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When creating any technology based theme, authors must consider the fact that the person who will be using the theme probably has significant knowledge of the industry and expectations might be significantly higher. It is for this reason, as a reviewer, I am expecting a theme that is up to date and includes a significant amount of industry standard features such as responsive behaviour, domain name search, pricing tables, hosting and client management, support software, and a host of customizable features.

WpThemes - Technology Themes

WordPress technology themes encompass two very different aspects of the industry, one being specific to web hosting and the other to general computing.

I believe the most effective way for me to review them is to split the entire collection into two parts.

In this instance, I will be reviewing web-hosting themes. The second part of this collection will include a variety of general technology themes and the direct link to that will be provided at the end of the review.

When creating any technology based theme, authors must consider the fact that the person who will be using the theme probably has significant knowledge of the industry and expectations might be significantly higher. It is for this reason, as a reviewer, I am expecting a theme that is up to date and includes a significant amount of industry standard features such as responsive behaviour, domain name search, pricing tables, hosting and client management, support software, and a host of customizable features. While the supplier of the hosting will most likely be “tech savvy,” chances are the individuals seeking the web hosting may not necessarily understand what it is they are even looking for.

If a theme is to be considered a really good web-hosting theme, it must include a number of advanced theme features, have a clean and professional overall look and be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Considering all of this, here are the ten best WordPress Web Hosting themes on ThemeForest.

1. Grid Host


Complete with the drag and drop Aqua Page Builder,WHMCS integration via the WHMCS Bridge plugin, Domain Lookup and Revolution Slider, the GridHost WordPress theme is perhaps the most modern and comprehensive web hosting theme to date. Not only is it fully packed with a host of advanced features, it is extremely fresh looking, responsive and hardly seems like a web hosting selling site at all.

In the past, many of these types of websites were somewhat “intimidating” and often turned people away, this theme is very user friendly, warm and inviting.

The key to a successful selling website is to not appear to your customers and clients as though you are trying to sell them anything, but rather suggesting that without your product they will be missing out, GridHost’s overall design does a great job.

6 ready made home-pages, some very cool interactive icons, integrated pricing tables, client management software and easy billing options are only a few of the added features that you will find in this theme alongside the many standard features such as short-codes, contact pages and image galleries.

GridHost is the perfect theme for resellers and webhosting companies who provide server solutions to businesses around the globe.

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2. Mega Host

Mega Host

Simply breathtaking is the only way to describe the MegaHost WordPress theme from iwthemes. MegaHost comes fully loaded with some pretty amazing core features such as bootstrap framework, compatibility with WHMCS, bbpress forums, 5 different skin choices, light or dark options, but its the overall sheer elegance of its design that has made it extremely popular. Barely out of the package, it already has close to 400 purchases and I expect this number to grow exponentially over the coming weeks.

What I think is especially nice about this theme is the little support tab at the top of the design that opens up as you click on it to reveal a hidden support form. A truly unique and clever little design functionality.

Sadly, with all the features that it does have and perhaps a small oversight on the part of its developers, it does not have language integration, however its author has indicated that they might consider adding this in future updates.  I would certainly encourage them to do so.  It would open this theme up to a more global market.

Retina ready, fully responsive and complete with just about everything a web-hosting website could ever need, the elegant design of MegaHost is certainly hard to beat when language is not a concern for you.

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3. Host Me

Host Me

If something is not broken, you do not need to fix it, but you can definitely improve upon it. That is exactly what the creators of HostMe, AivahThemes, have done with the introduction of its new WordPress Web Hosting theme HostMe V2. Hostme V2 is the second and updated version of the popular HostMe theme. Version two has a clean and minimal responsive design that was built with HTML5 and CSS3 custom coding.

It is not hard to notice that the theme was updated with several options that were not included in the original version. The author’s desire to make this version so much better than its counterpart indicates that they are committed to providing the best possible themes and this is worth a great deal.

HostMe V2 can be used for a variety of websites because not only is it clean and professional looking, it is multi-purpose and comes with a huge amount of features including WHMCS compatibility, FlexSlider, Business Hours Plugin, sortable and static portfolios, 9 custom widgets, short-codes, fonts and a number of ready made pages to choose from. The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines and this is helpful for SEO.

Perfect for a multitude of websites the theme is responsive, modern and flexible.

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4. Cloud Hoster

Cloud Hosting

One of the few themes dedicated to cloud hosting, the Cloud Hoster WordPress theme is everything that you would expect it to be.  A huge cloud background with slider makes the website appear that it is reaching for the sky.

 Designed with purpose, the Cloud Hoster theme has a clean, simple, responsive design that brings a modern approach to  standard hosting themes.

Complete with the famous revolution slider plugin, a light and dark version, a very unique two color blog, contact form and validating newsletter, this theme has everything you would expect and so much more.

Perhaps a bit minimalistic than most themes, it is still quite effective and is the perfect theme for simple cloud hosting.

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5 .Servereza


Servereza, created by one of the newest authors on ThemeFores; novarostudio, is a great looking web-hosting and multi purpose WordPress theme. Like its creator, Servereza is the newest hosting theme to arrive on the scene and it came packed with a punch.

Perhaps one of its only real drawbacks is the fact that it does not come integrated with the WHMCS system, however, it has just about everything else that a great web-hosting selling theme should have including:  WhoIS lookup, WordPress 3.8 ready, pre-made hosting pages, pricing tables, portfolios, and a really nice modern “scrolling” look that closely resembles parallax scrolling. The blog is exceptionally well done and provides adequate space in the content area for adding images, text and video.

Perfect for selling personal hosting or small technology business websites, I certainly hope that we will be seeing more designs from this author in the future especially if this theme is any indication of what is in store for us.  Well Done NovaroStudio, well done!

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6. NewHosting


WpThemes-NewHosting theme

They say that an image is worth a thousand words and as you can see by the image above, the NewHosting theme’s high definition full screen slider is captivating. It was the slider that first grabbed my attention and compelled me to take a second look and I am glad that did. Not only is it a great looking theme, it has rock solid features. If a theme can capture a viewer’s attention enough to want to browse your website, you have already done half the job. Like Servereza, NewHosting literally just arrived on the scene and not a moment to soon, I simply had to include it in this list.

Complete with WHMCS, responsive behavior, 20 pre set pages, CSS3 Animations, mail chimp and a host of other customizable options, this theme will no doubt be a popular hit in no time.

Its high resolution slider mixed with bold icons makes for a great looking design that is both professional and user friendly at the same time. A very difficult feat to achieve.

Definitely the theme to watch for, NewHosting gets a two thumbs up for overall design.

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7. SmartHost


Made with WordPress 3.7, the Smart Host system was introduced just short of the moment when WordPress updated to version 3.8, but its authors have indicated that they will be updating it shortly. This is great news because overall, this is a great theme.

Fully integrated with WHMCS, the theme has 12 ready made pages, sliders, light and dark versions and a host of customizable features that are easy to use.

Its design is clean and professional but perhaps the light version is a little less elegant. I would suggesting using the darker version whenever possible.

Many people refrain from using dark themes for selling purposes.  In this case, it is the better option.

If you are looking for something a little darker and a bit more unique, Smart Host WordPress theme definitely fits the bill.

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8. Elegant Hosting


A clean, classic and professional design, Elegant Hosting is a simple “out of the box” style WordPress web hosting theme that puts the pricing tables and hosting package grids front page and center. It is a no frills “old school” approach to web-hosting that is still modern enough to compete with today’s demanding designs while simple enough for the novice user. Certainly not for everyone, it is not hard to notice that the theme was clearly designed with one purpose only, to sell web hosting.

Easy to use and perfect for small businesses or individuals starting out in the web hosting industry, Elegant Hosting might be simple looking, but it has a multitude of great features such as host comparing plans, domain lookup, contact forms and customizable features.

 Elegant Hosting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your web hosting site up and running with little or no effort.

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9. Slick Host

 Slick Host

Slick Host is a very minimalistic and classic looking hosting theme.

One of the older themes in this collection, it still has enough features and power to be considered a front runner, however it has not been updated since WordPress 3.6 and if its authors do not hurry to change this, it might run out of steam considering there are a host of new web hosting themes being introduced each and every day.

Slick Host features over 50 customizable options and tons of short-codes, pricing tables, 4 custom widgets, hosting package creation via the easy to use admin interface, slider revolution with full screen slideshow and full width pages making for a pretty good overall theme.

At the very least, it certainly can double as a great looking corporate theme.

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10. Simple Hosting


The Simple Hosting WordPress theme is anything but simple, this power packed web hosting theme has everything a great hosting site needs and more. It was a theme way ahead of its time when it was first introduced over a year ago, unfortunately, it has not been updated since then.

Simple Hosting is still a great theme and is worth considering if you are using an older version of WordPress or if you are comfortable with updating themes and playing with coding.

It sits at the number ten spot only because it has not been updated, otherwise it is a great looking theme with a unique right sidebar and comprises all the whistles and buttons a great web hosting site should have including a shopping cart, code-less tables for default packages, ten templates and the popular revolution slider.

If your an advanced user, this theme is a good alternative considering it comes with the revolutions slider and ztwitter plugins totalling over half the value of the theme itself.

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All but a few of the web hosting themes on this list come complete with WHMCS integration via the WHMCS plugin.

This plugin is an extremely powerful all-in-one client management system, billing and support solution for on-line businesses selling web hosting. The plugin handles everything that your web hosting sites needs from signup to termination, and is a powerful business tool that puts the user in control of what is being automated on his or her website. The plugin comes with a number of add ons and features that adds functionality to a web hosting site and completely automates everything for you. For a mere nineteen dollars per month or one time fee of 325 dollars, you can have a complete and fully functioning web hosting site.

If you choose not to add the plugin, you can still use any of these themes to sell hosting and or for general technology purposes. Speaking of technology themes, if you want to read the second part of this collection, you can find it located here:  http://wpthemes.org/10-best-technology-wordpress-themes-software/.

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