas, the Mazine theme is a flexible ecommerce theme that comes complete with WP ecommerce plugin, ajax contact form, animated sortable gallery and five different color choices. While it may not be the most customizable design on the block, it certainly is the cleanest one. If you want a clean design from right out of the box that does not take a whole lot of time or effort to create, the Mazine theme is the perfect choice.

All the features in this theme including the blog and the sortable portfolio style gallery are so clean and well designed that the overall look and feel is more like a magazine style theme than an e commerce one. Perfect for interior designers or professionals who want to sell ideas and concepts, not necessarily just products.

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9. Download Shop ~ Digital Exchange

Dowload shop

One of the most secure ecommerce themes designed exclusively for selling digital products is the Sofa DownloadShop WordPress theme. Products are sold via PayPal and the purchased files (in ZIP format) are immediately available for download directly from each user’s private page. Registration is a must to ensure safe downloads and for the protection of all members. Only verified payments will generate the file download link and access is restricted to the admin panel for added security.

For a very specific type theme functionality, there are quite a number of user friendly customizable features including a variety of shortcodes, ready-made widgets, and dialog boxes that are available straight from WYSIWYG editor making this theme worthy of a top spot.

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10.  Bellissima Shop ~ Testing the sands of time


First sold by ThemeForest back in early 2012, the Bellissima Shop theme was featured on numerous top ten WordPress themes list for its originality, simplicity and ease of use. Since then, its developers have continued to add up to date features, fix known issues and regularly update the theme proving that they stand by the products they create. Stability and support goes a long way in proving that a theme can withstand the tests of time, Bellissima has definitely done this.

The design is somewhat “funky” and does not appeal to everyone’s taste, however it is the perfect theme for selling beauty and fashion products because it is quite colorful. The mega menu feature is a nice touch. Similar to a normal menu in terms of general behaviour, but enriched with more options it displays huge amounts of categories for easier access and improved usability. You may have to install a plugin for creating a more responsive behaviour for mobile devices, however it is well worth the extra step if you are looking for a simple set it and forget it shop that is nicely spaced, colorful and yet still neatly arranged.

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11. Satellite7  ~ Multi purpose meets modern technology

Satellite7 homepage

I have no doubt that the Satellite7 flat glass multi purpose theme will show up on a number of top theme compilation lists because quite frankly, is it just that good. The reason it sits at number eleven on this one is because while it does have WooCommerce integrated into it, the theme was not developed primarily as an e-commerce theme. Parallax scrolling, Retina ready, responsive and loaded with hoards of features including masonry boxed layouts (Pinterest style),customizable headers and an extremely powerful admin panel, the Satellite7 is the quintessential modern day theme, meets futuristic technology.

The result of this emergence is a user friendly and highly interactive flat portfolio style theme that presents products rather than simply displays them. For brand centric websites, Satellite7 Glass flat design is the “clear” choice, read more about it here.  Satellite7 Review.

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12. MaxShop ~ The birth of modern design 

MaxShop Ecommerce

Just released, the MaxShop ecommerce theme may be the new kind on the block, but it caught my attention just enough that I felt compelled to take a sneak peek. I must admit, I was quite impressed by what I have seen so far. A five minute setup video included with the theme shows how easy it will be for anyone to set up. The theme’s overall design is very clean, responsive and I really like the boxed layout for the featured products and product pages because they closely resemble popular Pinterest boards.

Each product page can include a header banner, providing a unique way to promote deals and discounts.

As you can see in the image above, there is a product comparison feature that is easily accessed by simply clicking on the left and right arrow icons. The header image on the pages doubles as a banner and depending on the title that you choose, it can easily become an additional design feature. I am not a big fan of newer themes because I like all the bugs to be ironed out before I purchase them, but in this case, the simple approach to elegant design should prove to be quite seamless and bug free.

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13. JOOP ~ One of a kind

 JOOP - Ecommerce WP

The future has arrived and it came in the form of JOOP’s one of kind full screen portfolio ecommerce theme that can be customized easily using Visual Composer page builder. The list of features in this theme is so long it would take hours to cover each one. Full Page graphics, larger than life posts and featured pages as well as, huge portfolio displays brings brands and products to life. Complete with ecommerce full page ready made templates, WPML ready, multiple page header styles, a variety of page layouts and footers, product presentation has never been bigger or better.

This entire theme is built on a custom TD-framework, including child theme, an amazing TD-admin panel and comes preinstalled with the TD-shortcode plugin for added customization.

Truly one of a kind, the JOOP theme is the first ecommerce theme designed for full screen product displays and surely won’t be the last. Save for the fact that it has just been released and I am anticipating some hiccups along the way, this theme would have surely been my number one choice.

I have no doubt that sometime in the near future, it will surely round out the top five.


14. The Restaurant ~ Serving up a feast

The Restaurant WP theme Homepage

As any designer can tell you, one of the most difficult websites to build are restaurant type ones because of their specific design requirements. Menus and daily specials change quite frequently and often contain a number of small details that are sometimes hard to display properly. The Restaurant WordPress theme with Cart66 was built specifically for this purpose and has a unique sliding menu feature that allows users to refer to the restaurant’s menu for specific details or to purchase a la carte menu items. This is the perfect theme for a hotel restaurant offering room service.

Catering to a specific clientèle, the Cart66 based theme is serving up a feast with its features including; 8 different slideshow effects, three custom pages, widgets, and shortcodes. Keeping track of clients online reservations with the built in contact form and posting up to date daily specials on the custom blog are just some of the things that you can do to increase your business and your profits.

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15. Carty ~ An Image is Worth a thousand words.

Carty WP theme

While Carty may look like a full screen theme, it really is just a huge image slider skin that delivers the message loud and clear in three different color options. With a host of modern features such as responsive design, retina ready graphics, 3 different blogs styles with mega menus capabilities, the Carty WooCommerce theme is highly comparable to many other themes in this category. What sets it apart from other themes is the interactive product frame that cleverly only displays when activated, providing users with a bit of a surprise.

These kinds of details in a design keep customers interested and provide the difference between making sales. People enjoy viewing websites that provide them with some sort of interaction, are displayed in a clean and polished fashion and  loaded with imagery. The Carty theme proves that an image is worth a thousand words.

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16. Refined Style ~ Just what you need, nothing more

Refined Style JigoShop THeme

All the features you need and nothing more is what the Refine Style Jigoshop ecommerce theme prides itself on. Its product catalogue design allows the customers to focus more on the products than the design itself. Do not fooled by its simplicity, the theme is quite powerful and up to date with highly responsive design. This theme is the perfect solution for more refined websites such as jewelers and high end products sellers who need to focus on the products rather than the design itself.

The blog page is set in a classic header style with widget sidebar and thumbnail post type excerpts. Similarly, the products page resembles a classic large image full page description posts from the days when that was all you needed. Classic is not always outdated, because while it might be classic, it is still very clean and responsive which makes it also very user friendly and perfect for viewing on mobile type devices.

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17. Camp ~ No walk in the woods

Camp WP theme Homepage


Still holding steady at seventeen, the Camp Responsive Ecommerce theme is a favourite of mine because of its easy to customize features such as the slider/carousel that works right out of the box. I do not know how many times I have been asked by people,”Why is it that most times images and sliders never appear like the ones shown in the theme?” I always try to explain that not everything in a theme works out of the box and unless you know what you’re doing, sometimes it may seem like you’re getting lost in the woods during sundown.  

While the Camp theme is no walk in the woods, it is certainly one of the easier themes to manipulate and customize. An oldie but a goodie, the camp theme remains on my list because of its stability, ease of use and the way in which all the images are displayed in a nice boxed frame.

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18. Directory ~ Find your way

DIrectory  Wp Theme


Currently, one of the most popular websites are directories that sell listings to other companies in order for their websites and online retail stores to advertise and hopefully be found on the Internet. Directories offer a unique way to sort advertising listing into different categories and helps users to locate businesses via these category searches. Directory is the one of the most popular directory listing websites with over five thousand sales to date.

Complete with paypal integration, it is as easy to sell listings as one, two, three.

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19.  Magnolia ~ A bouquet of Awesome

Magnolia ThemeAwesome product displays like the one seen in the above photo is what you will get with the Magnolia highly interactive parallax scrolling theme from Alligator Studios. The theme practically sells itself once you view the homepage that contains a layered slider, flip touch product display and three dimensional single product featured blocks. The different layouts and unique displays are so awesome, they make you wonder why haven’t these features been used sooner?  Did I mention  that you can even build your own icons, how awesome is that?

We are well on our way to creating bollywood style full featured commercials instead of product websites, and Magnolia is leading the way.  When presentation is everything, Magnolia comes up smelling like roses.

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20.  Compare ~ Dare to compare

Compare WP Theme


Finishing off the 20 Best WordPress Ecommerce themes, the Compare WordPress price comparison theme is not really an ecommerce theme, but rather a great tool to include in your retail shop design family. The theme offers retailers a way for their clients to compare products before purchasing them. The theme can be used as a comparison website on its own or added to a retail website as an added feature for clients. Whatever you choose to use it for, compare is one of the best ways to create comparison shopping style websites to boost product sales. While it may not be the most attractive overall design, it is the most reliable one.

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No matter how well designed a theme may be or how hard you try to customize it, there will always be a few quirks that you will find here and there. My list is only meant as a means to guide you in the right direction to choosing what themes are best suited for you needs. I suggest that you wait until the first few bug fixes are worked out before purchasing any theme, unless you are an advance user and feel you could do so on your own. Part of what is important to me as a designer is support, therefore most of the designers mentioned above are always ready and willing to offer you support to work out any issues you may be having. Remember,they want to sell their themes and it in their best interest to help make your designs reflect what they set out to accomplish, so never be afraid to ask for help.

Most themes come with documentation or video tutorials that are meant for you to use before going ahead with any installation. Like everything else in life, if you’re going to design,do it smart by being prepared.Verify which version of WordPress the theme is using, which plugins are compatible with the theme and whether or not it has any of the functionalities that you need.

Each design is different and so is each theme, make sure yours is the right one for you by reading our reviews and staying up to date with new technologies.  Do you have a ecommerce theme that you think is worth reviewing, let me know and I would be more than happy to give it a review if I can.


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