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When you are designing food websites and it is a restaurant website, most likely your users will want to see what is on the menu, what the daily specials are and be able to see what the dining room looks like. In essence, it should quickly answer the question,"Where and what will I be eating tonight?" If the site fails to accomplish this, then it is not consider a very good design. In the same context, if it is a fast food restaurant, they will need to see what types of delivery options are available, what are the delivery charges and how late they are open. In order to accomplish these tasks and achieve these types of designs, the theme needs to offer the functionality in order to do so.


The food, restaurant and beverage industry is enormous and as a result, it is hard to determine an exact type of theme that is needed for all of them. Take for example a simple recipe website that might only need a page for allowing users to share recipes versus a large fine dining restaurant that needs functionality to take online reservations. While both are considered food websites, each has a totally separate design specification.

When I am looking for a food theme, I am first looking for a design that appeals to my taste buds and makes me want to eat what is in the picture. Once a theme is in my view, I will then pick it apart to see what makes it extraordinary, if anything. If it does not have much to offer, chances are it will not make it on this list. However, if it has a great design, adequate functionality and is somewhat unique, then it just might make it on the menu.

When you are designing food websites and it is a restaurant website, most likely your users will want to see what is on the menu, what the daily specials are and be able to see what the dining room looks like. In essence, it should quickly answer the question,”Where and what will I be eating tonight?” If the site fails to accomplish this, then it is not consider a very good design. In the same context, if it is a fast food restaurant, they will need to see what types of delivery options are available, what are the delivery charges and how late they are open. In order to accomplish these tasks and achieve these types of designs, the theme needs to offer the functionality in order to do so.

All of the themes in this collection offer the functionality, “finesse” and “savoir flair,” that you might expect to see in a food theme.

I hope you enjoy this collection and you might need to take my advice and get a snack while reading this, otherwise you may find yourself wanting to eat everything in sight.

1. Forked

Restarant and Event

I came across the Forked WordPress theme while researching the event collection. It has been on my mind ever since. I knew that when I finally got to the food collection review, it simply had to be given the number one spot. Forked has finally earned its rightful spot.

This theme gets top honors for being one of the most elegant and responsive restaurant and events themes on ThemeForest.

Forked’s crisp clean graphics and transparent layout is so elegant, it is suitable for high end restaurants and hotel dining rooms that offer white glove and first class dining experiences. It has some truly unique features including a complete table reservation and booking system (not just a contact form), a specials management system, events and calendar features, sliders, galleries and a host of other options.

This theme is the “creme de la creme” of all restaurant themes and is rather reasonably priced at a mere forty five dollars for a standard license.

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 2. California


The little flip recipe style menu that comes with the California WordPress theme is really sharp and adds a bit more zest to this really “funky” theme. The entire theme’s background is created on what looks like a beach side or backyard BBQ grill and just makes you feel as though you are at the restaurant reading the menu itself. This design is warm and inviting and best suited for a family restaurant. The images are sort of slanted to look as though they are hanging on the wall and the blog resembles a timeline or tumblog layout adding to this unique design.

This theme is definitely not for everyone. It appeals to a very specific and “laid back” design taste, but for individuals who like this type of style, it is extremely well done.

With touch swipe support, advanced animations, the revolution slider and several ready made pages including an about us page, reservation and events page along with many other customizable features, California may seem a little less fancy than most other food themes, but it sure has a great deal more to offer than what first meets the eye.

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3. Delicieux



One of the first things that captured my attention with the Delicieux WordPress theme was the stunning color and oddly enough, this just happens to be one of its main features. Delicieux comes with a live color changer which allows you to change the color of just about every element in the theme.

Color is not the only thing you can change with its extensive admin panel. With this theme, you can also change the background, header, icon and many other features. This, along with a host of other options such as the drag and drop page layout and sidebar manager that comes with Delicieux makes for a pretty flexible and fully loaded theme.

The overall design is clean and fresh, but not overly elegant. It is suitable for just about any restaurant or food industry website.

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4. Fine Food


Fine Food - Copy

The Fine Food WordPress theme from ThemeForest is one of the most elegantly designed themes in this entire list and is best suited for fine dining or hotel restaurants. The three section slider can easily be used to display a complete three course menu in order to really impress your guests.

Its main features include an events calendar and management system, menu and recipe section, page builder, newsletter subscription, shortcode system and the choice of twenty one different background patterns. If that was not already enough to wet your palate, the Fine Food theme is highly compatible with Facebook Fan.

When you really want to treat your guests with something special, Fine Food is sure fire winner for all fine dining establishments.

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5. Food & Cook

Food & Cook

Food and Cook is a recipe and food sharing theme that is definitely the most modern and complete one available today. Sharing recipes and cooking tips can’t get any easier than with the 6 home layouts, 3 recipe layouts, custom backgrounds and recipe database that is included with this theme.

Highly interactive, this theme offers a unique experience by allowing users to submit recipes and scroll through a variety of different recipes and other food related topics.

Overall, the design is elegant, modern and responsive. It comes with a variety of options including ready made pages such as the homepage, contact page, blog page, elegant blog page, timeline page, archive page, recipe grid page, listing page and the submit recipe page making for a complete and easy to use design.

Fully customizable, this recipe is a mish mash of functionality, elegant design and modern pizzazz. 

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6. Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Captivate your audience with a simple, modern, full screen slider and responsive WordPress theme created by ThemeForest’s elite author CoffeeCream.

Food and wine’s elegant design comes from its amazing clean code and organized file system. This theme is perfect for any restaurant, diner, cafe, hotel or bed and breakfast website that wants to focus on both food and wine. Complete with a handy review page, the theme is highly customizable with over twenty one shortcodes, custom post types and custom widgets.

The transparent header menu adds the perfect touch to this elegant clean design and the blog is perfectly laid out to resemble a promotional type content or food menu page. The content area is suitable for a large amount of descriptive text, something that seems to be lacking in todays modern designs, oddly enough when massive amounts of quality content seems to matter.

Food and Wine is one of the few food themes to incorporate a full screen slider, which in my opinion, is one of the best way to tantalize your viewers taste buds with your restaurant fare. When you really want to impress, a full screen image slider and a well design theme is the best way to do it and food and wine does exactly that!

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7.  The VineYard


Every real foodie knows that nothing goes with food like a good bottle of Chardonnay or vintage Champagne. Vineyard WordPress theme is an e-commerce theme focusing on selling wines, however it can be used for just about any product. Create your own wine selling business or use it as an extension to your restaurant site, whichever choice you make, Vineyard is the perfect match for all food related websites.

The slider and store pages were made specially to show off your wine and other products perfectly. Simple to use, choose a background image, and lay a product image on top of it in order to create fantastic looking displays. These can be done on a per slide basis which also includes the option to add an image title and/or call to action button on either the left or right side.

Features include custom templates, widgets, pages, shortcodes and customizable options such as sidebars and colors.

Supported by the Cart66 plugin, Vineyard is a great choice for an easy to use and easy to “choose” wine selling site.


8. Salt Kitchen

 Salt Kitchen

You simply have to see this theme to get it.

Barely out of the starting gate, the SaltKitchen WordPress Restaurant, Food and Event theme was introduced in November 2013 and is quickly becoming one of the most spectacular themes of this type on ThemeForest. With a really nice full screen background and large focused content area, the design is totally modern and unique.

Salt Kitchen comes with a super extensive admin panel that has tons of options such as a drag and drop page builder, various food post types, food menu, food showcase, unlimited colors, 450 fonts, a drag and drop slider and tons of shortcodes.

For a small recipe and event theme, it sure packs a great deal of punch with filterable event planning pages, blogs and recipe galleries.

Buy SaltKitchen

9. The Restaurant


The restaurant is one of the few remaining WordPress themes that offers a classic blog style magazine with sliding menu card for showcasing your house specials or daily feasts and fine fare. Change colors quickly with its amazing color picker option or simply switch the layout to add your own sliding menu card and truly impress your customers! Simply adding the Cart66 plugin can turn this theme into a fully functioning e-commerce food and wine site.

Using the contact form 7 add on, you can take reservations and manager every aspect of your business with this easy to use theme from creators, redfactory.

Fully packed with modern features, this theme may look classic, but it is anything but.

If you like this theme and want a more updated version, you should consider the classic version of The Restaurant, seen below.

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10. The Restaurant – Classic Edition

The Restaurant

The  Restaurant Classic Edition, WordPress theme was created as an update to popular “The Restaurant” theme seen above.

While it might have been updated, it is still every bit as classic. It comprises all of the best of the original theme such as the popular sliding menu system, however, this theme is much more up to date, responsive and has a host of additional features including the custom designed special product page, WPML support, moveable sidebars, custom posts and pages, shortcodes, menu card and so much more.

Like a vintage wine, The Restaurant is a good theme, the classic version is just that much better because its been “aged”  to perfection.

Buy The Restaurant, Classic Edition

When deciding on whether to purchase a ready made theme like the ones in this collection, you have to begin with the basic elements and decide from there what is feasible in terms of what might be needed for your design to work. If you need a menu system and the design does not call for one, you must at least make sure that it is compatible with the one you have or intend to purchase.

As a reviewer, my job is to look at the overall design, usability and functionality of a theme, I cannot decide what is best for your particular design needs. If you see a theme you like in this collection, research it by clicking on the buy button that is attached to each excerpt. In there you will find a huge amount of information about the theme and view the live previews which will help you to determine if the theme is right for you.

At the very least, each theme in this collection is a great starting point for any food related website because they were created with this in mind, the creators have already done the basic work for you, the rest is of course entirely up to you.

Test your creativity and design something delectable!

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