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This review covers One page themes that are generally used for presentation or informative type sites that place all the content on one continuous scrolling page that is divided into sections rather than pages. This provides the user with a more streamline and user friendly way of viewing content without having to navigate between pages. The user can choose to click and view the information or simply scroll the entire page to see what is available.


This review is the final segment in a three part series that attempted to outline the best corporate WordPress themes. I began this journey with classic corporate style themes, continued with multipurpose corporate themes in the second part and I am now about to finish off this series with my final segment on one page corporate themes.

One page themes are generally used for presentation or informative type sites that place all the content on one continuous scrolling page that is divided into sections rather than pages. This provides the user with a more streamline and user friendly way of viewing content without having to navigate between pages. The user can choose to click and view the information or simply scroll the entire page to see what is available.

Purely by coincidence, most of the themes in this list use technologically advanced parallax scrolling effects. While not all of these themes are parallax, a good percentage of them are and perhaps this is because parallax is fast becoming one of the most popular and efficient ways to display scrolling content on a variety of different devices in a more user and mobile friendly fashion.

This list contains a whole lot of different designs that meet the needs of a variety of different corporations because everyone’s tastes are different.

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.~ Bill Cosby


 1. 907


The 907 WordPress One Page theme has many different variations and layouts. These layouts offer a multitude of different looks, including a very unique crisp corporate style that provided them with the number one spot on this list.

Let’s face it, every theme on this list is extremely gorgeous and comes complete with a great deal of features and options, there are only a few tiny things that separate them from each other.

In this case, 907 developer’s foresight to create a special corporate layout has given them top honors.

One of the things that you notice quite quickly about this theme, is that the header menu in some of the layouts is located at the bottom rather than the top of the theme and for parallax scrolling this is a much better idea and something you will see quite often. The header is located at the top in the some of the other layouts, offering a multitude of different choices and perspective for a variety of different businesses.

Fully equipped with all the standard features, 907 is a great theme and you can view the complete review of it on our 907 Theme Review Page.

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2. Affix


Absolutely stunning is the best way to describe the Affix WordPress creative one page parallax theme. Its overall design concept is so different and unique, it is hard to decipher whether the entire theme is scrolling or just the headers and section dividers are.

This theme is truly one of a kind and well deserving of a top spot on this list.

Its high definition and amazing graphics adds an additional elegance to the theme. Affix comes complete with a number of features and options such as a drag and drop layout builder, visual page editor, short codes, layer sliders and responsive behavior.

Not all themes are created equal and when it comes to Affix, there is nothing that compares to the unique scrolling in this theme.

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3. Magnetto


Clean and professional looking, its hard to imagine that the Magnetto One page WordPress theme is actually only on one page. It appears like a number of different pages because of its divisions and parallax sections. The way that it uses this division separating technique is rather unique and adds a bit of charm to the theme.

It does not have a huge amount of features, but what it lacks in customizable options, it makes up for in the overall design. Beautifully handcrafted, this theme is elegant and has a nice translucent effect which uses the background as part of its design. It is nicely spaced and looks more like a corporate based theme than a presentation and informative styled one.

For a little bit of old, mixed in with some new technologies, Magnetto is an excellent choice.

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4. Jarvis


Extremely bold, colorful, large and beautiful, Jarvis is the perfect one page parallax WordPress theme for creating corporate, or general business websites that satisfy today’s demanding mobile technologies.

12 different homepage layouts including full screen, layered slider and half screen views along with MailChimp subscription support, 6 different navigation style and customizable backgrounds just begins to cover what is offered in this amazing theme.

Jarvis is so well laid out and spread out on the page, it makes the website seem larger than life and sends the message out loud and clear, ” We think this is the best one page theme there is.”

For corporations and businesses who want a colorful, bold and yet professional looking website, Jarvis is just what the designer ordered.

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5. Regolith


Regolith is one of the few themes in this list to have a horizontal scrolling feature. While many other themes do have this effect, not a great deal of them have incorporated it into a one page parallax theme. This offers a really unique type of corporate theme that is best suited for the more “creative” and less formal industries such as hotels, retail chains and any other industry that deals with luxury items.

The theme is highly customisable and features a beautiful parallax effect that allows you to showcase your products and services in a slider-rich portfolio section with liquid precision. Regolith will automatically split all of your posts into newspaper style columns, that reshape themselves in order to fit every screen size. This ensures that your website will look good no matter where or how your users are viewing it.

Regolith is in a class all by itself when it comes to one page themes and that difference is the fact that the page is moving sideways like a book rather than a magazine.  What a great concept!

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6. Mercurial


Mercurial has been mentioned quite often on our themes reviews and collections list because it is just one of those themes that you cannot seem to get out of your head and every time you see it, it reminds you of something or becomes part of that something. It is simply one of the best and most effective one page themes, however it is a little bit dark for a corporate theme and is best suited for entertainment style businesses, photography studios and other image rich industries.

Read the entire Mercurial WordPress One Page Parallax Review on our review page and decide for yourself. This is one amazing theme that really needs no further introduction. It has everything you can imagine a theme like this should have and then some.

If you truly want the best in parallax technology, Mercurial is the theme for you.

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7. Panes


Panes One Page WordPress theme is a little bit different in that the navigation menus and filterable content area is presented in a vertical card like fashion that can be moved out of the way to reveal only the main middle section which contains a full screen background image and navigation menu. Perhaps one of the odd things about the theme is that it does not support comments and while this is ideal for some businesses, others rely solely on commenting and reviews as part of their business and this theme would simply not measure up.

The theme is clean and professional and while it may not be suitable for some industries, its elegant design is certainly well worth investing in for some businesses.

If you’re looking for a clean professional theme that does not need to have commenting, Panes is way up on the list of best looking corporate themes.

If you want more information about this theme, please refer to the Panes Review page.

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8. Raw


Similar to Regolith, Raw is one of the few themes to incorporate a horizontal viewing experience into its theme. However unlike Regolith, Raw is an extremely white theme that uses a full page horizontal slider and vertical header menu to create its design effect. The Raw WordPress theme offers several homepage layout options, full and fixed width portfolio grids, awesome hover effects, full width sliders with HTML5 background, video & touch support, fashionable captions, contact form and tons of professional styling options.

You can choose between a full width portfolio grid, full width slider layout, regular fixed width layout or a regular blog for the homepage making it a truly dynamic and flexible theme.

Complete with tons of skins, this theme is one of the most versatile one page themes on ThemeForest.

For a quick and easy design solution with a modern twist, Raw is as fresh as it gets.

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9. Salsabila


Salsabila One Page WordPress theme does not have a great amount of customizations other than choosing the colors and skins, but what it does have is one fantastic looking design and a great full page blog with large image. The theme also comes with a newsletter subscription widget and standard options like forms and post types.

The transparent heading menu that hovers like the main message box (similar to the one in the image above) adds a nice custom design.

Somewhat minimalistic and perhaps not the most powerful theme in the bunch, it is responsive, does have 5 different skins and it just looks really nice.

Looks do account for something and if your goal is just to set up your website quickly and easily, then Salsabila is definitely a viable option.

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10. Miinus


Do you need full control over your site? Are you the kind of individual who likes to tinker by clicking around? If so, then Miinus WordPress may just be the theme for your business. It is a combination multi page and one page theme that allows you to choose from thousands of colors and styles using its impressive and easy to use admin panel. With a host of shortcodes, the layout options are endless in this theme.

Miinus is retina-ready and responsive which means by using vector icons and font sets, your site will look clean and crisp on any device.  This theme has so much going on you can choose a one page layout with vertical menu, horizontal menu or even full page color.

No other theme offers this much for a one page corporate theme and the only reason that it sits lower on this list is because it is literally the new kid on the block and it may have a few bugs and fixes to work out.  While none have been reported thus far, I always reserve a small amount of caution on any new release.

In a month from now, I have no doubt that this theme will be on the top of many lists like this one. Miinus is definitely the theme to watch for!

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11. Oriolus


Oriolus is also a new kid on the block having only been release in the past few weeks, however it has already sold over 300 copies. The reason for this is simple, this is one gorgeous, clean looking design with three different layout options including; slider and blog with sidebar, static image and blog with sidebar and video with sidebar. No matter how you choose to display your content, it will look fantastic in Oriolus’s elegant and clean design structure that is suitable for just about any corporate website you can think of.

Fully responsive, the theme comes with a graphically intuitive shortcode generator for making a multitude of amazing page layouts and cool divisions.

Brilliantly done, the blog has a very classic style that separates it from the main design and offers the theme a really nice finish.  Nicely done designers, nicely done!

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12. Nervaq


When it comes to clean professional design, Nervaq wins the top honors award. Its overall look and feel is one of the most “sterile” and clean looking responsive one page portfolio templates in this entire list leaving no doubt that it is suitable for a large corporation or enterprises wanting to create promotional websites.

Nervaq takes full advantage of lazy-loading of images assets and compression of all required scripts, meaning not only will your website look great, but it  is lightening fast.

Stunning graphics, parallax, tons of features and highly interactive, Nervaq is the only theme you need for a clean and professional looking website every time.

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13.  Aero

AeroAero is a full screen, one page WordPress corporate theme with parallax scrolling. The overall design is quite clean, but highly interactive, providing a really nice user friendly experience. Its features include a working contract form, support for Vimeo, YouTube and blog archiving. Its section dividers include items like pricing, meet our team and and a quaint about us page. Like the 907 theme, the header menu is also located at the bottom for better parallax scrolling.

There is not a whole lot to distinguish this theme from any of the other themes other than the “meet our team” section that is real quite cool and highly interactive.

It is simply a nice corporate theme that does what its supposed to and not a whole more, however it is worthy of a mention on the top corporate themes.

Buy Aero

14. Rufio



Rufio is yet another “2 in 1” responsive WordPress Theme which means you can choose to set it up in either a multi page layout or single page layout. It was built with Twitter Bootstrap and is suitable for the more creative industries such as entertainment artists, photographers, digital studios or any business that needs a portfolio style website.

Rufio includes a unique portfolio with a rather flat design and while it is a very nice design, it is a bit more laid back than most corporate themes. It is not as crisp, clean and professional looking as most themes and for this reason it is best suited for the more creative type businesses.

Packed with all the features you would expect to see in a theme of this type, Rufio is a good theme regardless of its “laid” back style.

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 Palette WP theme

Complete with the Drag & Drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin, Palette is a handcrafted One Page Parallax WordPress Theme that was released on December 7th and like some of the other themes on here, it is the new kid on the block and has not really been tested a great deal as of yet, however from what I can see thus far, this theme is going to be a mega hit with corporations and designers everywhere.

Palette comes with its own custom options panel that includes tons of settings such as layouts and site color changes and as an added bonus it includes a great deal of WordPress plugins, like Yoast (SEO plugin), Contact Form 7, Mailchimp, and WMPL.

The design is clean and crisp and most notably has a really nice layout for displaying the blogs with larger images and interactive hovers making Palette a great choice for all types of businesses.

Buy Palette


I hope you have enjoyed my three part series and received enough valuable insight to make an informed decision on which theme you will consider purchasing for your business or design portfolio. The truth is, there are still a hundred more themes that are deserving of top spots, but I  can only decide as I move along to each different review and collection what the criteria for those will be.

While creating these lists, I realized that there are a huge amount of my personal favorites that have yet to be discovered and I am considering a future review that will cover those.

Stay tuned, that review will prove to be a little bit different and a whole lot more interactive.

If you have not read the other segments in this series, you can do so by clicking on the links below.

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