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The themes in this collection were created with the fashion industry in mind and incorporates a broad range of different areas including modelling, product sales and promotions. Each may be different and unique, but they all have one thing in common, modern and elegant design.

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Food and Fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly and that is why I have chosen to review both of these collections at the same time. It just seemed fitting to do so ~  food inspires fashion, and fashion inspires food ~  and they can be used in order to enhance each another.

WebDesign is no exception to this rule, as these two topics can quickly become intertwined.

Like any great WordPress theme, it doesn’t really matter which theme you choose, because a really good one can be used for a variety of different designs and purposes. In the end, the real choice comes down to what each individual prefers in terms of colors, features and overall design concept.

The themes in this collection were created with the fashion industry in mind and incorporates a broad range of different areas including modelling, product sales and promotions. Each may be different and unique, but they all have one thing in common, modern and elegant design.

You can find the food collection review here if you want some additional inspiration.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” — Yves Saint-Laurent

1. Arthur


In the world of fashion, being the first is an absolute must if you want to become a trendsetter and that is exactly what the Arthur WordPress One Page theme has done. It has set a standard to which all other fashion themes should follow.

Right out of the starting gates, this theme is integrated with the latest version of WordPress (3.8) and that is a definite plus.

Relatively new, Arthur is barely one week old and it has caught my attention just because I love the way it looks and feels. Its’ clean fresh look adds an elegance to the theme and helps to offset the huge full screen graphics quite nicely. This theme is a no frills, elegant one page parallax fashion theme that does what it is supposed to, nothing more.

Its main features include animated page scrolling, responsive behaviour, 2 styles of portfolio, an about Page with team section, blog and a variety of colors and shortcodes for easy styling.

When you just want the job done without a bunch of dressed up features, Arthur is a pretty good choice.

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2. Horn


Like Arthur, Horn is a newly released one page parallax theme, but unlike Arthur, it is somewhat bolder and more colorful, creating its own unique look and feel. Following most newer design trends, the theme is easy to use, has a relatively flat design, interactive animation and comes with a full screen video option that will make your designs as unique as your brand.

The colorful menus and large icons simply “pop” in this theme and this is what provides it with its unique style. In the world of fashion, having a fresh and different look is everything.

Featured with all the latest technologies including retina ready display, responsive behaviour, parallax scrolling and video support, Horn has everything that you need to create fashionable presentation styles websites that will grab your user’s attention and speak to them in ways you never dreamed possible.

Did I mention, this theme is just really stylish and trendy?

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3. Wokey Store


Where do I begin when it comes to the WokeyStore multi-purpose fashion and business e-commerce WordPress theme from Themeforest?  How about the really cool and easy to use drag and drop page editor, or the ever popular premium revolution slider that is included?  No matter where I begin, it is not hard to see that this is one really amazing theme with a host of great features such as 35 different footer areas, mega menus, unlimited sidebars, WooCommerce integration and tons of customizable options.

WordPress 3.8 ready, WokeyStore has barely opened it doors and already it is plain to see that this will be one popular theme for a variety of different retail websites because of its flexible elegant design.

When it comes to store design, I would normally suggest the clean and white version however, the dark version of WokeyStore is every bit as elegant and perhaps is the better choice of the two for making your products stand out.

Its main options include a light and dark version, 13 predefined color choices along with the option to set your own custom colors, full or boxed width layouts, and tons of short-codes for creating amazing designs.

For a superb modern fashionable e-commerce theme, WokeyStore is a cut above the rest.

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4. Fashion Shop


Mentioned in another one of my collection reviews recently, Fashion Shop is a really nice hand crafted WordPress theme with a unique looking home page slider.

As you can see in the image above, the slider appears to be hovering over a wooden floor that comes to a peak in the left hand side. This design can be used to create fantastic looking backgrounds and displays such as runways, store fronts and product walls with shelving units. It is the slider that makes this theme so unique and truly one of a kind, but its the theme’s features that give it a top spot on this list.

These features include mega menus, fully responsive behavior, WooCommerce support, 3D Layer slider, WPML, multiple blog styles and gallery layouts, slider manager, page builder and tons of shortcodes.

With all that going for it, its hard not to imagine why this theme is making a huge splash in the fashion world. Trendy, chic and very unique, Fashion Shop is a great choice for any fashionista who wants to sell products online.

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5. Evol


Evol WordPress theme is not specific to the fashion industry, in fact it is a template created for agencies, freelancers, photographers or bloggers however, this design reminds me of an old fashion magazine and for this reason it has made it on this list. The graphics and text are created in a presentation style that brings focus to the content and sells the concept or product with a simple image. It is not the words that sell products in magazines, but the stunning displays and sharp captivating imagery. This “presentation” concept seems to be transposed into the Evol theme making it a sure fire winner with designers everywhere.

It might be one of the new models on the runway, but it certainly is not the least experienced.

Already integrated with WordPress 3.8, Evol has so many features there is barely enough room to list them all. Suffice to say, it does come with standard options such as retina ready ultra sharp high resolution graphics, responsive design, clean coding, SEO fine tuning, extensive theme options, page layouts, and so much more.

 I really like the blog in this theme, I think it adds the final touch with its very clean and simple design.

When you need to present your ideas in a focused and ultra simple and clean fashion, Evol delivers.

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6. Angels


The Angels WordPress theme was created specifically for modelling agencies hoping to attract new talent and to showcase models to prospective clients. Angels uses full screen background images and sliders with portfolio layouts to showcase each model in a different light.

The ready made landscape portfolio display page layout that is included in the theme, is a great way to create special “business” cards or promotional spots for each model.

Complete with ready made pages, tons of shortcodes and customizable features, Angels offers users a unique interactive experience.  

The content area may seem rather small at first, but in this theme it works because it provides ample room for a full screen background image that showcases the models.

Angels has certainly earned its wings with this well thought out design.

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7. De7igner

Designer 7

De7igner is a flat iOS7 inspired One Page Parallax theme that takes a giant step out of the ordinary with a brilliantly designed home page.

This theme just screams fashion website with its unique front page “Argyle” look and feel.

Even though it has a custom design, De7igner is a fully configurable, easy to use and responsive theme that comes with full video support and a host of amazing features such as masonry blog layouts, custom blocks and shortcodes.  It has three different and equally amazing custom home page styles including slideshow, static image and video background with the same overall “Argyle” design.

This theme is perfect for creative individuals who want a totally different, quick and easy solution to a fashion website.

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8. Ananas


Ananas is a one and a half page portfolio style WordPress theme that is super sexy and one of a kind.

Use the theme as a single page, or modify it into a multi-page site with a single click or use both layouts simultaneously, in order to create brilliant portfolio designs that are perfect for high quality fashion websites. The content area sits to the left of a large half screen image or slideshow allowing for a quick and easy way to provide additional information about the company, brand, featured models and/or products.

The division of both the content and imagery is quite well done and closely resembles a gigantic full page advertising billboard.

Highly interactive and complete with a host of features such as a half page blog, portfolio displays, slideshows, galleries and short codes, this theme is a dream come true for fashion designers wanting to showcase products and designs in a totally different and unique way.

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9. Elision


Elision retina multi-purpose WordPress theme comes with the amazing Qode Slider. Qode is a responsive fullscreen or fixed height slider with parallax that has fade in/out elemental animations.

With Elision, you can set to have your header appear dark or light, or choose between a white or transparent navigation menu creating a variety of elegant fashion websites. The menu areas in this theme are so captivating, they actually add an additional stylish element to the design.

Its main features include a fully customizable mega menu, customizable headers, visual composer plugin, WMPL ready and a modular contact page.

Extremely elegant and very professional looking, Elision is definitely the theme to consider if you’re creating a high end fashion website because it really does not get much better than this.

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10. Blume

BLumeBlume Responsive WordPress Theme is simply the most colorful way to build an awesome fashion style website and is one of my personal favourite designs. I just love the way the colors blend to create a rather soft yet highly focused overall design.

The font is bold and easy to read and there are huge amounts of interactive features for a totally amazing user experience.

Complete with tons of portfolio displays, custom page layouts, blog layouts and a WooCommerce shop, Blume is a one stop shop for all things related to fashion.

Best suited for a women’s or youth fashion website, Blume has all the bells and whistles you would expect to have in a fully functioning website such as a responsive and retina ready layout, huge amounts of shortcodes and widgets, multi language support and a customizable options admin panel.

If you want to add a little colour into your design, Blume is the easiest and most effective way of doing it.

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From bold text to high definition imagery, video support, parallax scrolling, triangle displays, portfolio layouts and colorful designs, the fashion themes in this list encompass a variety of unique designs. Choice is based solely on personal style or branding because to be honest, no theme in this list is truly that much better than the other. In comparison, they are all equally as effective and stunning.

Whether it is a one page presentation style website or a fully featured multi page design with purpose that you are creating, one thing is for certain, if you want to be the best, you need to start with the best. All of themes in this collection have a solid foundation with customizable options for building stylish websites.

The newer themes in this collection have already integrated WordPress 3.8 and I suspect that the others will follow suit in the coming days and weeks.  

Tip: if a design team keeps on top of important changes and updates then you can be assured that they probably stand behind their designs as well.  This is indicative of a good support team.




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