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On January 19, 2014
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These are some of the Best WordPress theme Designs from all my past WordPress theme collections which you can read by clicking on the link.


Reviewing some of the collections that I have created over the past few months, I have had a moment or two to reflect upon them. I have come to the conclusion that there are a number of truly amazing theme designs out there, each with their own personal touch and amazing features.

However, there are some that are simply captivating and deserving of second look.

It does not matter what category you choose or collection you read, there is always going to be that one special theme that stands out from the crowd because of its originality. It usually has one thing about it that you simply cannot takes your eyes off or forget.

This could be the result of a great color scheme, an amazing interactive feature, interesting design element or the entire layout of the theme itself. Whatever “it” is, it simply grabs your attention from the moment you see it and it never lets go.

I call it great design.

These are some of the Best WordPress theme Designs from all my past WordPress theme collections which you can read by clicking on the link.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — Antoine De Saint Exupery

907 – Parallax Perfection


907 Parallax is the quintessential one page WordPress theme above all others, one of the first of its kind to actually hit the market in February of 2013, it has already sold over 5500 copies and is still going strong. Its’ ability to function as a multi page theme that is capable of supporting unlimited modules (sections) is a definite hit with designers everywhere.

Found under the category one page Corporate themes, 907 is Parallax perfection.

Buy 907 Parallax

Ahox ~ Bold Blogging


A somewhat minimalistic theme, Ahox WordPress Blogging theme does not have a whole lot of customizations and optional features, however what it lacks in this area, it certainly makes up for in overall design. The design is bold and beautiful and perfect for bloggers looking for a quick and easy set up.

 You will find it listed under the category best blogging themes.

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Blog a Porter ~ Ready to Rock your World

blog a porter

Barely a week on the market, the Blog A Porter WordPress theme has already caught my attention. I love the interactive 3D features that it has. For me, what makes truly great design is the ability for an author to step out of the box and create something unique. This theme is outrageously different, bold and has some of the best interactive effects out there today.

It can be found in the New Release category along with the next theme in this list.

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BrainGuy – Intelligent Design


The unique use of the slider in the BrainGuys WordPress theme simply speaks for itself as you showcase your employees, models or products in a unique way that makes them appear as though they are jumping off the page. For a corporate style theme, it does a pretty good job at standing out from the crowd because it is a bit more personal than most other themes in this category. You just have to see this theme for yourself in order to understand it.

Like the Blog A Porter theme above, you can find it under the new releases category. I am am betting that before long, it will be listed on a variety of other review sites as well.

Buy Brain Guys

Falco ~ Corporate Excellence


Falco WordPress theme is one of the nicest looking corporate themes with a slider that is so stunningly beautiful, and transparent, it looks like glass as it moves vertically rather than horizontally over the screen. It has a tumblog style of blog adding to its uniqueness and is loaded with tons of customizable features, but I would simply leave it as it is because it is absolutely captivating.

You can find it in Part two of our Corporate collection ~ Multi Purpose themes.

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Game Plan ~ Fit as Rain

Full Screen - Gym

One of my personal favorites, GamePlan is a WordPress event theme that runs miles around the competition in terms of overall design and options that it has. It is definitely geared toward the fitness industry and comes pre-designed with a light and dark skin, however you can customize it any way you want.

You can find this theme along with many others under the event themes category.

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K-Boom ~ An explosion of color


The dark theme enhanced with a punch of bold colors and rather unique layout is what attracted me to this theme in the very first place. I must admit, I am not very fond of captions because I think they can take away from the image if too large and colorful. While I understand the need for them, designers tend to over use them. Transparent captions are the best way to resolve this issue, you can still say what you need to without taking anything away from the background image.

K-Boom’s WordPress Event theme is one such example. The caption  above blends perfectly to produce a nice subtle effect, gets the message out loud and clear but its not overpowering.

The navigation menu’s color and design adds the final K-Boom ~ Brilliant!

The theme can be found in our event collection as well as many others.

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Dictate ~ A unique voice for every niche


I suppose you can already see by the image above what makes Dictate unique.The diamond boxed image layout in the fashion theme is the perfect way to showcase models or products.The overall concept of dictate is simple ~ choose from one of its six specially designed themes and have a website up and running in no time. What makes the theme exceptional is the amazing design in a variety of categories.

If you need a ready made theme that is unique and has a great overall design, Dictate covers a wide variety of niche websites including medical, spa, fashion, business and blogging. It is, simple, smart and sexy!

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Gothicus ~ A new Realm in Beautiful Design


Gothicus’s one page WooCommerce theme is one of the most uniquely designed templates ever. It grabs your attention from the moment you arrive on the site with a beautiful full screen image that invites you to enter the website, store or shop. Once inside, you find a uniquely designed e-commerce “store” that has a product display resembling full pane arched windows. If used in combination with the right imagery, Gotchicus can bring your real brick and mortar store to life on line.

Besides who does not love, black, white and hot pink?

Buy Gothicus

JPhotolio ~ Wedding Bliss

JP Weddding Photography

An image is worth a thousand words and as you will no doubt see by the captivating images in the JPhotolio Photography and Wedding theme, no other introduction is really necessary.

It is an elegantly crafted full page photography theme that is all about capturing the moment and telling the story through a variety of different imagery. Based on a very simple black and white backdrop, the overall design of the menus, fonts and layout is simple, clean and elegant providing for a truly classic wedding design. Sheer elegance, classic design and stunning graphics is what this wedding theme is all about and truly, what else do you need?

Buy JPhotolio

The NewsTime ~ High End Magazinenewtime

I had only mentioned the NewsTime WordPress theme in passing as part of the New Releases collection’s gallery.

To be honest, I wanted to add it to that collection, but there was just so many to write about, I had to put some kind of limit on it. I decided that I would simply add it to this collection instead. Definitely worthy of a mention, The NewsTime WordPress theme is hands down the cleanest and best looking Magazine theme.  It can easily be used by large corporate business magazines such as Forbes and NewsWeek for a low cost website,  or secondary blog site.

Any business owner, professional or blogger can have a magazine style website like the “big” guys without having to pay huge amounts of money for it.

It is not listed on any of our collections to date, but it certainly will be in the near future.

Buy The News Time


Royal Gold ~ Luxury in Room 101

Royal Gold

The panoramic views of the unique horizontal slider in the Royal Gold WordPress theme is simply breathtaking and perfect for hotels, cruse-lines and other travel related industry websites that want to display full views of its facilities. It is not the slider itself, but rather the quality of the images and video in it that makes this theme extraordinary. The images are so rich and realistic, you might feel as if though you’re in the room. In fact, you just might imagine being on your next vacation holding a drink while lounging by the…… oops, I got lost in the moment.

There is simply no better way to get people to book travel than with captivating imagery and Royal Gold does it best.

Buy Royal Gold


Subway ~ an extreme ride


For some bizarre reason, every time I see the Subway WordPress theme, I want to get dressed, go outside, take the subway and do something that reminds me that I am alive. This theme is so fresh, clean and inviting it somehow seems to provide a much needed energy boost.  I am not certain if its the design or the choice of images that are used in the demo, however whatever it is, it just works for me.

What I love most about the theme is the how the portfolio images lift off the page similar to the revolution slider and a mid sized icon is nestled upon it. This offers a great effect, however I would use a transparent image in place of the dark color in the icon to really give it a boost.

One of the most customizable and flexible designs, Subway is truly uplifting.

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X ~ Stands alone


It is not the design of X that is so compelling but rather the fact that X is the ultimate design in terms of features and functionality. Built by a host of WordPress experts, the theme combines advertising, marketing, and SEO,  to achieve a stacked based multi purpose design interface that will surely be copied in the future. I suppose the author’s decided when they named it X that it really did not need any other name simply because X marks the spot for the most ingenious, flexible and power packed theme to have ever hit the market.

Read the full review on X WordPress theme here, you will be glad you did!

Buy X

If this list is any indication of how the design world is shaping up, it is not hard to see that it is becoming image heavy, user friendly and based on simpler one page scrolling themes or responsive behaviors that are perfect for mobile.  It would seem that some of the best WordPress designs can be found in four major categories on ThemeForest, those being, event themes, corporate themes, multi-purpose and photography or photo-blogging themes.  If you truly think about it, it makes sense for designers to start with more general categories and then move on to more “industry specific” designs.

I am curios to know what are your favorite designs and what they mainly consist of?  Is your personal favorite theme on this list or do you have a suggestion?

In either case, feel free to leave a comment below or join us on our social media channels to continue to engage with us.

As you have no doubt noticed by now, my favorite designs are somewhat ecclect in nature. I like bold, clean, dark and unique themes that make me take notice. If I notice a theme, chances are I will want to know more about it.

And then the truth hits me like a rocket….first impressions mean a great deal to me!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.— Leonardo da Vinci

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