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There are lessons to be learned in all things, and perhaps the lesson here is, that even though children's WordPress themes may not be the most popular or practical, they still matter. They matter to the individuals and businesses who need to use them. Here are the twenty best of those.

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One of the top themes for children’s websites, Mommy Blog (seen in the image above) was created by dtbaker and sold on ThemeForest. It is still available for purchase however, like so many themes, it has gone to the wayside, it has not been nurtured properly.

Like children, WordPress themes need to be updated in order to grow and prosper. Mommy Blog has not been updated since WordPress 3.4. This is unfortunate, because it is a very cute and practical design and is well suited for a variety of different children’s theme designs.

There are lessons to be learned in all things, and perhaps the lesson here is, that even though children’s WordPress themes may not be the most popular or practical, they still matter. They matter to the individuals and businesses who need to use them. For this reason alone, they deserve a mention.

Three things that best describe what a child’s theme should be ~  fun, easy to use and extremely colorful.

Here are the ten best themes from kid world for the kid in all of us!

Every child would agree. “Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.” ~ Pierre Bonnard


1. Pulp


Pulp WordPress Children’s theme is by far one of the most up to date themes in the list. It is responsive, Facebook compatible and has support for a WooCommerce shop, even though it was created to be more of a daycare style theme. Pulp has images that move, making it a great deal of fun for kids and practical enough for use by parents, teachers and caregivers.

Pulp comes complete with a unique, easy to use Sidebar Manager that allows you to choose whether your sidebars appear on the left or right of your pages, or completely hidden out of the way. What is more, you simply navigate to the page you wish to change and change the option from the top admin bar, now that is child’s play.

WordPress 3.7 compatible, it has many features such as an easy slider, google fonts, contact 7 forms, short-codes and customizable options.

Its overall design is cute, clean and everything that it should be for a great child’s theme.

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2. Kindergarten


One of the only themes to have a filterable gallery, similar to a portfolio theme style, Kindergarten is a children’s WordPress theme that has grownup and joined the big boys.

Kindergarten has some pretty advanced features such as post formats that include video and audio, multi-page templates, social media icons, Twitter embeds, responsive behaviors, is retina ready and has a unique custom slider that shapes your pictures into clouds, without having to edit images. How kid cool is that?

 If I did not know any better, I might think this was cloud computing.

Designed to be powerful enough to meet today’s modern design specifications, Kindergarten was built on the Bootstrap 3.0 framework and contains home widgets, sliders and short-codes. It is definitely in a class all by itself when it comes to children’s themes.

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  3. Kids Toys

Kids Toyz

As one might expect, the Kids toys theme was created as a means for selling children’s products and comes with support for WooCommerce cart.

Most of the design is ready made, however there are some easy to use customizations located in the theme options panel such as color choice, title formats and footer and background choices. As well, you can choose from three new designs layouts that were recently added to the theme. The widget area can be changed quite easily which is an added bonus.

Overall the design is colorful, simple and clean and perfect just the way it is if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create a children’s online retail shop with built in newsletter.

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 4. Sunny Kids

Sunny Kids

Sunny Kids Children’s WordPress theme is really easy to set up and comes with numerous features that are suitable for use as a children’s, kids, family or daycare center blog, although it can be used with the WooCommerce plugin to create an on line shop in which to sell children’s products, toys, crafts or promotional items.

It’s overall design is rather “blog like” and for this reason, I suggest that if you’re looking for a great children’s blog .you consider this one as a viable option.

Like many of the themes in this category it has an easy to use sidebar manager that allows you to place widgets almost anywhere.  In a theme like this, widgets are used to create some personalization and to provide users with some interactive elements such as videos and social media integration, therefore having an easy to use sidebar manager is essential to good design.

The colors in this theme are soft pastels mixed with some bolder colors and some soft “fun” fonts which make it seem softer than it actually is.  The colors work well creating a great balance between the two.

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 5. Biosphere


While it was not created specifically as a children’s theme, but rather as a charitable organization and event theme, Biosphere is deserving of a spot on this list simply because it screams children’s design all over it. Large image rich colors make you feel as though you are part of the adventure and after all isn’t that what a child’s design is meant to do?

Seen before in our charity collection list, Biosphere is a very up to day fully packed theme that is so versatile, you could use it for just about  “kid related” website. Not to mention, I simply love this theme!

Fully equipped with features like the revolution slider, transparent content areas, donation widgets, event manager,huge full screen images, color displays and portfolios, Biosphere is the ultimate in modern children’s theme design.

Rich graphics and interactive features will bring your site to life and is perfect for older children’s websites such as teen centers, environmental groups and more.

Explore the world as is was meant to be seen with this truly stunning theme that will take your users’ to places unseen and keep their attention.

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6. Kiddo Turf

10 Best Kids Rooms

SEO optimized and responsive, it is not hard to notice that KiddoTurf Children’s WordPress theme was designed with a kindergarten or day care center website in mind, and it does it quite well, with ready made pages such as gallery, staff, blog and testimonials.

Kiddo Turf comes with a built in contact form for creating multiple forms such as registration forms, inquiries and payment forms. Daycares must focus a great deal of effort during the day on taking care of the children and there is not a great deal of time to spend on maintaining a website.

Kiddo Turf’s form builder is a great time saver along with the handy content quick auto install which helps to make your website look like the demo.

For a no fuss, no muss solution for your home day care center, Kiddo Turf is an excellent choice.

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7. Peekaboo


One of the nicest looking layouts, Peekaboo is a WordPress theme that would be well suited for a children’s magazine, daycare or activity center. The blog adds a really nice touch to this theme and is one of the major focal points. While there are not many things to customize, the background can be changed and resized and there are some column shortcodes for organizing text.

Easy to use widgets, filterable galleries and a nivo slider adds some additional elements.

A set it and forget it style, the theme is the perfect solution for a children’s blog or mini magazine.

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8. Baby Sitter


Aptly named, the Baby Sitter WordPress theme created by dan_fisher was developed for use in child sitting services such as baby sitting, nanny services and/or child worker employment agencies. It is one of the few modern flat, clean and responsive themes on this list and comes with a host of advanced features such as a shortcode generator that has over forty pre-made shortcodes, a job manager plugin from WP, themes options and customizer panel, pricing tables, language and google map integration.  Best of all, that is just for starters!

The theme is colorful and allows for a bit more personalization than most kids themes. It not a ready made theme, but rather a basic template that you can create your own designs from, however, it has just enough basic design to make any design look and feel “childlike.”

For a more advanced theme that has a great number of options and features Baby Sitter can be used for a variety of different designs with featured posts, widgets and so much more.

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9. Happy Kids

10 Best Kids Rooms2

Happy Kids is perhaps the most elegant, simplest and cleanest looking and yet still highly professional children’s WordPress Theme. Designed to meet the needs of kindergartens, daycares, preschools and other small children’s oriented business, it was created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. 6 different color layouts and 9 different background patterns offers a variety of choices for the design but in each case, the design is simple, colorful and very elegant.

This theme proves that just because a theme is geared towards children, does not mean that it cannot be professional looking as well. Happy Kids offers a great balanced between the two, it is both playful and professional at the same time making for a very unique design concept.

Shortcodes generator, custom widgets, post formats support (youtube and vimeo support), unlimited sidebars, a Nivo slider, camera slider and homepage video support are just some of Happy Kids amazing features for creating great looking designs that will be loved by all ages.

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10.  Kids Voice School

Kids voice

Kids Voice School WordPress theme was created specifically with music schools and other activities centers in mind. It resembles presentation or scrolling type themes and has a really cool playground design that uses the slider image as part of the design.

With a powerful administration panel, ten different layout choices, a shortcode manager, 11 different widget types and 7 built in sidebars along with unlimited custom defined sidebars, Kids Voice School offers a pretty flexible theme that can be used for a variety of different kids websites.

Last never means least on a ten best list, it just means that when you’re talking about a limited number of choices, one of them has to get the bottom spot. In this case, Kids Voice School sings a higher note that most of the themes on this list in terms of functionality, but overall it is the least “cuddly” of all the themes.

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Just like children, design is only limited by imagination and as you can see by the different design concepts in all of these themes, children’s themes can be as colorful, animated, restrictive or as flexible as you choose theme to be. In some ways, having a ready made design can be a bit impersonal, but it also offers a practical aspect, which is, saving time and money not having to hire a professional.

Without sounding stereotypical, most day care workers are not design savvy and may have to pay to have someone create and maintain a website for them. The good news is, these themes were created for that exact purpose. A great number of them can be used by novice users and set up in a jiffy, allowing you to focus on what really matters, the children!

Most general type themes are not colorful and may not be suitable for these kinds of designs. It is for this reason, that most child related industry professionals look for children’s WordPress themes.

That being said, multi purpose themes can be used for child themes if you add the correct design elements. If you are a more experienced user and want to create in depth and personalized children’s designs, you can always consider using Biosphere or consult our multi purpose collection. Whatever option you take, remember to use bold colors, exciting images, interactive elements, easy to read and understand content areas and if you try thinking like a child while creating your design and not like an adult, you will do just fine.

Most of all, in kid world, you must remember the golden rule ~ have fun!

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”  ~ Margaret Mead

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