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On November 23, 2013
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Facebook WordPress themes are not really any different from regular themes except that in order for them to work properly on the fan page, they must be viewable in a frame that is 810px wide. Designs must fit into the frame provided otherwise users will need to use horizontal scrollbars in order to view the content. Themes can cause alignment problems if the headers and navigations menus are not centered or do not align themselves into the 810px grid properly.

For this reason, it is best to create a Facebook theme or website with an entire web content space of 810px or use a more responsive type design that will adjust and fit seamlessly into the frame. The height does not really affect the design, however it is best to keep it at a maximum of about 1000 px to have a well rounded design.

You can add tabs and links for people to view the actual pages on your own website, therefore the most important part of the Facebook timeline design is the header or “attention grabber” and the navigation menu.

Modern themes have several different approaches to dealing with Facebook themes including; (1) creating separate matching facebook themes, (2) providing tools to create your own page layouts and sizes to fit a facebook frame and (3) using responsive technologies that allow themes to auto adjust and fit into any size device, including an 810px frame.

Not all responsive or multi purpose theme designs transfer nicely inside the Facebook frame and when deciding on the top twenty, this was the important factor in the decision. As well, Facebook themes need to be user friendly, fun, sociable, clean and inviting.

With all the above criteria in mind, here are the top twenty Facebook timeline themes from WordPress  on ThemeForest.

1. Alterna


The Alterna WordPress Facebook Page theme is a retina-ready, fully responsive multipurpose WordPress theme created as an addition to the original Alterna Multi-Purpose Theme, specifically to be used for Facebook fan pages. Alterna is a fully customizable theme that allows you create your own fan page and includes tons of features to help you, including; 2 Premium WordPress sliders; the Layer Slider (with 3D & 2D transitions) and the popular Revolution Slider with over nine different portfolio layouts, sortable options, galleries, blogs and shortcodes.

The menu and content area fits perfectly into the space and because the theme was created for Facebook, you can adjust the layout the way you want to include sidebars or not, or to add blog and portfolio views without messing up the alignment. This is a top of the line Facebook Theme and most certainly deserving of the number one spot.

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2. TimeLine

Wp themes Fb timeline themesAs its name suggests, Timeline is not only one of the best Facebook Timeline WordPress themes, it is also a theme that was designed to be viewed in a timeline format. Confused? Don’t be, it just means that this theme is a really hip looking theme known as a tumblog that displays social media posts from a variety of places as they happen, and in the moment.

If you are looking for something really different to add to your Fan page, a tumblog is a really cool way to do that. They are trendy and a handy way to organize all your social media posts into one place.

Timeline comes in two different versions, a light and dark version with 3 different images sizes that can be positioned to left, right or full width and can be viewed as circle image style, square image style with thin border or square image style with thick border for a variety of different looks.

For the hip and trendy user, Timeline is the best option available in these types of themes.

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 3. New Idea

New IdeaNew Idea WordPress Fan Page theme is one of the most modern yet classic website designs that you will find in Facebook fanpages today. It’s a fixed width design that’s main focus is to direct you to the navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen and grab your interest via a beautiful full width layered slider. Using the penguin admin panel you can customize the theme’s height, number of portfolio displays that you want, colors and tons of other features that comes included with this theme.

New Idea is one of the best looking designs in all of of the themes on this list and is the reason it sits at number three. It is a darker theme, but light enough to be considered fresh, clean and lively. Not to mention if you already have the original version, you just need to update the database and it should look exactly the same as your website.

When you’re looking for a new idea for a fan page, you need look no further.

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4. Cleanium


The Cleanium Multi Purpose WordPress theme was not built specifically for Facebook but it is a cross browser compatible theme and should adjust accordingly because of the way it was designed. Cleanium looks incredibly professional because it is so clean and well organized. In fact, this theme is so clean it practically squeaks.

The theme comes with an easy to use drag and drop editor, layer slider and easy to use shortcodes, making it a snap to create the perfect design. It is the best theme for professional looking fan pages, corporate pages and websites.

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5. Coffee shop

Coffee shop

Coffee Shop is a premium responsive WordPress template for cafe and bistro style websites that also doubles as a Facebook Fan page for businesses in the food industry. Its’ large header content and navigation menu adds a nice sleek design to the page and gives the page its unique “cafe” design.

Highly responsive and easy to customize, it will fit perfectly into any frame.

Coffee shop is the perfect theme for bistros, cafes and small restaurants wanting to showcase what’s on the menu.

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  6. Example


Example WordPress Theme is a perfect “example” of a minimalist portfolio theme that will fit nicely into the Facebook framework because the width can be set to 790px. The navigation menu is a vertical sidebar menu that is interactive and really fun to use, it adds a rather quaint and unique look to the theme. The portfolio pages have a transparent hover and the overall look and feel of the theme is plain, simple and elegant.

There are 9 different post formats and a host of unique pages and portfolios to add a little bit of extra color and flair to the theme, but it really is fine just the way it is. The perfect theme for an out of the box, quick and easy set up, Example is just one of the many portfolio themes that can double as a Fan Page.

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7. Flatco


Flatco is a responsive multi purpose one page WordPress theme. It is one of the easiest themes to work with in order to create fantastic modern looking websites and Facebook Fan pages. You will be able to create designs in a matter of minutes using the handy drag and drop page builder that comes with the theme.

Flatco page builder has 28 short-code based elements, each of which can be configured with a variety of different options. The home page comes in eight different variations including a layered slider format for making sure the message is loud and clear.

Perfect for individuals who want to make image rich, parallax, responsive Facebook pages that really rock.

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8. Flip Blog

Flip BLog


Flip Blog WordPress theme is one of the most unique themes to hit the market in a very long time.

The amazing support that comes with the theme is like having your very own developer helping you every step of the way. In fact, there is even an incorporated Theme Hints unique feature that provides you with design tips as you move along your way. Flip Blog as one might imagine, allows you to customize the theme by “flipping” it upside down, “flipping” in two, and flipping it a whole lot of other cool ways.

Setting up this theme is as much fun as it is reading and using it.

Created with a real “facebook” look and feel, Flip Blog fits the bill rather nicely.

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9. MetroStyle


When you are looking for “wow” factor, MetroStyle WordPress portfolio theme has exactly what you need. It has one of the boldest navigation menus in all of the themes on this list and perhaps in all of the themes I have seen so far.

The header navigation menu is a large squared colorful design that provide a modern “brochure” look to the page and creates a nice squared edge to the design.

Packed with tons of features such as 25 different skins, homepage scrolling slider and unlimited colors, the theme is responsive, multi purpose and easy to customize making it the perfect Fan Page for just about anyone.

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10. Folio


Folio was originally created for photographers, but it is so versatile, it can be used for just about anyone who wants to display content in a portfolio type format.

What is really unique about the Folio theme, is the homepage button menu. The menu offers users a choice for which way they prefer to view the site. They can choose between blog or portfolio style.

There are a multitude of portfolio display options, including masonry style and so many other customizable features, it is no wonder this theme won runner up for best Facebook template.

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11. Iron Band


IronBand WordPress theme was custom created for bands, musicians and other entertainment industry professionals. The design is lightweight and includes a host of cool options such as an audio player, YouTube video player, discography section, and a handy booking feature.

The theme can be customized using the custom control panel, from fonts, colors, sizes, to background images. The fresh clean look translates really well into the Facebook framework and when you think about it, it only makes sense that if you are an entertainer, that you would want to have your music or videos played where most of your “fans” will be hanging out.

Facebook is an important medium for the entertainment industry and Iron Band is a great solution for creating a Fan page and website that will match one another perfectly.

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12. Gravity


Gravity is one of the top corporate themes on Themeforest and comes with the WordPress Parallax slider for creating interactive sliders. The theme was designed in such a way that the slider can be viewed perfectly in the Facebook Framework and this is a definite plus. The truth is, many animated sliders do not work or look as good as they should in the framework, this one just seems to do the job right.

The boxed menus and the top header adds a nice finishing touch to the overall look and feel.

Clean and professional, this is a great option for a corporate theme such as those used in computer companies or huge financial corporations.

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13. Hoarder


Hoarder is a masonry or “box” grid style portfolio theme that closely resembles the popular “Pinterest” type themes. Hoarder is one of the cleanest versions of this type of theme and if you’re looking for a really simple and easy way to showcase a huge amount of posts, images and videos, masonry style is the best way to do just that.

With this type of theme, users choose which posts and images they want to view and do not have to ruffle through a huge amount of pages to get to the information that they want.

For this reason, masonry style themes like the Hoarder one, is a really good alternative for creating quick and easy FanPages.

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14. MediaStar

Media Star

MediaStar is clean, flexible and sophisticated WordPress theme that works seamlessly with a huge amount of devices and offers a great deal of customizations and features such as a Facebook skin and timeline blogging style theme that includes video and image sliders for the background.

A Facebook skin means that the page was created specifically to fit into the Facebook Framework and will match the original page perfectly.

When you want the job already done for you, MediaStar is the best choice option.

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15. Pinword


The Pinword WordPress theme is a unique “Pinterest” style theme that has it’s own “pinning” system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code. Unlike most of these types of “pinning” themes, you can add or edit all of the effects, such as manipulate how often the pins will show up, how many seconds it will appear and what transitions will be used, if any.

The background can be set to include a huge amount of colors or images and this is part of the reason that PinWorld is so popular.

When you want a color “pinning” solution as a fan page alternative, PinWord is the best choice.

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16. Promola


Promola is a blog that can be set to fit easily inside the Facebook framework. What is so special about this theme is the social sharing aspects of it, each post has a variety of different social icons that are placed front and center for you to quickly and easily share the post. It also has some really nice social sharing icons in the widget areas.

Just because a theme is already in Facebook, does not mean that should not have a variety of different social sharing options.

I think designers often forget this and for this reason, Promola gets a thumbs up. A clean simple blogging solution, Promola is definitely a theme everyone will “Like.”

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17. Smart Choice


SmartChoice is an advanced multi purpose Wordpress theme that was created with the enhanced massive admin panel, Visual Composer and custom shortcode wizard for ease of use.

Even though SmartChoice has tons of features and options, it is still easy to use and understand by most users and this is what makes it a great theme for creating Fan Pages because you can simply choose the width of the content areas to make it fit.

The overall theme is clean and elegant and translates well onto the screen.

Because it is a multi purpose theme, you can create a number of different designs and fan pages with it, making it a valuable part of any social media manager or designer’s portfolio.

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18. Up News

Up News

Upnews is yet another masonry grid type multi purpose theme and a must have for any web designer or social media manager who creates a great deal of Facebook Fan pages.

This theme is so easy to use, anyone can customize and fire this theme “up” with minimal effort. The overall design is really chic and does not really need a huge amount of customizations because the red and black is quite bold and works nicely together. The theme looks like a newspaper or magazine and in some ways, Facebook is really just an online version of a brochure.

For a quick and elegant magazine style solution, UpNews is a great choice for bloggers and other media type industry professionals.

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19. Leap

leapWhen you want to take a leap of faith and try something new, why not try a custom made theme that is already created and ready for you. Leap is a custom made theme from WordPress but it looks more like a Fan Page to me – it has everything to quickly and easily create an awesome, personal website, blog or Facebook fan page, with only a little room for customizations.

The theme is different and for this reason alone, it has a spot on this list.

After all we have to sometimes look at the big picture and this one says, “Personal Facebook Fan Page,” all over it.

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20. Biz Stream

Biz Stream

Last but definitely not least, Bizstream is a very clean corporate style theme that is out of the box and ready to use in any way that you want. The clean and efficient design of this theme allows for a very professional looking Fan Page that includes a front page “opt in” button.

WooCommerce ready, complete with a layered slider and unlimited portfolio options, you can sell your products online or set up a professional looking site in no time. Create a matching fan page or set the content page to the width you want and create a Fan Page, either way, when you want to do things your way, this is the theme for you.

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As you can see from the variety of different choices above, just about any theme can be customized as a Facebook Fan Page including designs created specifically for different purposes. It was a difficult task to choose the twenty best and in the end, it really came down to how well I envisioned that the design will look in the Facebook framework and all the images in this article represent that vision.

If you want to visualize how well a theme will look in the framework, all you have to do is look at the main content area because this is what will be transposed into the frame. The background, sidebars and unnecessary data will be eliminated if room is needed.

Obviously, the best themes are the ones that were created for use in Facebook or those that come with Facebook skins.

A simple adjustment to the content size is a great alternative when you are deciding on purchasing a new theme because you know when you do, you will need a Facebook Fan Page to match it. It makes sense to be sure the theme you are considering will look as good as the original.

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.~ Charles Eames

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