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Hotel designs are most often used by individual hotels, inns, motels, and resorts to book rooms, suites or hotel amenities such as on site spas and restaurants, but hotel themes can also be used by travel agencies to sell or promote numerous hotel bookings.

king-keith house

You may find a hint of deja vu when viewing the 20 Best Hotel WordPress themes and that is because the top ten themes on this list have all been mentioned once before in the top twenty travel themes collection here on WPthemes.org. The travel themes list contains a mixture of travel elements including hotel bookings, package deals, tours, and general travel information. This list contains only hotel themes that have a booking and reservation feature. All of the them can be found under the WordPress Hotel themes navigation tab in ThemeForest and are placed in order based on the best designs, overall features and functionality.

Hotel designs are most often used by individual hotels, inns, motels, and resorts to book rooms, suites or hotel amenities such as on site spas and restaurants, but hotel themes can also be used by travel agencies to sell or promote numerous hotel bookings.

Even if a client prefers to book a hotel via cheap ticket websites, travel agencies, or a special package deal, chances are they will navigate to the main hotel page in order to get detailed information about the hotel. For this reason, a hotel theme needs to support a great deal of information such as its rooms and amenities, including a great number of images, videos and booking information. Depending on the hotel, it may also need to include information about local hot spots, nearby entertainment facilities and weather updates as added incentives.

In order for a theme to get this much information into a user friendly fashion, the theme must be flexible, responsive and extremely well organized.  When it comes to the top twenty hotel themes, elegant and professional design is everything.

This is an elegant hotel! Room service has an unlisted number.~ Henny Youngman



Soho is an elegant part of New York City frequented by artists that contains a great deal of lofts and condominium style homes. It is considered to be quite chic and in some ways, I suppose that is what the developers of SOHO’s WordPress Hotel theme were going for when they designed this theme. It is a very elegant looking theme that comes with a specially designed booking plugin, called the Working Booking System. This plugin can take hotel room deposits via paypal and works in conjunction with a reservation form that will update the room’s availability once the deposit is confirmed.

Because this is a ready made theme, there is not a huge amount of customizations that can be done, however you can choose between 4 different skins and five different front pages.



2. Royal Gold

Royal Gold WP theme

The Royal Gold WordPress theme is one of the most stunning hotel designs because of its unique panoramic slider view of each hotel room and/or amenity. This unique slider gives you an up close and personal bird’s eye view of exactly what the hotel will look like if you were actually there. The promotional value of this alone is well worth the money spent on this theme.

Royal Gold comes with a booking feature known as easyReservations is responsive, has retina display, and a host of other options and features such as contact form 7, shortcodes and a variety of ready made pages.

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3. Viva Hotel

Viva Hotel WP theme

Viva Hotel WordPress theme may not be as elegant as some of the others, it is however, very welcoming and feels “vaguely” familiar. That is because it is a cross between a classic blog style and a modern hover boxed grid style layout.

This old and new combination just somehow seems to work together to create a very smooth design.

User friendly with tons of options such as an amazing landing pages builder, easy to use reservation form, a powerful Administration Panel and the ability to embed YouTubeDailymotionVimeo or even Self-hosted videos in your posts along with 8 custom widgets; donation widget, contact form, map and more; this is one amazingly powerful hotel theme.

Viva Hotel can be used for just about any type of hotel, from the smallest inn to the largest of resorts and this is the reason it currently sits at number three.

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4. The Place

WP themes Hotel Themes

Full width and full screen revolution sliders makes the homepage of the Place Hotel room as luxurious and grandiose as one would expect a hotel website to be. Pack with a variety of different features including, short codes, unlimited colors, backgrounds, and an integrated booking system using the contact 7 form plugin, the theme is highly responsive, well organized and easy to use.

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, the home page comes in a more classic blog like style that has a background image and large content area. It is equally stunning.

They say, “An image is worth a thousand words,” and for hotels that want to say it with large images, this is the theme to do just that.

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5. Nice Hotel

Nice Hotel WP theme

As its name suggests, the Nice Hotel WordPress theme from “Quite Nice Stuff” is a nice theme that comes with a booking program, reservation and events management option. The theme is essentially pre made and already designed, but it does have interchangeable skins to offer a few customizations.

If you do not like the skins provided, you can even create your own, how awesome is that?

The easy to use admin panel allows users to create further customizations with the click of a button and for novice users, this theme is a real pleasure to work with.

A nice hotel theme with incredibly smart design is the reason it rounds out the top five.

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6. Anchor Inn

Anchor inn

Single handedly, Anchor Inn WordPress theme is the cleanest and most luxurious designs of all the themes listed here. While it does have a reservation form on the homepage and a booking form information widget, there is no real booking engine or reservation functionality included in the theme. Unfortunately, you will have to add a plugin to get full booking engine benefits.

Luckily, its impeccable design makes Anchor Inn well worth adding a few plugins in order to make it function the way you want.

That being said, some hotels only require an email in order to make a reservation, for this type of hotel, Anchor Inn is a great choice.

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7. Guest House


Similar to the Anchor Inn theme above, GuestHouse WordPress theme does not come preinstalled with an adequate booking engine and you will have to install a plugin yourself. It does have a simple enquiry form that is adequate enough for getting information about the hotel.

Despite this one slight oversight, this is one of my favorite designs. I prefer original designs that are a bit more unique and Guesthouse is just one of those themes.

Its main page slider reminds me of sitting on a commuter train and looking out the huge scenic windows as you pass by each station and makes me want to book my next rail vacation. If you’re looking for something just a little bit different in a hotel theme, then you should consider Guest House as a viable option.

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8. Dignitas 


The Dignitas WordPress theme is in a class all by itself, it is one of the few themes to include weather forecasting, layered sliders and a sortable deals page, is highly responsive and so modern and chic one might consider it to be a work of  “art nouveau.”

Included in the theme is a reservation form and booking verifier that adds a great deal of functionality to the theme.

Refined elegance, with a flair for the dramatic, Dignitas is one of the most dignified themes on ThemeForest and while it is mainly a hotel theme, it can certainly be used for just about any business.

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9. Imperial


A very minimalistic classic theme, The Imperial Hotel theme may not be as powerful or as well equipped as some of the other hotel themes, it is highly responsive and has a nice looking classic design. It is the perfect solution for smaller hotels such as inns and bed and breakfast websites.

The circled featured area is similar to the profile images on Google Plus that many people will identify with, adding promotional value to the theme.

Imperial is an “out of the box” design, that has just about everything a hotel theme needs such as tons of gallery displays, featured posts area and a nicely laid out blog page.

When you need a quick alternative and ready made design for your hotel, Imperial is a great option for the price.

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10. La Moon


The LaMoon WordPress Hotel theme has individual headers for each page and post and is what makes the theme somewhat unique. When used effectively, each page can be used to invite your guests to explore different aspects of the hotel. The front page slider can be either a layered slider or flex slider, both of which are created in a large image format.

The overall design is very simple and reminiscent of a classic website with image backgrounds and large content area. The rooms page has a book now form that accepts payments via credit cards.

This is a great theme for users who like traditional style websites with a few new twists and turns.

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 11. Paradise Hotel


Built on the SmoothThemes framework, the features in the Paradise Hotel Theme from WordPress include a working contact and reservation form, smart drag and drop page builder, as well as, an event list and calendar, making it one of the most fully equipped hotel themes.

The design is rather minimalistic, but clean and elegant. The tiny amenity icons adds a really nice touch to the hotel room pages.

This theme is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a very clean, minimalistic classic looking hotel theme.

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12.  SPA Treats – Spa, Hotel & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme


For hotels and resorts that have on site facilities such as restaurants, spas, boutiques and bars, a theme needs to have more than just booking and information for hotel rooms, it should have some form of e-commerce support along with an easy to use page creator for adding different types of pages.

Spa Treats WordPress theme has that and so much more, including two separate themes, one for spas and one for restaurants.

The theme is packed with goodies such as mail chimp integration, contact form 7, woo-commerce and revolution slider plugins, as well as tons of short codes and other customizable options.

When you need more than just one kind of theme, spa treats offers just a little bit extra.

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13. Cosily


The Cosily Hotel Booking theme from WordPress has a very large and bold design, but it very clean and well organized at the same time.

The large text and over dramatic post and content areas adds a personal touch to this theme that is really quite nice. I am not a huge fan of bold and loud design, but this is done in such a subtle way, it is actually very cozy as the theme name suggests.

There are 6 ready made templates that can be applied to an individual page and give each a different look, these are portfolio, contact, team, portfolio, services, testimonials and blog.

Complete with mail chimp integration, revolutions slider and an accommodation and reservation feature, the Cosily theme from WordPress is a great theme for hotels that have a great deal of elderly visitors because it is very easy to read.

Sometimes, it is the small details that truly matter.

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14. Hermes


Simple elegance is the best way to describe the Hermes Hotel theme from WordPress. The homepage slider appears to be inset into the back of the page creating the illusion of a small billboard and if you add a three dimensional or interactive effect to the slider, it creates even more of an impact.

All of the posts and portfolio frames have a slight 3D effect adding to the overall look and feel of this theme.

With tons of features such as 3 different sliders, 3 different portfolio display options, tons of shortcodes, contact form 7 integration and a drag and drop homepage builder, the Hemes theme sells itself.

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15. Hotec


The Hotec WordPress theme is a sleek responsive theme that was designed to be used for hotels, spas and motels, but it is so versatile, you could use it for just about any website. Hotec comes with four ready made home page templates including the default hotel one, beauty spa, ski resort and regular business one.

The homepage slider is a full width slider that adds a nice touch to the overall design and the feature content areas with transparent title adds a sleek touch to the page.

Complete with working contact and reservation form, Hotec is one power packed theme that should not be overlooked. It really is quite spectacular.

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16. Grand Hotel

 Grand HOtel

The Grand Hotel WordPress theme has an absolutely stunning overall design and one that I think is miles ahead of some of the top themes in this category, however it does not come with an integrated booking system and is currently only updated to WordPress Version 3.5. The latest versions of WordPress, 3.6 and 3.7 respectively happened very quickly and perhaps this is the reason for the lack of updates.

Grand Hotel is responsive, very elegant, chic and extremely well organized and if not for the fact that is has not been updated, it would definitely be much higher on this list.

The nivo slider is very effective and the gallery page has a very nice layout. All in all, this is just a really nice looking theme and hopefully it will be updated soon by its developers and they will add a booking engine.

If you still use WordPress 3.5 and are looking for a great theme, this will do quite nicely if you add a simple plug in.

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17. Wellness


The Wellness theme from WordPress is technically not a Hotel theme, it is defined as a ready made health and wellness theme. Spending time relaxing at a hotel is considered healthy and many hotels and resorts do have wellness centers that could easily benefit from a theme like this.

The theme includes a spa, retreat and beach template, each of which can easily be transposed into a hotel one with a simple tweak or two because it comes equipped with a convenient reservation form.

The overall design of the theme is classic, nicely done and is a great option for hotels who need more than just one theme, or a more specific type theme for its amenities or hotel features.

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18. Tour Operator

Tour OperatorThe Tour Operator theme from WordPress was not designed specifically as a hotel theme, however it is one of the few themes in this list that can accommodate large hotel chains. Guests can use the powerful search feature to choose hotels based on specific criteria such as hotel amenities, rating and availability.

While you could use the theme for individual hotels and create special deals, it is really best suited for large hotel chains that offer group packages, hotel specials, tour packages and a variety of other “tour” deals.

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Guest can search for hotels by city, by rating and by hotel amenities and features.

19. Queen Hotel


Both the Queen Hotel and Hotel Classic are very elegant looking themes and similar to the Grand Hotel theme, the developers have yet to indicate if they have updated them.

It is really quite a shame that this has not been done, because all of these three themes are really nice and should be utilized a great deal more often than they have been.

The Queen Hotel theme has not been updated since WordPress 3.4 and worse, the Hotel Classica one has not been done since WordPress 3.2. Technically, this does not mean that the theme will not update automatically to the new WordPress versions, the problem is, it is always a risk to do so. As a reviewer, I am reluctant to promote outdated themes, however these are some of my personal favorite designs and worthy of a mention.

If you have an older version of WordPress or feel that you can easily fix any issues that happen, then the Queen Hotel, Grand Hotel and Hotel Classica themes are worth some consideration because they are really quite nice.

The Queen hotel theme comes with five different templates, galleries, menu manager, blog and a room and accommodation page making it fairly easy to use.

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20. Hotel Classic

Classical Mini

As stated above, the drawback of the Hotel Classic WordPress theme is a lack of updates, however it has a great number of really nice features that none of the other themes have including a nice ticker area, slider, and featured post layout boxes with very nice frames that gives the theme a really elegant and clean look.

If it were not for the updates, this theme would be part of the top five and I certainly hope its developers considered updating it and adding some new features to this wonderful theme in the future.

If you think you can update it yourself and/or modify it, the theme can be very unique to your website. Sometimes taking an old theme and recycling it, is worth the effort and with a great design like this, it just may well be worth the investment to update it and add your own personal touch.

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If you have not realized by now, Hotel themes have more than just a booking and reservation feature in common, they all are extremely elegant looking designs that make you want to pick up the phone, get on the next bus, train or plane to your favorite destination and relax while sitting on the balcony or nearby beach with your favorite drink in hand while listening to soft music playing in the background.

Hotels of course are not just for pleasure, they are often used for business and as a result the themes must be professional looking and able to handle huge amounts of content.

All of the themes in this list are capable of handling large amounts of content and were designed with special care to meet the needs of hotels around the world by implementing some form of language capabilities, most of which include the WPML plugin.

Find your perfect theme today by viewing our individual theme pages for more detailed information on these and other WordPress themes.


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