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To be considered one of the best Corporate Multi Purpose theme, it must be able to handle huge amounts of content with ease, be responsive, built on a solid framework and have a great deal of support and documentation included, because they tend to be loaded with features. Huge amounts of options and features can be a little intimidating at times, even for a seasoned professional.

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This review is part of a three part series on corporate WordPress themes. In our first segment, I spoke about how corporate themes could be divided into many different categories such as small business, retail, enterprise and e-commerce. Over time, our reviews will cover a great deal of more specific topics and as a result, I decided to focus my current efforts on the more general corporate category themes.

The first segment of this series covered the more classic corporate style themes, this review will cover multi purpose corporate themes and finally in the near future, we will take a look at one page corporate themes.

Corporate multi purpose themes are designed to be used for a number of different purposes and used by all types of businesses.

These themes have a professional look, however they can be made to look bold and colorful, and they are not as rigid in page layouts as the more classic designs tend to be. In fact, most come with a drag and drop page builder for creating customized page layouts.

Flexible, a multi purpose design can literally be used by a huge financial corporation or turned into a children’s theme with a few clicks of a button.  

To be considered one of the best, the theme must be able to handle huge amounts of content with ease, be responsive, built on a solid framework and have a great deal of support and documentation included, because they tend to be loaded with features. Huge amounts of options and features can be a little intimidating at times, even for a seasoned professional.  

A multi purpose theme can be any design, any design can not necessarily be a multi purpose theme.


1. Avada


What does seventeen homepage layouts, five header choices and six different sliders including a 3D layered one get you? →Avada.

Avada is the number one selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest with over 47000 sales to date and this number is growing exponentially each day. This is one amazing theme and deservedly, it has been mentioned in a great deal of reviews, forums and lists, including the WP top themes.

No other theme comes remotely close to Avada in terms of what it has to offer and this is part of its popularity. There are so many options and features that you could build just about any kind of corporate or business website you can think of.

There is nothing left to say, it is just that good!

Buy Avada

2. Envision


If Avada is considered the top selling WordPress Corporate Multi Purpose theme of all time, then Envision should be considered the most advanced and powerful WordPress Corporate Multi Purpose theme.

Complete with an amazing video background (in both a dark and light version) homepage layout, animated portfolio grids and interactive carousels, Envision makes you feel like your are right inside the offices of the corporation with its fantastic moving imagery. Corporate Website designs similar to the ones you can create with Envision run into the tens of thousands of dollars, for a mere fifty five dollars Envision seems like a pretty good ROI.

This theme has so many features, its hard to know where to begin.

How about some of these for starters? Envision comes with over fifteen hundred vector icons, eight special box shadows, an advanced control panel, built-in page composer, shortcode generator and mega menus that include widgets and forms. This theme is so well equipped, you can literally control every pixel of the theme, set your colors, background images, change fonts, change layouts and even create content with its’ unique drag and drop content builder without ever having to add codes or plugins.

In fact, it even comes with WooCommerce and Revolution Slider for good measure. Any More Questions?

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3. Circles


Circles Multi Purpose WordPress theme literally runs circles around the competition with tons of easy to use “point and click” features and pixel perfect retina display. A fully responsive theme, it comes with four main page layouts, three different header styles, eighteen different blog variations, parallax scrolling technology, calls to action, teasers, testimonials, promotional boxes, sliders, portfolio displays and tons of shortcodes for creating a variety of different web designs.

What’s not to like about theme? Absolutely  ~ nothing!

For a complete review, please visit the Circles Review Page.

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4. Doom


DOOM is a clean, yet colorful theme that offers a great deal of dynamic functionality such as an awesome page layout builder and preset color system, but it just might be the amazing additional features that captures the attention of your visitors including; the Revolution layered slider that is great for creating call to action sliders, WooCommerce shop and tons of animated images and displays.

ThemeRox, DOOM’s creators had suggested that this theme is great for information type websites and I have to disagree. Everything in this theme pops, glides and slides to offer a unique and user friendly viewing experience which is perfect for just about any type of corporate or business website.


5. Emul8


Emulate Multi Purpose WordPress theme comes with four default home pages and three ready-made skins that “emulate” the demo versions of this theme so you can get your site looking like the professionals in a jiffy. Responsive and retina ready, Emulate comes with the Layer Slider and Visual Composer plugins that are used for adding amazing design elements to the theme. It has over 40 different shortcodes ranging from buttons, icons, and tabs to blogs and portfolio layouts for making instant changes to posts and pages without ever having to create code.

There are four different blog layout styles including the ever popular masonry and grid format for creating even more customizations. Emulate is so clean and professional looking, you really do not have to make many modifications and can literally use it “out of the box.”

For use as is, or for a fun “fixer-upper,” Emulate is an amazing corporate multi purpose theme that can be used by just about anyone.

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6. Enfold


A dynamic top menu, 18 predefined color skins and a rather extremely white professional looking theme is what you will get when you purchase the Enfold Multi Purpose WordPress theme. What you will not get is a great deal of color, because there is only a very subtle hint of it. Sometimes white themes can be overly sterile looking, however, Enfold is not one of those themes. The white is offset by heavy black content areas and a carefully crafted splash of color that provides the theme with a nice balance between the two.

If extremely colorful is what you are looking for, you won’t find it here. However, you can add colorful images to the amazing Layered Slider plugin to add some.

Clearly, this theme was created with businesses and corporations in mind and is best suited for a large corporate website, but it can be used for just about any type of business.

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7. Falco


Falco WordPress Corporate theme is very elegant looking and is well suited for industries such as interior design, travel, hotel and a host of other “luxury” type corporations. Its main default home page slider is so nice and transparent, it looks like glass and moves vertically rather than horizontally adding a unique effect.

Built by the Muffin group on its own custom framework, Muffin builder provides a unique and easy way for you to build your pages by splitting them into smaller more manageable sections. This makes a great deal of sense when your talking about a huge corporate website with many layers. You can customize each section with options such as paddings, backgrounds (colors, patterns, images, parallax), sidebars, layout, classes and so much more.

Falco is one of the few corporate themes that includes a tumblog style time blog and this alone makes it pretty unique.

Packed with a great number of added options, solid framework and amazing interactive display options, Falco is a great option for creating luxurious websites.

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8. Inovado

INOVADOAs its name suggest, Inovado is a very innovative and modern WordPress Multi Purpose theme that is responsive, “retina ready,” and includes over 25 pre-configured layouts, making it the perfect choice for businesses that need to get their website up and running quickly. Considering the fact that Inovado has over 7000 downloads to date, it is conceivable that you might run into some websites that look similar if you do not add any customizations to your themes, but you really do not have to if you choose not to. 

Inovado is, without doubt, these easiest multi purpose theme to use.

It is a complete all in one “out of the box” theme that is suitable for any business wanting a quick 2 minute install or a fully modern and customizable website. Inovado comes with the amazing Revolution slider, Woocommerce integration, responsive behavior, tons of shortcodes and so much more.

Built for all kinds of businesses and individuals, Inovado’s innovation is in the choice you can make between amazingly easy and incredibly different!

Buy Inovado

9. Jednotha


Jednotka is a multi purpose fully responsive WordPress template built on the infamous Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. It provides a very elegant and attractive design solution for any blogging, personal site, business or corporate website. Make no mistake, while it might be a template, this template packs a punch offering all modern features needed to build today’s demanding image rich and mobile ready websites. Easy to use, it and was designed specifically so that anyone could use it, even a novice user.

Jednotka comes with a visual shortcode generator, that will generate any element you want with a simple click, has three carousels variations, interactive portfolios and its overall look is a clean and polished professional design.

For something a little bit different, Jenotka has a style all its own.

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10. Magnus


Selling a theme on ThemeForest or any other website relies heavily on the developer’s ability to create an amazing demo version website that will grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to find out more about that product. Developers who create demos that simply look like demos may have their themes overlooked for a lesser theme that only looks amazing on the outside.

You should not judge a theme by its cover, you need to look a little deeper inside to see its true value, even when you have read a review about the product. A review is only an overview about the product and how one person (the writer) views it, your opinion may be entirely different.

Magnus Multi-Pupose WordPress theme is one of those themes. I almost overlooked it because at first glance it did not seem to be anything special. I was wrong. I am glad that I did not make a mistake and overlook this theme because it has some pretty amazing features such as ten different widget variations, ten different ready made skins, widget and page layout variations, drag and drop editors and mail chimp integration.

Its overall look is light, clean and very professional which lends to a great corporate theme.

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11. Medusa


Medusa Multi Purpose WordPress theme is filled with interactive features such as parallax backgrounds, floating animations, portfolio hover cues and a really nice layer slider making for one great presentation style corporate theme. Its liquid like and seamless movement from one element to the other makes it seem flawless.

It comes with a very nice classic blog with large content area that adds the perfect contrast and balance to slow things down just a little bit and grab viewers attention.

48 different animation effects, an advanced page builder, a one page variation and tons of other customizable features, Medusa is sleek like a snake, and one monster of a good looking theme.

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 12. QualiaQuALIA

When color is what you need for your business, Qualia Multi Purpose WordPress theme delivers with its new and totally unique color preset system. This system allows you to configure up to 10 color presets and save them for use later on. This is a great way to create different variations of your brand color schemes in order to change things up a little bit without having to redesign the entire site.

WIth Qualia, you can assign a color set into any section and auto fallback the colors into HEX format for use with older browsers. The colors that you can choose in each set define the background, base, subtle, text, strong, and accent color, and of course all of this comes with an UNLIMITED amount of color combinations.

This, along with a multitude of great features like easy to use migration tools, animation module, and a powerful and intuitive admin panel, Qualia definitely is the theme to watch out for.

Released less than a month ago, it already has over a hundred purchases to date and I suspect this number will grow quite quickly once people begin to realize what this theme can do to add a bit of color into the corporate world.

Buy Qualia

13. Sattellite7


Ironically chosen for the number 13 spot, Satellite7 is one of the few flat glass themes that exists and is one of my personal favorite themes as stated in my original review. Sattellite7 Multi Purpose WordPress theme is an easy to use highly responsible, high resolution theme that can be used for a number of corporate type websites which use a great amount of image heavy content or a large e-commerce product website.

Whatever type of industry you choose to use it for, one thing is for certain, Satellite7 has a number of customizable features, tons of portfolio displays and added bonuses that will help bring your business into the modern age of design.

For a more complete review, please visit our Satellite7 Review Page.

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14. SmartBox


SmartBox MultiPurpose WordPress Corporate theme impresses with its truly clean, elegant and professional look which begins right from the homepage and translates itself throughout the entire design. Its elegant design solidifies SmartBox as one of the best themes for creating professional corporate sites such as those seen used by financial corporations and technology powerhouses, however this theme is so flexible and easy to use, it can be used for a variety of different businesses.

It comes with both a light and dark version, but each is equally matched in flawless design.

When you look inside the box, you will find a great number of features including; WooCommerce integration, Visual Composer, short codes and a number of layouts and displays options for making your site as personalized as you want it to be.

Built in HTML5 and CSS3, you can use SmartBox for any type of business or corporate website that needs a clean and professional looking design with not a great deal of “design fluff.”

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15. Sparse


When you need a corporate theme that is clean and professional looking but is just a little bit different than the average bear, Sparse WordPress Multi Purpose theme is anything but “Sparse” when it comes to added features and design elements.

4 different sliders including the ever popular revolutions slider and layered slider, over 20 different present ready made pages, Sparse includes Visual Composer drag and drop layout builder that you can use to build pages, portfolios and posts and nest elements in order add one inside another. You can create unique layouts with over 60+ shortcodes and there are no limitations for the created layouts.

What makes this theme stand out from the hundred other themes like this, is the overall design that offers a unique three dimensional look and feel to it.

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As each review collections begins to grow and develop, I find myself having an incredible urge to want to create numerous websites just so I can use the themes over and over again. Creating and designing sites with these kind of multi purpose and powerful themes is not a chore, its like playing in the craft corner all day long and getting paid to simply use your imagination. How can you not love that? Multi purpose themes make a designer’s job so much easier and allows ordinary users to create incredibly professional looking websites in a few clicks of a button.

Choosing a corporate theme is not child’s play, each corporation is different and has different needs that is why I created this three part series, so you can decide what type of theme is best suited for your company and then hopefully from there, you will narrow it down to which theme you will purchase.

Read all three segments, poke around the theme’s home pages and try out the demos before you make your final decision because that way, you know you made the most informed one.

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