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What if time is of the essence and you need to get a website up quickly or upload a number of similar websites at the same time? While Multi purpose themes will satisfy this need, they often take a huge amount of customizations and are not always able to be navigated by the average WordPress user because they are complex. An "ultimate" theme is the perfect alternative solution because if you like its overall design, they all offer simple and easy variations on the design that you can choose with the click of button saving you from having to create a number of customizations to get the desired effect.


I cover a huge array of WordPress themes in my reviews and whenever it seems that I have covered just about everything, along comes another new and exciting topic yet to be discovered. 

Normally, when I create a collection, I concentrate all my efforts on bringing together the very best themes in the category and this one is no exception to the rule. In fact, this collection contains themes that are classified simply as “ultimate” WordPress themes.

With everything that I have covered so far, it is hard to imagine that there can actually be such a distinction given to any theme. 

What makes a theme deserving of such a high accolade? The answer is simple ~ multiple themes in one.

All of the themes in this list contain multiple skins, styles or simple templates for use in different industries and niche categories. The amount of choice within the themes may vary anywhere from two to four hundred, but one thing is for certain, they all have more than one design in the box.

Why pay for one when you can have two, three or even four hundred to choose from? That is the thought behind each and every one of these themes and what makes them distinctive.

Of course, you do not have to choose another design if you do not want to, you can simply use the default one that comes with it.

It is  a breathe of fresh air to be given the freedom of choice in a design and it is for this reason that I must agree, these are “ultimate” WordPress themes.

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.  ~ Neil Peart


1. Prestige  (400 in one)


With over four hundred different skins (templates) to choose from including, three hundred dark choices and one hundred light choices, it is not hard to see that Prestige is one of the most comprehensive WordPress themes. No other theme comes close to the amount of skins or design templates that Prestige contains. In fact, there are so many different templates to choose from, you may find yourself clicking through over and over again just to see which ones you like the best.

Take it from me, if you see a template that you like, take note of it, otherwise you may have to click through hundreds of themes just to find it.

What makes a theme like this so value is the fact that you can use a new theme to create different designs over and over without having to purchase a new one every time you feel like a quick change. Not to mention, if you need to create a considerable number of sites in a short time period, there is simply no better way to do it.  It is the perfect theme for a small blogging network or small web design company that hosts many small micro sites.

Along with all of the different templates to choose from, Prestige also has a number of amazing added features including a review system, newsletter functionality, 5 homepage sliders, multiple blogs, galleries and over 20 different widgets, plugins and ready made pages.

Prestige contains everything you will ever need to design a large number of websites in one theme.

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2. ‘X” cellence (3 in one)


Like Prestige, X has been in a number of our collections recently because it simple does not get any better than this when it comes to marketing websites. I am certain that both of these themes will continue to show up in a number of collections in the future. X has so many different design possibilities, you could literally design a new theme until the year 2018 and still not have discovered all the potential that it has. X uses a system of stacks to generate unique designs with a click of the button.

Currently X has three built in stacks with more set to come in the near future.

X is so flexible and customizable, you can design just about any site in a matter of minutes using a variety of features including the revolutions slider, multiple sidebars, short codes, and visual composer.

X is an extraordinary theme for use in any website you can think of and is ThemeForest’s newest popular product. This comes as no surprise, I stated that X was destined for greatness, the first time that I saw it, I just did not think that it would do so, in such a very short time. Excellent!

For our full review, please visit the X review page.

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3. RT Themes Collections (5 in one + 10 in one)

What do all of these themes have in common?



First and foremost, they were all created by the very same author, stmcan of RT-themes and secondly, they all are corporate multiple themes ranging from five in one to ten in one themes. Very similar in nature, it seemed unwise to consider one better than the other and therefore, I have taken the liberty to include them all in the number three spot.

Known simply as RT-Theme Number 9- 17, these WordPress themes all contain more than one business and corporate skin in each theme. They come in a variety of different versions such as 4 in one, 5 in one and ten in one themes that you simply click and choose.
Each theme has a very clean and polished style that is normally reserved for corporate industries such as finance, management and consulting. In fact, the only real difference between each collection is whether or not they include a product showcase or not.
If you truly think about it, for all the WordPress RT skins available, there are almost one hundred different website possibilities.
Complete with standard options such as custom widgets, blogs, admin panels, ready made pages, post types and sidebar customizations, all of the RT-Themes can be used as is or modified to suit all of your business needs.
Perfect for creating a multitude of departmentalized websites, RT themes are a great option for one company wanting to create a number of smaller and more centralized micro sites.

4. Bankable (5 in one)


WordPress Bankable Business Portfolio 5 in one theme comes with 5 ready made skins, but also has the ability for users to create a multitude of different skins of their own.

Throw in video capabilities, along with a number of features such as portfolios, banner ad management, author highlights, social bookmarking and built in related posts, and you have yourself a pretty dynamic and flexible theme. 

With a number of core page templates such as home, blog archive, portfolio archive, video post, static page, search results, comments and 404, plus an entirely grid based theme that uses the rule of thirds, Bankable has a very corporate and clean look that you can definitely bank on.

One of a few themes in this collection that have been around for a number of years, the stability of this theme speaks for itself. Created in July of 2009, its developers have continued to update it indicating that they are willing to stand behind their product and this speaks volumes in the world of design.

Well priced, it is definitely worth its weight in blue, red, purple, black and white.

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5. Business Success (7 in one) 

business success

SEO friendly, easy to customize, with a 2D and 3D option, Business Success is a smart and sexy 7 in one WordPress theme.

Business success comes with a unique contact form phone validator that I have never seen in any other theme. Its overall design is reminiscent of a computer industry website, although it can be used for a number of different industries websites.

Its main features include options such as 10 widget areas, a flexible homepage layout, custom sidebars, sidebar position control, an unobtrusive menu, a 960 grid system, and a number of portfolio sections.

Overall, the theme is very easy to use and comes with a number of modern short codes and elements that add a bit of Pizzazz to all 7 different templates creating unlimited design possibilities in both 2D and 3D.

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6. Display (3 in one)


Display is a three in one WordPress Theme that comes with an amazing 3D Image slider that can be controlled easily with a back end tool. Display also has a custom back end that contains 8 additional Admin pages and tons of functionality to make easy customizations.

It is an easy to use theme for those who have little or no design or WordPress experience.

Its skins include two dark and one light version that is perfect for a portfolio blog or creative type business website.

Display’s overall design is very modern and sleek and has a number of different layout choices.

With features like multi page templates, Menu Manager,Slideshow Manager a different widget areas for each page, it is not hard to see why this theme is popular with over 5000 purchases to date.

It is important to note that while there is great support for this theme, the developer has a special area designated for this and you should read the information before buying.

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 7. Echoes (11 in one)


Echoes premium WordPress theme comes with 11 different colored skins that can be used on three different varieties of home pages including an accordion style, regular slider or simple fancy transition style creating 33 possible designs in this one very elegant theme.

It was designed for quick and easy design changes and contains 5 portfolio pages, 19 short-codes, a working contact page with validation, thumbnail slides, content elements, carousels, full-width pages, on hover icons with light-box supported images and videos, drop-down menus, multi-column footers and many other features to customize and get your website online quickly.

11 Skins with variations of Bright, Dark, Red , Blue , Green, Yellow and Brown, and Shaded version with a textured background for easy background customization seals everything into one neat little package.

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8. 24 Hour News (4 in one)



News 24 is a 4 in one WordPress magazine style blog that comes in a light, dark, sport and magazine version. Each is somewhat similar in overall design, but its focus and color provides a definite distinction between them. News24, overall design is a very elegant and modern looking theme that has a number of interactive elements including hover effects, news tickers and movable portfolios and galleries.

The fluid responsiveness of the blog and high resolution graphics are simply stunning. Adding an element of choice to this already superb design ~ priceless!

News 24 also comes jammed packed with a number of features such as drag and drop slider, visual composer, one click style switcher, unlimited backgrounds for boxed layout, contact for 7, short codes and a number of sidebar options.

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9. Novatorix (10 in one)


Novatorix is an older WordPress blogging, portfolio and business theme that was clearly ahead of its time.

Complete with 11 different template versions to choose from including Arsenic, BurlyWood, Chocolate, DarkGreen, FireBrick, IvoryBlack, PurpleTaupe, SeaGreen, SteelBlue and Teal, it has been upgraded to WordPress 3.8 proving that it has what it takes to withstand the test of time. If you can upgrade a theme that was created in 2010 to meet the standards of 2014, one could not argue the fact of the stability of the framework on which it was built.

Quality and stability counts for a great deal when it comes to WordPress design.

The accordion slider adds an interactive element and was a noteworthy addition to the original design. User interaction is very important in today’s user based marketplace and users expect to see some form of animation. Adding the slider was a great way to introduce this element.

Its main features include over 15 custom widget sidebars, 5 custom widgets, short-codes, 2 Sliders (Nivo and 3D), jQuery Drop-down menu, unlimited Portfolio Gallery Templates, ready made Page Templates, Contact Template, Blog Template, Full Width (no Sidebar), sitemap and 404, and multi level menus.

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  10. Summerlin (8 in one)


Summerlin WordPress theme was first introduced back in 2009 and like Novatorix, it is proving that if something is not broke, do not fix it ~ improve it instead. Summerlin is a very classic, clean and “very soft” looking theme that has been regularly updated so that it can be used time and time again. This is very smart on the part of its developers because classic never goes out of style.

Summerlin contains 8 different skin colors to choose from and has 6 different widget areas including a built in advertising area.

Some things have not changed in modern design and one of those things is monetizing your blog with advertisements.

Its current features include social media, extensive admin panel, video capabilities, post types and ready made pages (contact,etc.) short-codes, multi level drop down menu, and most importantly free updates for life so you never have to buy another theme again. This is the reason these types of themes are so popular.

For a very clean and classic set it an forget it style theme, Summerlin is like an old friend who is always ready when you need them.

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Every designer, user and creator of a content management system like WordPress has one thing in common, they are looking to find a theme that will portray their products, service or brand in a proper light. This can be accomplished through choice of color, features and overall design. More often then not, people choose themes only to realize that perhaps it does not do exactly what it was they hoped and they are placed into a positon where they must purchase yet another theme to achieve the desired effect.

Multi purpose themes provide this functionality in the fact that you can do just about anything with them.

What if time is of the essence and you need to get a website up quickly or upload a number of similar websites at the same time?  While Multi purpose themes will satisfy this need, they often take a huge amount of customizations and are not always able to be navigated by the average WordPress user because they are complex.

An “ultimate” theme like the ones seen here is the perfect alternative solution if you like its overall design because they offer simple and easy variations that you can choose with the click of button saving you from having to create a number of customizations to get the desired effect.

They are also useful in creating micro niche websites within a matter of minutes and if you are a marketing or social media manager, you will no doubt see the true benefit in them.

Prestige offers over 400 hundred different templates and designs, for 40.00, if you add that up equals .10 cents for each skin  template. The value of that alone is well worth the price just to have in your design kit as are many of the other themes in this collection.

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