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On February 6, 2014
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WordPress themes not to be missed. These are truly diamonds in the rough.

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When researching themes for my collections, I try to use different keywords and alternative search methods to make sure that I have access to all the latest and greatest themes, however, I often neglect to look back at some of the older themes and some have simply slipped by unnoticed.

I decided that I would “scroll” through and see if there are any gems out there that I may have missed. I found a few pretty awesome themes that sparked my interest and of course I had to take them for a test run. I am certainly glad that I did, because I found ten themes that should not be missed.

I cannot imagine how I let any of them pass by me unnoticed in the first place, however, if I had noticed them before, then I would not creating this collection today.

There is nothing really similar about them other than the fact that I think they are great themes and I think they are worthy of mention in this collection, so that they will be easier to find.

A diamond in the rough is easier to find, when you know where to look ~ Madeline Foster-Prosser

  • BandZone



A transparent three dimensional WordPress theme meets new age rock and roll in BandZone’s digital masterpiece. Like it’s developer says, “No matter what band you are in, you don’t want to have a corporate looking website. What you need is a clean, well-arranged website focused on events, albums, photo galleries and is music centric,” and that is exactly what BandZone is.

For starters, the background features a static image that eventually turns into a “mock up” stage with band members fading in and out of the light via a layered slider effect which is really quite cool. All of the navigation elements and content areas are located front stage and center for a highly focused experienced. It is plain to see, this is a theme made for  musicians, and should be one to seriously consider if you are searching for a music related industry website theme.

The theme comes with ready made music pages, event management capabilities, color customizations, short-codes, and integration with Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Vimeo or Youtube for a full musical experience.

The overall design is somewhat dark, however this is to be expected in a theme similar to this. The background light effects and navigation header colors adds the perfect touch to make it a bit more colorful and elegant and after all, this “darkness” is what attracted me to BandZone in the first place.

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  • Passage


One of the most “modular” customizable themes, Passage WordPress multi purpose theme can be manipulated into a variety of different grid sizes including narrow, wide, full and mixed width layouts and has tons of interactive animated effects for creating some truly amazing websites as seen in the examples above.

Each page can showcase its own unique header in a different size and you can easily create parallax pages which are perfect for presentations, micro-sites or for a completely new homepage.

An easy to use admin panel, short codes and just about every feature that you can find in all multi purpose themes, Passage’s true charm comes in its sleek elegant design with extremely high resolution graphics.

Passage is a theme not to be overlooked when you are looking for a multi purpose high end theme.

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  • Simplicity


Colorful and playful, the Simplicity WordPress portfolio theme is creative, flat and retina ready. The background is dark and simplistic, but it has some very colorful interactive elements that makes you almost forget it is a dark theme.

It just seems so lively and friendly, dark is not how most people would describe it, and this is part of what makes it so charming.

Simplicity resembles many modern scrolling websites with a home page slider, and bottom layout area, but it has some really unique portfolios options that adds a special touch. Choose from 6 different portfolio single layouts, 4 different portfolio list layouts, circles, squares or even octagonal large or small portfolio displays for a truly playful look.  

The circle and octagon icons are my favorite choice because they provide the theme with some smart geometric elements that creates the playful touch.

Perfect for use in a children’s website or less formal industry site, Simplistic is just fun, fun and more fun!

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  • StarDust


An out of this world clean and fresh design with outstanding portfolio displays makes StarDust one of the most elegant Corporate Multi Purpose WordPress themes.

This theme must have gotten lost in space during my last mission to find the best corporate themes because surely it would have made it to the top ten list. Luckily, the eagle has landed and I was able to locate it this time around.

Amazing Parallax design, over 30 different portfolio displays and a multitude of layouts makes StarDust one of the most versatile corporate themes. Some of its main features include multiple sidebars, two different drop down menus, responsive behavior, unlimited colors and elements and the entire theme is modular based for easy customization.

Missed but not forgotten, this versatile theme is a great choice for a variety of business websites.

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  • New Jerusalem


The New Jerusalem WordPress theme is literally one of its kind and I could not let it slip by unnoticed, never to be seen again.

There are many other “religious” themes on ThemeForest website, and of those, only a very few are specific to a certain denomination, however, I am pretty certain there has never been a theme like this one and while I am not Jewish myself, I am certain if you are, you can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making this theme. For that reason alone, it is definitely worth of mention.

That being said, this theme is very well done and comes with an amazing amount of features and options such as Hebrew Dating, Shabbos Candle lighting times and a weekly Torah portion, Jewish holidays, donation options, an event calendar, 5 custom post types for events, staff, galleries, education, sermons, 5 widgets, 3 Navigation areas, blog page, one page photo gallery and multiple image galleries.

This theme was definitely created for a specific purpose and when you truly think about it, isn’t the reason most people search for a theme is because they are hoping to find something already done for them?

In this case, if you’re looking for a great theme for your synagogue, then New Jerusalem WordPress is definitely what you need.

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  •  Unite


What you will notice rather quickly about the Unite WordPress theme from Parallelus is not the fact that it is a five in one interchangeable theme, but rather that it is a five in one theme who’s overall design closely resembles a Macintosh Operating System or full screen mobile tablet. Amazingly, this theme was introduced in 2010 and is still going strong, somewhat rather ironic when you think about the fact that MacIntosh is also famous for its stability.

Its developers have continued to update the theme and it is WordPress 3.8 ready and this alone speaks volumes for its framework.

When you need a quick, set it and forget theme for a computer industry website, Unite is a great option. It has just what you need and nothing more or nothing less, but when you need a quick and easy website set up, or want to create a bunch of websites in a hurry it is nice to have a tool like this around for good measure.

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Speaking of Diamonds in the Rough, Here are some older themes that you may want to update, revamp and reuse!

  • Cafe Bonjour


Let me begin by stating I do not normally suggest using an older theme, but if you like vintage style, Cafe Bonjour’s one page WordPress Restaurant theme is the Crème de la Crème of avant garde style and because it is so simple, there really should be no difficulty in updating it.

A quaint “daily specials” menu is set aside to the right of a full screen image slider that emphasises on the dinner plates, coffees or desserts that you sell while the menu provides the prices. A contact menu and various social media icons ties it all in for a no fuss, one page ready made theme.

Considering the plugins that are available today, you could turn this old one page theme into something very special.

Cafe Bonjour proves that simple is all you need as a place to start.

I simply caution you that it has not been updated since WordPress 3.5, a shame since it really has great potential for greatness with today’s technologies. That being said, it is only one page and with added plugins, there is a possibility to do a great deal with this. I would simply use it as a separate menu tab with another restaurant theme.

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  • Elegantia


Elegantia, is a WordPress restaurant menu that seemed to have slipped right past me when I created the last collection for best food and restaurant themes. I cannot believe that this tasty little morsel slipped me by, however, I am glad that I was able to locate it and add it to this collection.

Reservations, food menus, event management options, galleries, and ready made pages such as team members with an extremely elegant and impressive homepage (full width slider) and services information is what you will find hidden in this treasure trove of elegant design.

Elegantia is not a new theme, in fact it has been around since 2012, but it was consistently updated to the most recent versions of WordPress. This shows a commitment on the part of the authors and as many of you know by now, this fact alone impresses me quite a great deal. It is my belief that even if a theme is a bit older, if it is constantly updated, it shows that the author stands behind it and that the theme is able to withstand the test of time in terms of stability.

Dwelling deeper into this theme we find that each content area looks like a very fancy dinner menu which adds an extra level of sophistication to the theme’s design. Portfolio type galleries, SEO optimized and responsive, to update it, this theme will leave you asking what else is on the menu?

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  • MiniPress


MiniPress is a minimalistic one page portfolio magazine style theme that can only be described as “edgy.”

Definitely the perfect theme for a creative agency, photographer or design studio, the theme comes with 16 different color variations with both light and dark options. The content area scrolls through the entire page on the left hand side while the rest of the screen area is reserved for a large image.

While this design concept is not necessarily anything new and there is nothing really unique about it, the overall design is worth a second look if you are looking for a design of this type because it really is like taking a walk down memory lane.

Similar to Cafe Bonjour, it might have been left to the way side, but with some plugins and some modern touches, it has great potential.  Sometimes even the little engine that could needs a little push.

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  • Old Stone House

Old Rocktone House

Crafty, do it yourself (DIY) website owners are a special breed of bloggers. They seem to be birds of a feather that all flock to together and follow each other’s lead when it comes to design. The design of choice is usually coloful, crafty, vintage and sometimes all out “funky.” Crafty bloggers update themes often, because they are always trying new things out, and have a great deal of competition.

“Old Rockstone House” is a responsive ready made WordPress theme that is just begging to be used in a DIY website. The 3 place cards on the homepage can be moved anywhere on the screen and remind me of a home made craft project that is synonymous with DIY style websites.

The overall design is somewhat “old fashioned,” meets modern design and together somehow, it just works. The portfolio pages in this theme are really great looking and add that perfect little bit of pizazz that makes the theme go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The front page place cards are a great way to create three separate focused content areas such as bright colors, pastels and dark colors or living room, dining room and bathroom, in the case of an interior designer. Depending on the niche that you are in, I am certain you can find a variety of uses for them .

Included in the theme are page templates for the home page, testimonials, contact, galleries, portfolio and 404 pages. The single post pages for the portfolio and testimonials are styled differently from the rest of the theme adding the perfect touch.

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I realize there are still a huge number of themes that I have yet to discover and this is what makes my job as a review so exciting.

I will continuing searching and bringing them to you whenever I can.

I must admit, it was certainly fun to take a walk down memory lane and bring some older and well deserving themes back to life.

Each day brings a new opportunity to find rare gems as I pillage through old and new themes looking for those “diamonds” in the rough.

Speaking of diamonds, Valentine’s day is just upon us and I have prepared something very special for my next collection.  I do not want to spoil all the fun, but let’s just say you might be seeing a whole lot of “red.”


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