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On November 13, 2013
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Full Screen is becoming one of the most popular forms of creative web design. Trendy, these types of WordPress themes offer responsive high quality images and sliders that are larger than life and provide websites with a quick and easy way to display visually stunning portfolio style content in a more direct and efficient way.

Closely resembling powerpoint presentations, full screen layouts can be created in multiple column displays, single image or even multi layered slider designs adding even more creativity to designs. It takes a huge amount of powerful features to run and create these themes and each is deserving of a top spot, unfortunately, some just have a bit more to offer than others.

Searching for a full screen theme, I am looking for clean portfolio designs, no browser reload effects, high resolution or retina ready graphics, well organized content areas, tons of free space in the center of the image and specially added features that are unique to each design and give it a unique voice of its own.

Technology over technique produces emotionless design ~ Daniel Mall

WordPress 3.7 ready is something that I demand from updated themes and is part of the criteria that I have awarded for earning a spot on this list, as is responsive or mobile ready design. Considering all of these things, I have come up with a pretty diverse list of visually stunning full screen designs that I hope you will enjoy reading about, as much as, I have enjoyed researching.

1. Kaleido ~ When privacy matters

 Kaleido Full Screen WordPress theme

Kaleido is a highly responsive fullscreen portfolio style theme from WordPress with high resolution graphics and password protected pages that is best suited for studio type professionals who need to protect their content, or those wanting to display content to specific individuals in a more discreet manner. Visually pleasing, the menus and content areas are laid out to the far side of the screen, so the focus of the image is highlighted and centered.

The vertical slider controls add a nice touch to the overall design which is quite bold and brash. Surprisingly the blog is not overshadowed by the oversized background images which is often the case in these types of themes.

With a host of full screen layout options such as full screen pages with/without captions, audio fullscreen pages, and video support for Vimeo and Youtube, this theme is deserving of the top spot for its fabulous design and discreet viewing options.

Want a more thorough review? Please see the Kaleido WordPress theme review page.

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 2. 907 ~ More bang for your buck

907 Parrallax

907 is a responsive WordPress Single page theme that has a variety of full screen header options and is so flexible, you can actually add more than one page to it with a few quick tweaks. The theme headers display full screen video, parallax scrolling presentations or even full screen layered sliders to make a handful of stunning designs. This theme has so many customizable features such as a drag and drop gallery, unlimited sidebars and parallax sections, it is hard to imagine that it also comes packed with the Slider Revolution and Cute 3d sliders, as well as, the ISO type plugin; used for creating masonry style box displays.

More bang for you buck, is the main reason that 907 is awarded the number two spot and rightfully so, this theme is a great deal for making a quick one page full screen style website.

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3. Panes ~ Originality speaks for itself


The Panes one page (?) WordPress theme is so original, it begs the question if it really is a one page theme. In fact, it is a one page full screen theme that merely incorporates an amazing background and portfolio style image scrolling feature that makes each image appear as a though it is a separate slide panning over each other.

Similar to a parallax scrolling effect, the screens are just moving and down to different points on the same page that are created to reflect post pages. It is not a parallax page, but rather a cleverly ingenious scrolling feature design that is in a class by itself.

Highly interactive with built in metaboxes and shortcodes, Panes is the most original WordPress theme available today and the reason that it rounds out the top three. Originality definitely accounts for something in the design world!

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4. Mercurial ~ Modern Magic

Mercurial WPtheme

The Mercurial Parallax WordPress theme undoubtedly lives up to its name.

Mercurial, which is defined as meaning to be lively and unpredictable, witty and fast talking, and likely to do the unexpected is exactly what you will get from this powerful parallax theme. Straight up one of the easiest portfolio presentation styles themes to work with, the theme comes with seventeen pre-made custom shortcodes and a variety of options for adding custom typographic effects, portfolios, skill bars, sliders, pricing tables, and best of all, each can be accessed right in the users dashboard.

The menu and header areas are uncluttered and allow the full screen images and sliders to be presented full front and center making this the perfect theme for creative individuals.

Creativity is not only about creating great design, it is about creating magic through ideas and concepts that grip the imagination and touch the heart.  Mercurial is the way to do just that!

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5. JOOP ~ Setting the bar

JOOP - Ecommerce WP

Recently arriving on the design stage, JOOP is the very first full screen WordPress ecommerce portfolio theme. Setting the bar pretty high for future designs, JOOP was developed mainly for selling products and services. However, the theme is so versatile, it can certainly be used for designing just about any website.

Major modifications and customizations should be done in the child theme, which will not be affected by any future updates. For minor color and layout choices, you can easily customize the theme via the handy Visual Composer page builder that is included.

If not for the fact that the theme is just out of the starting gate, it would definitely have received a higher spot on this list. I am reserving the top spot until all minor bugs and updates are worked out. This is quite normal with any new design and not considered a flaw in any way.

Larger than life post areas, multiple page header styles, a variety of page layouts and an incredibly huge number of features makes this one of the best designs today and definitely worth taking out for a test drive.

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6. King Size ~ Just the right size

King Sized-homepage

King Size Fullscreen background theme is the WordPress answer to one of the top-selling HTML template’s and is steadily becoming just as popular with over 14000 downloads on ThemeForest to date. This number has been steadily increasing each and every day and continuing on this course, King Size will be one of the best selling WordPress themes of all time beating out the current front runners, Avada and U-Design.

It is hands down, the best selling full screen theme and if weren’t for the rather small and dark content areas, this theme would be absolutely perfect.

This theme is King Sized when it comes to features, images and functionality and if you are the kind of individual who likes darker themes, then this is definitely the right theme for creating large portfolio designs.

Best suited for graphic and video content, it is perhaps not the best choice for blogging because the small content area is not really suitable for reading text.

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7. Storm ~ Professional Elegance


Professional and smart looking, the Storm WordPress theme comes with over 25 different portfolio styles, transparent content areas, numerous customizations and shortcodes that showcases your content in a variety of different ways. The elegant menu and transparent content areas are a really nice addition to this theme and adds a touch of class to the overall design.

The spacing on the page is well thought out and the entire look and feel of the design is very professional.

The blog page is located in the center of the screen, something not often seen in these type of themes, and has a large content area that resembles classic blog styles. The blog and post page re-emphasizes the professional look of the design and provides the perfect balance between the two.

This is a great theme for professional looking websites that do not require heavy amounts of high resolution graphics.

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8. E-pix – Multipurpose Madness


Stunning full screen slider galleries, an advanced live skin editor, visual page builder, parallax scrolling and high resolution graphics, ePix is a powerful multi-purpose fullscreen photography WordPress theme that is packed with unique features and content management capabilities, one might mistake it for an application.

Yes Virginia, I believe this is a WordPress theme!

Well laid out, the menus and content areas are uncluttered and arranged to the far left and right side of the screen, allowing the image to be the main focus. The three different sliders come with special features such as full screen, image zoom effects and carousel options to provide a host of different displays types.

Retina ready graphics and fully responsive, this theme has it going on.

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9. Fluxus ~ Image horizons

full screen slider - fluxus

All things are not created equal and Fluxus horizontal browsing WordPress theme is definitely not like any of the others. Taking advantage of popular digital book reading devices like Kindle, Fluxus slider images scroll horizontally rather than vertically giving it a truly one of a kind look and feel.

Equal in all other areas of functionality, the theme is highly responsive, retina ready and fully customizable.

All of the pages can be viewed either in a large image or grid style and the blog can be viewed both horizontally or vertically for an optimal reading and viewing experience on a number of browsers and devices. Take your images to new horizons with the Fluxus Full Screen WordPress theme by intheme.

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10. Fuse ~ Light it up


Fuse is one of the biggest and loudest full screen themes that is perfect for blogging. It closely resembles a large print fashion magazine often seen in places like Milan, NewYork City and Paris. There is no better way to light a media fire than with a fuse, and this theme is all about “lighting it up.”

Home page animated parallax design with easy to use admin panels and the PixelGrade Shortcodes plugin, Fuse has everything that a blogger could ever need including; social media and seo integration, portfolio galleries, widgetized areas, 8 custom designed page templates, awesome fonts and the popular Entypo icons.

Beautiful images, larger than life video and carefully written content will look great down to the smallest hand held device.

Fuse is responsive and takes full advantage of large screens with full width sections.

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11. Chiba2 ~ Fast and Furious


The most powerful feature of the Chiba2 is the no pages reload feature, but that is just where the fun begins in this highly responsive and retina ready full screen WordPress theme. Fast and furious, Chiba2 comes fully loaded with all the latest trends in web development including, audio players, interactive animations and transparent content display options.

The post pages and content area are rather large, filling over 3/4 of the screen conveying the message that this is a true full screen theme. Professional bloggers and content writers will love this theme, because it showcases textual content in the same regards as the image and video content.

A nice touch to the design is the homepage layout that features a small vertical menu to the left of the screen and featured page posts that are located close to the bottom of the screen which have a slight transparent effect.

Design Tip:  When choosing colors for a theme, try to stick to colors that are close to the same tone. The colors in the image above do not compliment one another, they contradict each other.

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12. Samba ~ Somewhere over the Rainbow


For professionals who like to color their world, the Samba theme can set colors on a per page or per post basis creating a rainbow of possibilities. Match the featured image of each post or create matching colored categories for a truly unique user experience.

The perfect theme for interior designers, children’s websites and other creative type websites, the Samba theme is one of the easiest themes to customize using the custom admin panel. Samba’s admin options panel is conveniently divided into 11 sections for editing content and deciding how content will be displayed on the page. With one-click you can auto generate pages, posts, slides, portfolio items and team members profiles.

Easy to use, colorful and handsomely laid out, the Samba theme is one of the most creative themes available today.

Read our full coverage review on the Samba Full Screen Theme right here.

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13. Modelish ~ Savoir Flair


Modelish as its name suggests, is a WordPress theme that one might expect to see used for high fashion magazine websites that need to present over the top presentation style pages. Huge fonts and large circle interactive portfolio displays add a unique and fashionable touch to the theme. Similar to the Fluxus theme, Modelish provides horizontal slider browsing that offers a little bit of savoir flair to the overall design.

Perfect for individuals who like large fonts, creative displays and oversized images, the Modelish theme is a good alternative for full screen viewing. Modelish is not necessarily what one might refer to as a true full screen theme because it can also be displayed in a smaller, more classic large imaged boxed style.

For all intents and purposes, it does have all the functionality and characteristics of a full screen theme and is most deserving of its spot on this list.

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14. Brightness ~ Blogging brilliance

Brightness WordPress theme

Best suited for a personal portfolio theme or a one page blogging platform, the Brightness Theme has a full screen background display and a 1/3 of the width content area, that is perfect for viewing content on a wide variety of devices.

It is one of the cleanest and “brightest” designs and definitely one of my personal favorites.

While Brightness is retina ready, and has very good graphic quality, it is not considered high resolution. Truth be told, this theme would have surely been placed in the top five, if not for this one tiny issue. I did include it as part of the top twenty, because it is has one of the best overall designs and I am hoping that the developers will add updates and improve the resolution in the near future.

High resolution is extremely important in these types of themes because the large full screen image size plays a huge factor in how the site will be displayed on different browsers. If you are extremely careful about the images choices that you make, or do not care about high quality imagery, then his theme is one of the top designs available for creating quick and easy one page blogs and portfolios.

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15. Realm ~ Discover a new world of possibilities


A highly creative one page theme with background parallax, full screen image slideshow and retina ready, Realm is one of many newly released full page WordPress themes from ThemeForest. Best suited for presentation style websites, Realm is very chic looking and comes with everything a presentation website needs and nothing that it doesn’t. A simplistic design and easy to setup theme, Realm is opening up a world of possibilities with large bold parallax sections and sortable portfolios that display content in a whole new way.

Realm is perfect for photographers and creative professionals who want to display content on one continuous scrolling page.

Newer and bolder, Realm and other themes like it, are proving that there are no limits to what design will offer in the future.

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16. Scroller ~ Clean and powerful


A very clean, minimalistic and flat style WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout, Scroller is suited for photographers, creative designers, and portfolio style websites. It includes a great deal of advanced features such as full-screen sliders, parallax effects, and a scrolling one page background similar to most other themes of this type. One of the things you will notice quite quickly about this theme is that it takes advantage of a huge amount of whitespace and this makes the theme appear larger than it actually is.

Way to often, full page and parallax themes try to take advantage of every inch of space on the screen that they forget to leave some white areas in order to provide depth. It is the whitespace and clean minimalistic design that makes this theme so charming and yet so utterly powerful at the same time.

For forty dollars, this theme is well worth taking for a spin.

Design is not always about creating a finish product, but rather learning about how a product is created.

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17. Wildhorn ~ Herding its way to the top


No reload pages, retina ready, responsive, transparent menus, full screen and a host of other fabulous features is the backbone of the Wildhorn theme. While, it is quite capable of displaying stunningly beautiful graphics, it is not high resolution.

In today’s highly competitive theme market, when themes are being created each and every day, having less than high resolution is just not going to cut it in the bullpen.

Irregardless, Wildhorn is so well organized, laid out and design friendly, that it most certainly deserves a top spot for having such a sleek and elegant design.

With additions and future updates, WildHorn just might be the top of the herd someday soon.

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18. Ego ~ Confident and Seductive


Bursting with confidence, Ego’s fully responsive, one page WordPress Studio style theme showcases a full screen slider with custom captions, similar to layered sliders. The theme comes equipped with the possibility to create an unlimited amount of skins, but the ones included in the theme already are quite efficient to build on.

The admin options panel gives you full control of your theme so that you can set every color, choose fonts, create different slider animations, and so much more. Parallax scrolling and a huge amount of customizable sections, makes this a fairly decent one page theme.

Like a few of the other themes, it is not high resolution, but it has an amazing design and is worthy of a mention.

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19. Milano ~ You can play with your design

Milano Restaurant - HOmePage

While it might sound like it was created specifically for the food and restaurant industry, Milano Restaurant theme is anything but a one industry kind of theme. In fact, this theme is so versatile and really fun, it can be used for just about any business there is. Different in every way, the theme’s main menu is highly interactive and makes you think it is actually following your mouse as you move it along the screen. The zoom and slide effects on the slideshow and the interactive menus add a really neat personal touch to the theme.

For individuals who like playful themes and interactive features, Milano is a well thought out powerful theme that has earned numerous awards for its creative approach to design.

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20. Depth ~ Perception is everything

Depth Wp theme homepage

Last, but certainly not least, we round off  the top twenty with Depth.

Depth is one of the most unique and exquisite fullscreen portfolio WordPress themes. Its’ cleverly designed vertical menu is what adds the unique touch to the theme, and has yet to be rivalled by any other theme. The patterned vertical menu displays interactive thumbnail images lending the entire screen area to the image being displayed.

When perception is everything, small details matter. Although it certainly warrants a top spot on this list, in all fairness, Depth did not meet all the criteria that I had set in the beginning.

A small detail and one that will likely be fixed in the coming days, the theme has not yet been updated to WordPress 3.7. I have no doubt in my mind that the theme is compatible with the new release, however sometimes WordPress updates cause conflicts in themes and for this reason, I expect all advanced full screen themes to already be WP 3.7 ready. Unfortunately, Depth is not and for this reason alone it was given the last spot.

A mere matter of perception, it does not diminish the features and capabilities that this theme has, it is a mere oversight.

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When creating a top twenty list of themes with this kind of calibre, it is really hard to distinguish the difference between a first and last place spot because the truth is, all of these themes are highly responsive, retina ready and packed with a powerhouse of design tools for creating portfolio style websites.

Equally stunning, they all have something different to offer and design choice often comes down to personal taste at best.

There are no clear front runners when it comes to the overall features and functionality in these top twenty, but some just have a little bit more or less than their counterparts. Sometimes its simply a matter of perception, or a tiny detail that can make the difference between one spot or another.

When it comes to choosing the right theme for you, the only real difference is what your own design and budget needs are.

Which is your favorite of these?

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