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It was not until I started to piece together this collection that I realized many bold theme designs are also simplistic and minimalist. I suppose if you truly think about it, it makes perfect sense. If something is very loud to begin with, it really does need much else in order for it to be heard. In other words, bold design speaks for itself and sends the message loud and clear, the added options, sliders and features is simply icing on the cake.


I must admit, I like large bold text and I think it is highly practical since it is easier to read. When a great deal of the population is near, or at the age of retirement, and a significant amount of other people have vision problems, it just makes good sense to create designs that can be read with little effort.

Bold design offers a unique and free way for companies and individuals to market their products and services. If you think about it this way, your website is equal to one gigantic billboard and the message that you send the moment that someone arrives on your site, is the message that will stay with them throughout the entire viewing process. It is this message that will convince them if your products and services are worth considering.

What better way is there to get your message across than with a larger than life advertising page that has a captive audience?

The design challenge always is, how do you get bold images and text to fit correctly into a variety of screen resolutions, browsers and mobile devices? Responsive behavior helps the process, but excellent design is definitely the main ingredient.

There is a huge misconception surrounding bold design. Many people seem to think it is not quite as elegant as some of the more cleaner and flat designs. Bold can be beautiful, and it can also be created by using bright or dark colors, rather than large images and text, as you will no doubt see in the case of the Rockwell theme.

All of the themes in this collection are completely different and fall into a number of broad categories, however one thing they all have in common, is that they are all bold and beautiful WordPress themes that can be found on the ThemeForest website and look amazing on all devices, no matter how you slice them.

If you are going to survive in business, show business or any business, then you have to be bold. ~ Rebecca Ferguson

 1. Fearless 

10 Bold Themes

A drag and drop modular homepage, 5 home page layouts, 7 theme layouts, 5 blog layouts, 13 custom widgets, integrated review system, short-codes and tons of other features in the Fearless Magazine WordPress theme alone makes it a great purchase at forty dollars, but it is the colorful headings, large text and 3/4 screen width content area that really seals the deal.

Fearless’s large content area allows ample room for a two column sidebar layout that does not take anything away from the main content area. In fact, it enhances it. In many other similar themes, having more than one sidebar column makes it appear as if the widget area is “squished,” and is simply used to fill advertising space. Fearless, makes a three column layout seem like a streamline process and that the widgets are part of the design rather than an after-thought. The advertising areas seem purposeful, rather than painful.

The colorful headings offer a great way to organize content and provides a more user friendly experience while the full screen background offers the perfect added touch.

Fearless is an extremely elegant, professional and clean theme and even though it is rather bold, it is so well spaced on the page, it does not appear to be. The best part about the theme ~ the text is large enough that the posts can easily be read by just about anyone.

Fearless and marvellous, this is a great theme for any gaming, blogging or professional review site.

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2. Blox 


Blox WordPress theme is a “bold” portfolio theme that was built on the ZillaFramework and is compatible with a huge assortment of Zilla plugins including ~ ZillaShortcodes, ZillaSocial, ZillaLikes and ZillaShare. The ZillaFramework is known for creating a very solid foundation with minimal code.

Like many others portfolio style themes, it uses modules to create blocks of content that scroll rather than navigate pages. So what makes Blox different? First and foremost, Blox is not a one page theme as it appears to be, it does have multiple pages and can be navigated via the main menu. Secondly, it has large texts and images that simply stand out and seem to jump off the page.

Large, but not overly large, the text and images seem to create the design, rather than the other way around.

Each blocked module or content area has a custom background and how you display the blocks and which background you choose will determine the end results. In all cases, the design will be larger than life and extremely well organized. What really impresses about the theme is the organized manner in which the theme is laid out. This organized fashion means that it can be used by just about anyone to create bold and beautiful designs.

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3. Bold 


What’s in a name?

If you are a WordPress Magazine theme from contempoinc and your name is  “BOLD,” then, in this case I would have to say, everything!

Does Bold actually live up to its name? This was the question that was on my mind when I took it for a test drive. As it turns out, it is certainly big, and it is definitely bold!

For starters, the theme comes jammed packed with a number of features such as 50 backgrounds, 400 different fonts, social sharing and profile support, a short code generator, is 100% responsive design, has 4 post options, trending posts, an author review system, is WooCommerce ready and comes with background ads, a powerful page builder, boxed or full layouts, an awesome homepage builder, unlimited skins and patterns and 11 custom widgets.

Surprisingly, it is not the features that makes this theme so amazing, but rather the large, clean and professional overall design that impresses the most.

A very classic “white” magazine style theme is offset by large text and captions that provides Bold with a highly interactive, user friendly and extremely professional looking magazine theme.

It was a huge risk on the part of its developer’s to name a theme with such a definitive and powerful name. If the theme did not live up to the expectations people had when they first viewed it, this could have actually been the difference between a successful theme and not so successful one.

Perception is everything in the world of design, thankfully, the authors of Bold have done an excellent job. This theme is not only bold, it is extremely beautiful as well.

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4. Bullsy


I must admit, I got quite the chuckle when I viewed the theme demo for the very first time and the entire site was dedicated to selling “rugged” shoes and sneakers, but then I realized, if this theme can sell sneakers and rugged shoes, imagine what else it is capable of. Well it did not disappoint, Bullsy WordPress theme is everything that it claims to be, and so much more ~ a rugged, bold and responsive blog theme.

Bullsy has a very large post and content area that uses close to 75% of the entire screen. It is so large, when used in conjunction with the sidebar, the post except area alone is equal to a normal full size content area. The text and headlines are large enough to create the perfect balance between the two.

There are a multitude of different layouts and the portfolio can be displayed up to 4 columns wide. Due to the large size of the content area, the thumbnails images in the 4 column portfolios are still a fairly decent size and posting a video in the full content area provides a truly amazing viewing experience. One of the nicest parts of the theme is the team page, it is quite nicely laid out and one of my favorite aspects of the entire theme.

Custom layouts, page builder, custom pages, 4 built in sliders, short codes and a host of other features coupled with the large content area makes for a really impressive rugged and bold theme that can be used to blog about anything you can think of, yes, even sneakers!

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5. Cluster


Cluster WordPress theme is another really great example of a bold portfolio blogging theme that uses an extremely large content area for displaying posts and featured images. It is very similar in a number of ways to the Bullsy theme above, however, it’s main difference is the fact that the Cluster theme is a whole lot “flatter.”

Powered by StagFramwork, its widget style homepage let’s you re-order the elements on the page. This re-ordering of the elements is similar to a small page builder. You can also set the background image, color and opacity for the cover at the top of each page, post and portfolio, however there is not a great deal of options in the way of customizable features.

I really like the portfolio display page, the images are very large and well organized and comes with two viewable formats, filterable and extendable.

If you are looking for a minimalistic portfolio blog with a large and bold design, Cluster is a great option and a great price.

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6. Fact


Like many of the blog style themes in this list, Fact WordPress theme has what appears to be a large content area. The fact is, the content area is pretty standard, it really is just an optical illusion created by the design itself and is a totally different concept of bold. In this particular case, it is the use of white space, line spacing and a large full screen background image or slider that provides dimension and creates the boldness. Fact comes with two different versions, the default one has no sidebar and the variant one which allows for a widgetized sidebar.

The overall look and feel of this theme is very professional and clean, however it might be a little too “dark” for some design tastes.

Depending on the website that you are going to create, you could soften the darkness with the built in background image and slider feature, which consequently happens to be the best part of this theme. The background can be changed on a per page or post basis.  For creative individuals, this is a great way to distinguish each page or showcase section and for professional businesses, it is a great way to promote different products on different pages.

The design might be bold, but the theme itself is rather simplistic in nature.

Fact is done quite well and it really does not need much in the way of customization, however, for those of you who want to “tinkle” with it, some of its features include custom widgets, four column portfolio displays, a really nice classic post page, short codes, translation ready, responsive and an unbranded options admin panel.

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7. Fuse


Larger than life, the Fuse WordPress theme uses the entire width of the screen with large text, bold colors and contrasting elements to create a powerful and yet rather minimalistic theme. We have seen Fuse in many of our other collections as of late, because it really is a great theme and quite unique.

Fuse was built mainly with a professional photographer, blogger, creative small agency or graphic designer in mind, however, it can be used for just about any website. It concept is simple, Fuse takes advantage of the full width of the screen in every page, post and aspect of its theme. In fact, the featured posts and blog sidebar is so enormous, you can literally place an entire blog inside of it.

With its’ sleek parallax scrolling home page, larger than life images, bold text and content areas, Fuse is bolder than bold.

If you are looking for a unique theme that offers custom widgets, extensive theme options, custom website accent colors, a multitude of short codes, animations, smooth scrolling, animated parallax slider with video responsive slides, a floating menu and 8 custom designed page templates that is also bold and sleek at the very same time, then Fuse is definitely what you are seeking.

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8. Iris


Just when you thought it could not get any bigger or better, Iris WordPress Photography theme comes along and steals the show with 4 very impressive looking home page layouts and a number of different gallery and portfolios layouts to showcase content.

The best part of this theme is that one of the home page layouts has a stunning image flow gallery. This gallery allow images to flow horizontally along the screen with a beautiful shadow effect. The magazine style headline is extremely large and reminiscent of a billboard or high end fashion magazine that highlights the latest celebrity favorites. The other layouts include two different masonry grids and a thumbnail view, each are extremely impressive, however, the thumbnails are rather small in comparison to the headline. I am not so sure the thumbnail view works that well in this theme, however, all of the others are  absolutely stunning and well worth the price.

The blog and portfolio pages allow for a full screen background image with transparent content area, that is really quite spectacular. Iris is extremely bold and beautiful, but you will have to see it for yourself, to truly grasp the concept behind its design.

With password protected galleries, tons of layout options, captcha verified contact forms, skin manager, music support for the homepage and inner pages, 8 gallery templates, social media profiles support and 7 custom widgets, the Iris theme is one of the best photography themes to take center stage in a long while.

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 9. Ravage


Ravage WordPress theme was created with a simple goal in mind, to provide an optimal viewing experience for blogging.

This goal is achieved via a very easy to read and navigate theme that provides a minamilistic approach to resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices. Ravage’s design is so simple, yet elegant, it might surprise you to learn that this design is achieved without the use of any images or bulky elements whatsoever. Yes its true, Ravage’s bold design is created mainly through the use of amazing bold typography and because it is so lightweight, it is extremely easy to navigate and has amazing load speed.

The imagery is created from the posts themselves and the theme is so easy to set up, no documentation is even required. Simply set up the theme by choosing 9 different options via the admin panel and your design is ready in a matter of minutes.

While it might be very simple, it is still extremely bold.

Like Blox, it was created on the ZillaFramework which uses less unnecessary coding and is compatible with all of its plugins such as the social plugin, likes and contact form.

When a blog is all you need, a blog is all you should get. Ravage is a blog, simple as that.

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  10. RockWell


As stated earlier, it is not large text or images that makes the Rockwell theme bold, but rather its use of extreme contrasting colors. Black and white, with a few sparks of colorful highlight effects makes the words appear as if they are popping off the screen and provides Rockwell’s with its truly unique and elegant effect. The headlines are large, but not overpowering, and the overall design is very dark, but professional and elegant at the same time.

Rockwell shows us that elegance can be bold and that it does not always have to be clean, white and sterile.

The theme comes with some pretty cool effects and has a very translucent overall look and feel.

Use the on screen customizer to choose from a number of different skins, page layouts, portfolio views and blog and post formats for a truly quick and easy design solution that looks great each and every time.

In my opinion, this kind of customization method is what all WordPress themes should contain in order to make it easier for everyone to create amazing designs like the professionals.

Extreme ease of use and an elegant viewing experience makes Rockwell one of my personal favorite themes for the entertainment and night-life industry, however you can use it for just about any type of website.

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One of the things that I have learned in my experiences as a writer is that sometimes it is not until you put something down on paper or group them into an organized fashion that you will begin to notice similarities or patterns. It was not until I started to piece together this collection that I realized many bold theme designs are also simplistic and minimalist.

I suppose if you truly think about it, it makes perfect sense. If something is very loud to begin with, it really does need much else in order for it to be heard.

In other words, bold design speaks for itself, the added options, sliders and features is simply icing on the cake.

While most are minimalistic, they do offer a variety of features and provide something that many standard themes cannot, a very friendly approach to design.

For a gallery view of some big, bold WordPress themes, simply click on the image below.




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