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On November 19, 2013
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In order for an event theme to be considered part of the top twenty, it should contain some or all of the following options, event time tickers, event calendars, reservations and membership forms, donation widgets, paypal or other payment integration, event managers, event pages, galleries, portfolios and blogs.


Wp Themes Event Websites

Event style themes are often geared towards a specific type of event, organization or business related to the entertainment and recreation industry including, but not limited to: musicians, entertainers, wedding planners, non for profit organizations, churches and other religious organizations. In order to be considered part of the top twenty, the theme should contain some or all of the following options, event time tickers, event calendars, reservations and membership forms, donation widgets, paypal or other payment integration, event managers, event pages, galleries, portfolios and blogs.

The overall design and functionality of the theme is of course always the defining factor in whether a theme is considered to be one of the best or not. Functionality that we expect in modern event themes are responsive behaviours, high resolution graphics, retina display, compatibility with WordPress 3.6 at a minimum, tons of customizable features and social sharing options.

It was quite fun compiling and researching this list because there was so much diversity in the styles and types of events designs that it gave me a great deal of criteria to work with. In doing so, I decided that in order to provide you with the most effective results, I would try to include themes from a variety of different event types and refrain from using an exact numbered format.

Here are the 20 Best Event WordPress Themes from each category, in no particular order.

Charity and Foundation Event Themes

  • Be Human

Event Wp THeme - B Human

The Be Human WordPress theme was designed specifically for charities and nonprofit organizations that need a feature rich modern online presence that is highly compatible with all modern mobile devices. It is a very clean and well laid out on the page providing an adequate amount of gutter space. It has a full width slider that can be used to provide users with your organizations mission statement and or inform them about upcoming fundraising opportunities.

Be Human comes complete with 6 different blog layouts, event time ticker, image and video galleries, events calendar and management tool, WooCommerce and a built in crowdfunding source using the Ignitiondeck plugin.

This theme is ideal for foundations, charities and nonprofits that deal with a large amount of projects.

Crowdfunding allows donors to spread donations or funding over a large amount of projects and foundations are able assist a great deal of different causes using this type of funding.

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  • Charitas

Event Wp THeme - Charitas

Charitas is a simple and highly professional WordPress theme that is best suited for foundations. Highly interactive with a number of portfolio, gallery and slider displays, the Charitas theme is integrated with PayPal for collecting on the spot donations. Every charitable organization knows that an individual will most likely donate “in the moment,” when they are inspired and will not return to make the donation at a later date. Failure to provide a donation button that is easy to locate and payment ready is only risking potential funding. Charitas makes a point of this by providing ample opportunities and numerous locations for adding these buttons including placing them widgets, in the header and in the featured posts and sliders.

When a successful transaction has taken place it will automatically update the pledge meter on the cause page and your donors can see the difference they are making right on the screen, hopefully in return, this encourages them to donate more or will encourage others too.

Fundraising is crucial for foundations and Charitas theme takes fund raising very seriously while still being able to present itself in a very elegant and visually stunning way. The numerous posts and page layouts with cute interactive features and facebook page integration adds a nice personal touch to the theme.

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  • Rive

Event Wp THeme - Rive

A colorful hover grid portfolio style display that links directly to the event or cause page is the main focus of the Rive responsive charity WordPress theme and is one of the few charity themes to incorporate a trendy portfolio feature into its home page design.

Rive comes complete with an amazing donation system that you only need to enter your PayPal to start using.

Filled with all the necessary bells and whistles that a charity theme should have including cause pages, events calendars and a whole lot more, Rive may not be highly customizable in terms of overall design, but then it really does not need to be. It is quite nice just the way it is and besides, it does have one of the most unique gallery features whereby when you click on an image in the gallery, your image turns into a interactive checkered mosaic version of that image. I have not come across this in many themes, but I am hoping to see more of this design in the future because it just adds that little bit of spark that makes all the difference.

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  • Mission

Event Wp THeme - Mission

Mission is a very clean responsive WordPress charity theme that comes with three different custom post types for organizing your website including causes, staff and events pages. Each post showcases different elements such as donation buttons, thumbnails, sliders, event dates and other pertinent information.

The theme appears to be somewhat flat and while it really is not a true flat design, it does do a great job of stripping down what is not necessary and focusing on the details that are, creating a very user friendly design.

Best suited for non profit organizations that want to promote or educate the public, Mission has more of an information feel to it,  however it does have adequate event and donation support.

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Conference WordPress Themes

  • Expo 2018

Event Wp THeme - Expo

Based on the popular Expo18 landing page, EXPO 2018 is a modern, responsive WordPress theme for conferences, events, training, and other exhibition type websites. For easy customization, you can choose from the 11 specially designed parallax animated backgrounds or add your own to get a unique and personal design each and every time.

The overall look and feel of the theme is very professionally done and I really like the agenda, events calendar and speakers pages, however the built in registration form does not take payments and this might be an issue for some organizations trying to solicit paid memberships and registrations right from within the form.

With an added payment integration such as pay pal, the Expo theme is a very well made, ready made theme that has an overall clean design and could very well be used for political campaigns as well.

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  • Foo Camp

Event Wp THeme - Conference

FooCamp WordPress theme is a pretty good theme for organizing conferences, group travel or any other type of event that is based on a set itinerary. Built in features such as a conference program scheduler for each different venue, room or location, a speakers details and information page, as well as a really nice ticker or ‘countdown” can easily be configured through the powerful admin panel that also allows you to change the overall look and feel of the website including the colors and backgrounds.

The circular countdown feature and the individual posts page which is obsessively clean, adds a very sleek and personal touch to the theme.

The overall theme is very flat and user friendly and includes the very popular revolution slider plugin but suffice to say, while it does come with pricing table shortcodes, it has no registration integration and you may have to create your own forms.

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Environmental WordPress Themes

  •  Biosphere

Event Wp THeme - Biosphere

One of the most recent and more modern event themes by designer Dany Duchaine, who also created the Mission theme, Biosphere WordPress was designed to meet the needs of environmental type charitable websites, but is so flexible, it can be used for just about any event or charitable website.

Perhaps one of these most modern and up to date designs, it is colorful, has amazing high resolution with really nice looking transparent content boxes, and really cool features including a powerful event manager, revolution slider, PayPal donation feature for causes and fundraising that contains an automatic progress meter.

WooCommerce ready, you can sell all of your charities promotional items online in minutes or create a charity auction for a fundraising event.

Biosphere hit the ground running with this theme and set the standard for all future event and charity themes to follow. It will be interesting to see what new and exciting features the future will bring.

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  • Green Earth

WP Event theme -Green Earth

Green Earth is a non-profit WordPress theme that screams, “We are the world,” and the message is loud and clear, this is definitely a theme created for the environmentally conscientious.

The theme comes with a custom drag and drop slider, drag and drop page builder, unlimited sidebars, and a whole lot of portfolio and gallery displays to customize and personalize the theme any way you want. Green Earth’s homepage header, menu area, content area and footer is what adds to the design and even if you apply modifications to the sliders,  images, portfolios, galleries and backgrounds, the theme will still have the very same look and feel to it.  That is a definite plus in a design of this type, far to often once you have made too many modifications to a theme, it ends up not even looking like the original design and if you buy a theme for its design, chances are that is what you expect the finished product to be.

Intelligent design and great features, the green earth theme is the perfect solution for organizations who support all things “green.”

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Church Event WordPress Themes

  • Lovepray Church

Event Wp THeme - Lovepray

The Lovepray Church WordPress theme boasts over 100 different features and that’s just for starters. With ten different headers, unlimited portfolio designs, layered sliders and unlimited backgrounds for a boxed mode design, Lovepray is one of the most customizable themes in the list. 

This theme is so flexible, you can create unique websites for many different religious organizations in many different style formats such as magazine, blog, portfolio, creative or even a more business oriented style. It all depends upon the needs of your church and its parishioners. The theme comes with ready made pages including a really nice prayer request page, a sermon page and event and project pages for those wanting to help out in the community or give something back to the church.

Very well thought out, with a clean design and a host of different images and nifty features, the Loverpray theme is really quite divine.

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  • Blessing

Event Wp THeme - Blessing


With all the features you would expect to see in a theme of this calibre, the Blessing WordPress Theme was created with churches and other ministries in mind, however it is flexible enough to be used for a variety of different event themes as well.

Two of the features that really stand out in this theme are the events calendar and the newsletter subscription that work hand in hand to keep your parishioners updated and well informed about upcoming church activities. The newsletter option allows you to create a custom newsletter that you can mail to your subscribers right from inside the admin panel, without having to use a third party mailing service like constant contact or mailchimp, saving you a great deal of money that can be used elsewhere.

Overall, the theme has a nice clean design and is well worth the forty five dollar investment for any business or organization looking for a quick and easy newsletter mailing solution.

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Bands, Music and Theatre Events Theme

  •  Clubber

Event Wp THeme - Clubber

Trendy, transparent and totally rocking, Clubber is an entertainment style magazine theme for promoting musicians, dj’s, clubs, bands and other entertainment type upcoming events. Clubber displays the events in a totally awesome transparent and interactive box style that includes a map to the event, the length date and time of the event and availability of the tickets insuring no one will miss out.

With hiqh quality audio post and widgets, this theme is very hip and geared towards a very modern “it” crowd.

The graphic quality in this theme is so incredibly high, the images appear almost true to life and while the overall design is dark, it is transparent enough to be considered not too dark.

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  • K-Boom

Event WP Theme - Kboom

K-BOOM is one of the most bold and powerful music, entertainment and event responsive WordPress themes.  It was designed specifically for organizing music events, creating entertainment showcases and just for blogging about the entertainment world. Dark and trendy, the theme has just enough color to make a bold statement and attract a whole lot of attention. It’s user friendly design and ultra responsive response makes it highly suited for today’s technologically advanced mobile generation.

Its main features include; 25 different skins, 16 custom templates and a smart event manager for organizing upcoming events.

This theme sets the stage on fire with its dynamite layouts and features.

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Multi-Purpose Event themes

  • Concept

Event Wp THeme - concept

As the theme boasts, concept is one of the most fully featured project, event and multi purpose themes in this list.

Concept WordPress theme has so many features to choose from including; galleries and sliders, portfolio display types, column formats and sortable options, we would need an entire page just to list them all. Take my word for it, this theme has everything an event organizer could ever possibly need such as an exclusive events custom post type, events list template, events carousel, and an events single page with dating, Google mapping, special events listings, horizontal and circular progress bars and sliders.

Perhaps a tiny drawback is the fact that it does not have a donation or payment option and you will have to add it via a plugin.

Clean and highly versatile, the theme was created for managing and promoting projects, but can easily be used as an event theme with a few tweaks here and there.

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  •  Stack

WP themes - Stack

Stack Multi Purpose theme is not what one might consider to be a true event theme, however it comes with a really nice custom event page module that is worthy of mention in this list. It is a multipurpose theme and can be easily transformed into a fully functioning event theme with a few added tweaks.

The custom event page has a calendar and really nice event portfolio grid with tons of content whitespace that is perfect for a huge description of the event.

Stack has an overall look and feel that is very clean and polished and is a good option for a more professional looking design. Many event themes tend to be flashy, trendy or overly “cartoonish.”

Perfect for the more serious non profit organizations, foundations, political campaigns or churches, stack is a very good event theme alternative solution.

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  • Game Plan Sport / Gym and Event theme

Event Wp THeme -

Stunningly beautiful, the Gameplan Fitness and Event WordPress theme is one of the very few full screen event themes and is one of my personal favourites. Its advanced admin panel and drag and drop page builder makes this theme such a breeze to use, you will have to get your work out at the gym because you will not work up a sweat here. Event calendar (pro) ready, you can easily change this theme from a gym and fitness theme into just about any other event theme imaginable.

The overall design is definitely geared toward the fitness industry and comes pre-ready with a light and dark option, however with over 50 shortcodes, ten portfolio displays including a really nice carousel display, this theme can be customized to suit any kind of event or charity website.

The full screen front page slider is a great way to show the world what your organization is all about and afterall, that is really what event themes should do.

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Miscellaneous Event themes

  • Political Press

Event Wp THeme - Political Press

Political press WordPress theme is the best theme created specifically  for use by politicians for blogging, soliciting funding or using on the campaign trail to keep constituents up to date on the campaign results. A very clean and professional looking theme the header quote, donate button, campaign monitor and newsletter subscription feature adds a really nice touch to the overall design.

Perfect for any government or political type website, political press is loaded with tons of features including shortcodes, biography template, image galleries, sliders, and support for the WordPress e-mail capture plugin and the all-in-one event calendar plugin from time.ly.

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  • Rescue

Event Wp THeme - RescueFor all the animal lovers out there, this one if for you.

The Rescue WordPress animal shelter is one of the best themes for animal advocacy shelters and charities dedicated to helping animals. Included in the theme is support for Petfinder to help pet lovers find lost animals.

The theme is not just for dogs, it is also great for other pet sites, in fact you can use it for just about every barnyard animal there is.

It is not hard to notice that the theme was built with one purpose only, to get pets adopted with the full width homepage slider display and it does it well. No one will be able to resist the temptation to adopt a pet with an adorable face like that.

Keep track of pet adoption events, post news and updates about new friends and/or pet parents or add a donation plugin for donations.

Whatever you choose to do with it, one thing’s for certain, this theme is all its “cracked” up to be.

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  • Unique Wedding

Event Wp THeme - Wedding

Weddings are hugely popular websites and as a result, there are hundreds of themes dedicated to every aspect of the wedding industry.

Weddings themes are deserving of their own collection and top twenty list sometime in the future, but for now we will stick with the “Unique Wedding” theme from WordPress. Aptly named, the Unique wedding theme is a multi purpose wedding and event theme that is so elegant, it only takes one look to know that this theme was created with weddings in mind.

The motion layer slider offers unique image displays and the 4 different “he and she” custom post types including a circular image style that adds a nice personal touch to any page.

Complete with countdown to the date ticker, carousel galleries, a truly elegant header menu and a built in wish list, the theme is so nice, all it really needs is your own images to add a personal touch.

If you want a quick and easy way to plan your wedding and showcase it to your family and friends, the Unique Wedding theme is the best way to do it.

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  • Forked

Event Wp THeme -  Forked

The name of this theme says it all, Forked is a very fun, light hearted and interactive restaurant, hotel and food industry WordPress event theme. The theme is built on the very unique Croma Restaurants and events framework and brings to the table such features as a booking application, table reservation, event calendars and so much more. The interactive feel and light transparency of the posts and content headers, titles and other areas is so soft, that it almost feels as if the entire theme is transparent and this is part of the theme’s overall charm.

Power packed with a huge number of customizable features, incredible graphics and responsive behavior, this theme delivers. Forked is the perfect theme for hotels, resorts, restaurants and other travel and entertainment industries who offer special events.

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The  Spotlight goes to…….

  • Rocky


Purposefully, I saved the Rocky WordPress theme for last because hands down this is the clear winner when it comes to event themes. If there was an award just for overall look, this theme would surely win with its colorful options, transparent content features and user friendly flat design. It is not just the design that sets this theme apart, but the fully packed features it has including a really neat flip style portfolio feature for viewing event content, integration for selling albums and other event paraphernalia, as well as, the ability to purchase or donate tickets for events.

Fully featured, the theme can be used for just about any event you can think of.

The Rocky theme gives modern trendy, multi purpose design a whole new meaning and clearly steals the show.

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Each of the themes in this list all have something different to offer and are unique in their own way. They all promote charities, non profits and events and encourage the world to volunteer, participate and be active in some way, shape or form.

Like most WordPress themes, they are not created equally and while some may look better than others on the outside, they may lack in the basic functionalities that event themes should encompass. These are the twenty best event themes, however, there are only a few that are just a cut above the rest because they have taken the time to incorporate most of the functions and features that event themes should have. With all the current features available to event theme designers, it will become a very competitive market in the future and I cannot wait to see what that future holds.

An enterprise’s most vital assets lie in its design and other creative capabilities. ~ Kun-Hee Lee

When it comes to charities and nonprofits, no truer words can be spoken, because if you cannot capture the heart and soul of a donor in order to encourage them to donate, your fundraising efforts are pointless. Equally so, an event is only as good as the number of  participants who register, buy tickets and/or attend the event and having a stunning website is where that begins.

Featured image via Pinterest originally from rafanellievents.com

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