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f you intend to sell or showcase advanced technology, it only stands to reason that you would want your website to be updated, modern and complete with the latest designs. A theme that fails to meet this criteria won't find its way onto this list, it is reserved only for the best. While each of these themes are completely different, they all have common features such as incredible responsive behavior, social media integration, content management features, contact forms, amazing high resolution graphics and they are updated with WordPress 3.7 at a minimum.

WordPress themes - Software

Part two in the Technology WordPress themes collection, software based themes offer a huge variety of unique designs, options and cover a wide range of topics such as selling applications, showcasing electronics and creating simple landing pages for computer based businesses.

If you intend to sell or showcase advanced technology, it only stands to reason that you would want your website to be updated, modern and complete with the latest designs. A theme that fails to meet this criteria won’t find its way onto this list, it is reserved only for the best.

While each of these themes are completely different, they all have common features such as incredible responsive behavior, social media integration, content management features, contact forms, amazing high resolution graphics and they are updated with WordPress 3.7 at a minimum.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. But too often it seems to make things harder, leaving us with fifty-button remote controls, digital cameras with hundreds of mysterious features and book-length manuals, and cars with dashboard systems worthy of the space shuttle. ~ James Surowiecki

This can also be true of website designs that are too busy and too complex for the ordinary person to understand and navigate.

When I am looking for a technology theme, first and foremost, I am looking for a theme that is not geared only for technologically advanced users, but rather a theme that speaks to everyone in general. 

Here are the 10 Best Technology WordPress Themes in the Software collection.

You can find the best web hosting technology themes here.

1. Grepfrut


An infinite amount of easy to use modules and customizable features with a state of the art design makes Grepfrut one of the best software themes in this collection. Its clean, modern and sleek design is carried throughout the entire theme, from the pricing tables page to the blog itself. The design simply screams modern technology with its advanced transparent effects.

With 6 predefined color schemes, it is easy to create your own look without having to make huge changes to the design. You really do not need to customize this design, it is just that nice. However, you can easily modify the theme to suit your own personal design specifications if you want to.

Its core features include the ever popular Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins, unlimited sidebars, a number of customized widgets and tons of short codes making for a very flexible theme.

The main reason that Grepfrut sits at the number one spot is because of this flexibility, you can literally use this theme for just about any software, computer or technology website that you can think of.

I have to admit, I especially like the transparent navigation menu, it adds the perfect touch to solidify the design’s modern look and feel.

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2. Mobera


As its’ creator, Cohhe boasts, “Good design is obvious, great design is transparent,” and Mobera’s application showcase WordPress theme is definitely everything it claims to be ~ fantastic. In fact, it is one of the few themes that offers two different design choices for a variety of different mobile viewing experiences.

From side and top menu views to clean and crisp retina graphics, Mobera has a great deal more to offer than just showcasing applications, although that is what it does best.

A fresh clean design with a really nice slide effect on the front page is complimented by a unique and bold application page creating a fantasic overall look and feel.

WPML compatible and complete with the Revolution slider and Visual Composer plugins, Mobera comes packed with a number of advanced features including the ability to embed a variety of video types such as self hosted videos, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

7 Custom widgets, short codes and an easy to use admin panel completes the theme and places it into one incredible package that is well worth the forty dollars.

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3. Pandorabox

pandoras box

A one page creative and minimalistic WordPress theme (template) for mobile developers, PandoraBox is both simple and stunningly beautiful at the very same time. It has one message to deliver and that message is sent loud and clear with cool animations, rotating sliders and liquid scrolling effects.

Selling applications is the main concept behind the design and its clear the designers have done their job, PandoraBox might be a simple design, but it is highly effective.

Custom designed sliders, retina graphics, modular sections and pricing menus, Pandora Box is a ready made theme that uses less CSS for a truly amazing responsive layout. The theme has 3 different styles including, color, pattern and photo background for creating a simple and quick design change. With over 650 fonts and the additional 3D slider plugin, you can add customizations, however, something’s are better left untouched and Pandora’s Box is perfect just the way it is.

For a quick and easy solution for a mobile showcasing website, PandoraBox is one of the best options.

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Complete with a theme customizer, fully responsive and comes with a number of page layouts, 4 header layouts, 30 theme options, unlimited colors, 6 backgrounds, 9 pre-designed color themes, mail chimp integration, AWeber Widget and much more, it is hard to believe that the Petrichor WordPress theme is a simple landing page for mobile applications.

Yes, it is true, this extremely high powered theme is in fact a one page landing theme that is so stunning, it will have you questioning how it’s possible to pack so much power into one simple theme.

With the twitter bootstrap, just about any design is possible and Petichor’s landing page is proof positive of what we can expect in the future from WordPress.

A quick and reliable way to showcase and sell your applications, Petichor is a great deal when you consider it is reasonably priced at thirty five dollars. The design practically sells itself.

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5. My App

my app

Perhaps the most professional and corporate looking theme, MyAPP WordPress adaptive theme for Application Developers is like a business in a box with its unique application documentation generator and custom design.

Everything that you can possibly need for a simple but elegant presentation website is bundled into this theme along with standard design features such as short-codes, widgets and pricing tables. You won’t have to do very much to get it up and running as just about every aspect of the design is custom created including the content boxes, contact page and featured post pages.

The design is very specific to mobile developers, but it can double as a corporate site for selling just about any type of technology.

It is one of the most professional looking software themes on ThemeForest and you just have to see it, to “get” it.

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6. Appdev


Last updated in December 2013, App Dev is a one page WordPress theme designed specifically for mobile application developers to showcase their work. While it is highly customized, it has a multitude of features allowing you to create your own incredible personalized landing page style websites for displaying apps.

Considered a single page theme, it does provide the ability to create several single pages for more specific and personalized designs.

Parallax scrolling backgrounds, smart lava-lamp menu, touch screen, responsive, revolution, flex and nivo slider plugins, portfolio with AJAX features, and WPML compatible barely scratches the surface of what this theme has to offer.

The blog in this theme is exceptionally well done with large images and a nicely laid out sidebar. Content management is a huge part of driving traffic to a website. In fact, WordPress was created for this purpose, its nice to see that attention was paid to the most important part of the design, the posts.

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7. Product


There is a theme in every collection that makes you stop and hold your breathe because it is simply so unique and captivating, it is like nothing else. It is the kind of theme that can only be described in one word, that word being; “wow!”

The Product Responsive WordPress theme from author, Jewelleries is one such theme. Simply unique and captivating, it sits in a class by itself.

Complete with three different color variations, each with its own distinct style, Product is the most unique and fun way to present any type of electronics, technology, mobile or computer product. Period.

Its bold and beautiful landing page style theme is simple, modern and elegant right from the full screen slider with call to action down to the unique social icons that simply pop as you click on them.  I could play with those icons all day long, they are just fun, fun, fun!

Make no mistake, while Product is plenty playful, it is also extremely powerful and effective at selling products with its high powered graphics and tons of customizable features.

Personally, I prefer the dark version of the theme to the other two, however, dark is becoming less and less popular as we move toward more clean flat design.

Looking for something a little bit bolder and a whole lot more “powerful,” in an application theme?  Then look no further, Product WordPress theme is all you need.

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8. Sublime


Sublime is a multi-purpose Responsive WordPress Theme with drag and drop page builder, live customizer and tons of customizable features. Flexible enough to be considered multi-purpose, it was created with software developers in mind.

The highly interactive blog is a great feature on its own and perfect for bloggers looking for something a little more unique. The overall design and structure of the theme is clean, and professional.

Its core features include responsive behavior, high definition, translation ready, bootstrap framework and a host of customizable admin options such as shortcodes, colors and widgets.

If you are looking for a theme for any computer, electronics or technology business, Sublime is a great option at forty five dollars.

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9. Appr

ApprBuilt with bootstrap, HTML and CSS3, Appr is one of the newest WordPress application software themes to arrive on the scene and like most of its counterparts, it was created in order to showcase a multitude of applications. Unlike many of its competitors, it has a very “Apple IOS” look and feel to it.

This design makes it stand out from the rest of the themes, but it might be a bit too simplistic for some individuals.

Crystal clear retina graphics, a custom blog and lazy loading images are some of its core features.

A simple, clean, white and yet highly recognizable design is what you get with the APPR theme and is perfect for sellers of Apple based products.

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10. And then there was NETIX


Simply put, for a mere twenty five dollars, you can set up a fully responsive, rocking network in less than a minute with the one page Netix landing page theme from WebFactory.

Sell anything, showcase anything and even blog about anything related to technology with this very simple and clean theme.

Netix has a host of features including integrated Mailchimp subscription form, 220 awesome font icons, over 30 theme options, unlimited color combinations and theme customizations, 15 backgrounds for the header and body and 8 predefined color themes designed to get you started selling on-line with a few clicks of a button.

Its overall design might be minimalistic, but it is clean and corporate and needs nothing else because it suits its purpose quiet well.

Finally, a theme that makes so much sense – it’s almost too smart!

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As you no doubt have surmised by now, many application themes are simple to use one page themes that are powerful and effective for showcasing a variety of applications. It begs the question, if it is this easy to create powerful technologically based themes, why doesn’t everyone follow their lead?

Well the truth is, many of these themes are highly focused on selling and marketing software, which they accomplish quite handily, but this is not always practical for every website. This is especially true in the case of a website that is created for information rather than selling purposes.

In the end, the final choice of which theme to purchase relies heavily on personal choice and design preference.

One thing is for certain, if you are looking for a simple landing page, you just might want to consider using one of these ready made templates, after-all the work has already been done!

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