The 20 Best WordPress Business Themes


Choosing the best WordPress business theme is a difficult job. Obviously, different business want to create different impressions. Some are super-professional and corporate, others prefer to create a more edgy or creative vibe.

In order to choose our 20 favourites from the large number available, we had to decide what exactly we were looking for. Broadly, these themes fit into two categories: Some, including our winner, are so flexible in operation that it’s possible to mould them around practically any business. These themes offer bags of potential, but do require someone with a good eye for design to make the right colour and typography choices.

Some of our other chosen themes are rather more rigid in design, and in some cases intended specifically for a particular market sector.

We’ve made no distinction between the aforementioned theme types in our rankings. After all, not everyone is seeking the same thing. However, the key criteria remains the same: we want to see designs that are responsive and work well on mobile devices, we ideally want retina capability, and we want to see enough built-in functionality to launch a professional Web presence without the need for additional coding or too many third-party plugins.

We believe we’ve found twenty themes that all fit the bill very well indeed. All you need to do is choose one for your business.


1. 3Clicks ~ Packed with Features



3Clicks is, without doubt, one of the most flexible WordPress themes we’ve ever encountered. Even the online demo is mind-boggling, with nine different demos to select, each looking completely different from the last.

3Clicks would perhaps be better described as a “construction kit” than a simple theme! Everything is customisable, from the header layouts to the colours.

We would be here all day if we tried to list all the features available, but 3Clicks includes retina support, integration with WooCommerce and MailChimp, and special Metro menus that (unsurprisingly) look just like Windows 8.

Support is also a big plus point for 3Clicks. As well as providing assistance, the support department also offer to have one of their designers review your completed 3Clicks site to provide an impartial opinion.

At the time of writing, nearly 3000 people had downloaded 3Clicks. With so much customisation available, we doubt that any of their sites look all that similar!

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2. Mavericks ~ For the Apple Fans



The author of the Mavericks theme is quite clear on the fact that this design is “inspired by Apple.” In fact, it looks shamelessly like the iOS 7 operating system!

Whether this appeals to you or not depends on your business objectives, but there’s no denying that for many companies, having a site that looks like it was just made for display on the iPad or iPhone has certain benefits.

The theme does a very good job of emulating Apple’s current minimalist look and feel. There is a page builder, and the site is responsive and retina ready, but there’s not a huge amount you can do to change the look and feel.

However, that’s not really the point of this theme. The point is to make your business look up to date and Apple-like. Certainly, in years to come, iOS 7 (and this theme) will begin to look dated – but at that point you can change and update, as Apple themselves will inevitably do!

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3. Medusa ~ Modern and Flexible



Medusa is another theme that’s stacked with features. There are various homepage layouts that give prominence to a central image, complete with overlaid text and animation effects.

Then, we have portfolio layouts, blog layouts, and a whole range of pre-configured page templates for normal business purposes. We particularly liked the “meet the team” page, with quirky team photos, and access to social networking details as a hover-over feature.

The drag and drop page builder is a real essential with this theme, as there are so many page elements and animation effects to choose from. There is even a choice of over 900 total fonts!

Medusa covers all the necessary bases too: it’s reponsive, retina ready, and even designed to integrate with WooCommerce if you need an online shop.

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4. Minicorp ~ Corporate, Minimalist and Stylish



We really like the analogy used on the ThemeForest demo for this theme. The developer of the theme describes building pages as “combining elements like lego.”

It’s a very good description of how Minicorp works. It’s build on an invisible 12 column grid, allowing you to responsively line the site up exactly as you wish, though obviously you need to put a little thought into it! There are over 35 short codes included and a selection of sliders and other gadgets.

Minicorp is graphical in design rather than photographic. It’s best suited to businesses who deal in processes and concepts rather than creatives.

This is certainly a theme you can bend to your will. However, it remains elegant and minimalist however much you feel inclined to tinker!

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5. Themis ~ Keep it Legal



Themis takes things to the other extreme compared to themes like Medusa and Minicorp.

This is a theme with a clear purpose: it’s designed for legal firms, and is built to look stylish and sophisticated. It’s dark and brooding in the demo colour scheme, if perhaps a little staid.

Despite the clear purpose of the theme, it’s not completely devoid of features. It’s fully responsive, there are over 20 layouts to choose from, and colour and font choices add flexibility.

Over 1000 people have downloaded Themis, so there are plenty of legal firms out there who are using it. It may not be the most exciting theme we’ve played with, but who said that legal firms were exciting? If this is the kind of thing you’re after, it’s not far off perfect.

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6. Enfold ~ Flexible and Animated



Enfold is another theme that falls into the “super-flexible” category. Where is differs significantly from similar themes like Medusa is in its focus on animation. This is a very lively theme with plenty of effects.

Enfold’s demo includes the useful ability to change the basic colour scheme from a choice of 18 options. This is really handy and helps to give you an idea of whether the theme will fit around your corporate identity. If it does, there’s plenty more to play with: lots of slideshow and gallery layouts, 2D and 3D sliders, and a powerful page builder.

There’s perhaps a little too much here if all you want is a simple brochure site, but if your business has lots of content to showcase, this is a great choice of theme.

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7. Emul8 ~ Sophisticated Simplicity



Not everyone wants to drown in excess functionality. Emul8 is still a pleasingly flexible theme, but it doesn’t go all out to provide thousands of options like some of the other themes in this roundup.

Yes, there are hundreds of fonts, custom colours and icons, but the theme arrives with just three ready-made skins and four homepage layouts. This is a theme best suited to those who just want something they can get up and running quickly. These people will still get a great looking site that’s both classy and professional.

The designers behind Emul8 also provide a completely free installation service to help people get up and running using the theme with their own data. This further reinforces Emul8 as the perfect choice for those who want to get their site updated or launched with minimal hassle.

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8. David and Goliath ~ Arty Pastel Hues


In a world where many WordPress themes go all out for colourful impact, it makes a change to see something a little more subtle and muted.

David and Goliath’s default pastel hues make the theme suited to creative businesses. It may just be the developer’s choice of demo images, but we think it would work well for dentistry too!

The theme is responsive and optimised for touch, however no mention is currently made of retina capabilities. The theme includes support for plenty of plug-ins, including WooCommerce for online shops.

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9. Wiretree ~ Great for tech consultancies



Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond a designer’s demo data when you look at a theme. It becomes difficult to image it being used for any other business sector than the one chosen for the demo subject-matter.

Wiretree is a good example of this. The developer showcases the theme with a technical consultancy, and we find ourselves agreeing that that’s probably the type of business the theme is most suited to.

Wiretree is responsive and retina ready, and includes some useful “out of the box” functionality such as a pricing table and a drag and drop page builder.

It’s not as crammed with options as some other themes, but this isn’t to its detriment. Wiretree allows you to easily create a sophisticated site for a high-end consultancy firm with very little effort.

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10. SIMPL ~ Light or Dark?



The next entry in our roundup takes us right back to serious levels of flexibility.

The stand-out feature of SIMPL is the fact that you can select a “light” or “dark” version. The light option is shown in the screen shot. As contrasting as night and day, the choice between the two versions really transforms the theme.

The design is fully responsive and flat in nature, and the single page option is good for businesses that only want a simple, yet sophisticated, online presence.

“Unlimited” is the word of the day here, and it applies to colours, sidebars and languages. There are also more than 50 custom short codes. Once you’ve decided between light and dark, you’re still going to have plenty of choices to make!

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11. Office ~ Clearly Corporate



The simply named Office 2.0 theme is perfect for a generic business website, and offers a high degree of customisation, all made easy thanks to a drag and drop back-end interface.

The theme includes a choice of sliders, and is fully responsive, but looks a little more traditional in terms of general layout than many other popular themes.

Office is well-suited to large corporate businesses, and includes functionality to build in separate regional presences for global operations.

The documentation for Office is particularly strong and includes tutorial videos.

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12. Sensica ~ Great for Healthcare Businesses



It may just be due to the default colours the developer has chosen for the demo site, but the Sensica theme screams “healthcare” to us, and is particularly well suited to companies operating in this market sector.

That said, Sensica comes with the ability to completely customise the colour selection, leaving you with a theme that’s actually surprisingly flexible. It’s retina ready and responsive, and is WooCommerce ready for those individuals who wish to include an online store.

Sensica’s features list isn’t especially large, but size isn’t everything. This is an attractive and professional theme, and its clear, clinical look is sure to appeal to many.

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13. Vaudora ~ Understated Elegance



There are several themes in this roundup that are fundamentally quite similar, and Vaudora is one of them. It has an elegant default layout with a sophisticated font choice and plenty of white space – and, like the other similar themes, is widely customisable so you can make it your own.

Vaudora is marketed as a multipurpose theme, but it’s well-suited to generic business websites. The market sectors that particularly spring to mind are management consultancies and compliance firms, but with unlimited colours and unlimited portfolios, this should, by no means, be considered an exhaustive list.

There’s an extensive selection of short codes included, as well as a choice of custom widgets. Vaudora doesn’t excite us, but it’s clear it could work for many businesses, hence its respectable position in our roundup.

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14. Visia ~ Keeping it Simple



Visia differs a little from the other business themes in this roundup, as it’s marketed as a one-page theme, although it does have the option of a blog section.

The one-page nature of the theme should not be seen as a disadvantage. Some businesses only want a simple, brochure Web presence, and this theme fits the bill with aplomb.

As we said in our review, Visia is very simple, but for companies that simply wish to showcase a small range of services, it’s perfect. There’s not much to choose from with only two homepage layouts, but some people want simple – and this applies equally to companies AND the people viewing their sites.

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15. Ventus ~ Colourful and Flexible



It’s surprisingly rare to find a WordPress theme where switching between the colour options can make so much difference to the overall feel of the site. Ventus separates itself from the many other multi-purpose business themes for this very reason.

In other respects, Ventus is really quite similar to a few of the other themes in this roundup: Its layout builder is drag and drop, there are sliders to play with, it’s responsive, and it’s translation ready.

As stated above, it’s really rather like some others in this roundup, but it differentiates itself by making the deep level of customisation accessible to those who may not be strong designers. There are many verified testomonials for the theme on the ThemeForest website, and the developer makes much of the strong technical support available.

All in all, this is a good theme for people who want plenty of customisation power, but some help to fall back on too when necessary.

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16. Seabird ~ Attractive in Monochrome



The Seabird theme looks distinctly monochrome when you view the demo site. It’s actually possible to customise the colours and completely change the overall image, but we actually like it best as the developer has chosen to demonstrate it: it’s sophisticated and looks “expensive.”

There are various third-party plugins included with the theme for things like sliders and price tables, and everything is responsive and retina ready.

WooCommerce integration is included, so those wanting to sell products direct from the site can do so with ease.

Seabird’s a great theme, but we’d perhaps advise against too much customisation – it’s at its best when used as intended.

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17. Real Homes ~ For Property People

Real Homes


Real Homes differs from the other themes in this business themes roundup because it is specifically intended for real estate businesses. Still, we make no apology for its inclusion here in a world with no shortage of property businesses.

As we said in our review of the theme, Real Homes is striking and attractive, and gets plenty of information across without feeling cluttered. It comes with an IDX property listing plugin, and plenty of ways to display media rich property content.

As you would expect from a site designed to show off properties, there are plenty of gallery options, and the whole thing is responsive for browsing on mobile devices. It’s not retina-ready at the time of writing, but it’s worth checking back in case the developer adds this functionality in the future.

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18. Rocco ~ Flat and Flexible


With WordPress themes becoming so advanced, some are more like powerful design tools than simple templates. The Rocco theme fits solidly into this category.

Rocco uses an advanced drag and drop page editor called Muffin Framework, which claims to give non-designers the kind of flexibility expert coders enjoy. The developers complement this with “five star support” and video tutorials.

It’s clear from the demo alone how powerful this functionality is, and the features list for the theme is perhaps as long as any we’ve ever seen.

It’s fair to say that not everyone wants or needs this level of customisation, but if you’re a non-designer who still wants the chance to make fine tweaks to your site, this could be just the thing for you. However, if you just want to hit the ground running with something simple, you’d probably be better off choosing a theme you like the basic look of!

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19. Stonex ~ Something a bit different



When we looked through hundreds of themes to choose the twenty for this business roundup, we were very much aware that many shared similar design choices to others. This is no huge surprise: Like anything else, WordPress themes tend to follow trends.

It’s nice, however, when a theme bucks the trend and dares to look a little different. Stonex fits the bill with a dark default colour option and bold capitalised drop-down menus. There are other colours too, though disappointingly they didn’t work on the demo site. We instead received “page not found errors.”

Even so, the Stonex theme still makes the grade, and the black colour choice would be the one for us anyway.

All the key functionality is available, and we particularly like the fact that the developer has made all the short codes available via one click from the post editor – a real timesaver.

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20. Bachus ~ Old School Sophistication



We end our round-up with something completely different. The Bachus theme is distinctly old-school and elegant. This is a theme ideal for luxury businesses, wine merchants and any business with a traditional history.

It’s reasonably flexible, but nowhere near as much so as some. However, there are plenty of key options in place such as sliders, short codes, and a choice of portfolio views. The developer also makes a point of emphasising that the theme is particularly fast in operation.

Although the theme is rather traditional, it is fully responsive for those smartphones and tablets. It’s not, however, retina ready at the time of writing.

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