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When time is of the essence and you need a good theme with a great design that can be uploaded and configured in less than a few hours,your best course of action is to seek an "out of the box," pre configured, minimal or ready made design. These are some of the best of those!

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When time is of the essence and you need a good theme with a great design that can be uploaded and configured in less than a few hours, your best course of action is to seek an “out of the box,” pre configured, minimal or ready made design.

While many of these types of themes are a bit less flexible in terms of adding personal customizations to them, they still offer features to make your website design unique to your business or brand. These are options such as different sliders, skin choices, backgrounds, color choices, layout or font options.

The backbone of the design will remain the same, but it will always look different dependant on the images, headers and logos that you choose or add to it. Ready made can also refer to designs that are created with one specific niche in mind, such as the real estate, interior designs, hotels and restaurant industries. They might even fall under the category of multi purpose theme, which are packed with features and at first glance seem overwhelming, however the one thing that these minimal themes do have in common, is that they were created with one specific purpose ~ to be easy to use and set up. In fact, some are so easy to use, you can create a fully functioning website in less than a few minutes.

The reason these types of themes are so popular is because you do not need a specialized WordPress designer in order to create beautiful websites with them. In fact, most of them are so easy to use, anyone in your office can pull a nice website together in no time with little effort, so long as they know the basics concepts of WordPress.  

Developed for novice users, these types of themes are also great money makers for designers because they are able to create massive amounts of ready to use small websites in a short period of time.

ThemeForest offere a huge array of ready made themes in a variety of different categories. Listed here are some of the best and newest ones.

It is important to note, while they might be limited in customizable features, they are not necessarily lacking in standard features such as responsive behavior, retina ready, WordPress 3.8 ready, short-codes and a host of plugins.

 “The greatest ideas are the simplest.” ~ William Golding, Lord of the Flies.


“The smartest ideas, are the ones easily carried out.” ~ Pete


 1. Light Dose

light does

As its name suggests, Light Dose is a minimalistic, one page responsive WordPress theme with a very flat design.

The Flat design with simple and expressive animation will make your content unique and allow it to stand out like never before. Light dose is a modern, high-quality WordPress Theme that is about to take the design world by storm. Introduced just a few days ago, it already has over sixty purchases and I see this growing exponentially in the next few weeks, once it gets noticed by bloggers, designers and reviewers everywhere. Light dose comes with a full page background or full page video home page version and each is equally impressive and very corporate looking.

It would seem that the corporate world is having a difficult time switching to the new one page design type themes, however I think that Light Dose might just change this.  A very classic looking one page parallax theme, it has a multitude of modules and interactive effects for a very user friendly theme.

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2. Anchors


With 5 ready made color schemes and tons of page templates to choose from, Anchors WordPress theme is a clean, elegant and professional looking theme that can be used for a number of corporate businesses. Optional fixed headers, boxed and full width layouts provide even more opportunities to personal your designs and jazz things up a little. Moreover, the theme comes with three sliders including the very unique and popular OnebyOne slider that you can find on CodeCanyon.

Envato’s theme options plugin OptionTree, one of the most versatile admin pane plugins, is included, making this theme even easier for novice users.

It comes with default .po and .mo files so you can translate the theme to any language and has a host of features such as short-codes, 11 custom widgets, ready made pages, 2 different portfolio layouts and more.

The blog is very nicely laid out with a large featured image area. Overall, the design is very clean, bright and professional looking.

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 3. Camera 7

camera 7

While there are many layouts to choose from, the horizontal scrolling slider feature in the Camera 7 WordPress theme is really the best viewing option that it has. It is reminiscent of an old fashion family or wedding photo album whereby you simply flip the pages to reveal the next photo. It was not specifically designed to be a wedding theme, however it can definitely be used as one. Camera 7 is a photography theme that has a very minimalist design, combined with beautiful visual effects, such as the next image fading into the background option for creating truly captivating designs.

Simple to use and manage, Camera 7 includes a host of excellent features that allow you to build your own photography website or on line album in minutes!

Its features include, 5 completely different gallery showcase templates, unlimited color options, tons of layouts and effects, is responsive and built to work fast and easy. Simply upload your images write a few words about it and voilà you have the perfect photography website!

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 4. Crossfit

Cross Fit

Crossfit is one of the nicest Gym and fitness themes to come on the market in quite a while. Designed exclusively with the Crossfit community in mind, you can customize the boxes or modules to display important information about your training sessions such as, schedules or WOD’s, program details, its coaches and its members.

Cross fit comes with WooCommerce in order for you to sell apparel and equipment to your clients directly from you website.

Just like cross training itself, the idea of the theme is to improve your webdesign’s health by increasing the visibility and usability of your site and to get it up and running quickly and easily so you can get back to taking care of your own health.

A unique face detection cropping image feature lets you take member photo’s for identification cards without having to worry about embarrassing “body” shots.

Complete with a great design, multiple sliders and features such as eye-catching page animations, unlimited colors and layouts, pre-built page templates with powerful options and contact forms, the Cross Fit WordPress theme is a set it and forget it style theme for Cross fit trainers, Gyms and any fitness related industry website.

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5. Estetico 


Yellow is a very bold color and rarely works in a website design because it can often be too intense if not blended properly. The Estetico real estate WordPress theme does a great job at using the color as an accent rather than the defining color.

The theme itself is an “out of the box” design, whereby, the only real choice you need to make is what color scheme (skin) you will use for your design.  It is so nice, it really does not need anything other than your property images to make it perfect.

Of the three color choices, I like the yellow the best. The others are a bit too dreary, in my opinion.

Estetico come with with everything you need in a real estate theme, including the revolution slider and visual composer plugins, google maps and street view integration, GPS coordinates by street address, grid and list property views, unlimited property features, as well as, a custom agents, testimonials and FAQ page for making stunning real estate websites in a matter of minutes.  

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 6. Good Space

Good Space

Good Space WordPress theme boasts itself as being “the art of minimalism,” and I would certainly not argue that fact.

With a very classic black and white design, this theme is so carefully organized and laid out, no matter what images you put in here, you can have a great looking professional website in a matter of minutes. Leave the design as is, or modify it slightly by adding a background or bringing in some color. Whatever choice you make, this theme is perfect for creating any professional looking website.

The titles were purposely crafted with H1, H2 and H3 tags to boost SEO, a very smart idea and something I feel should be done in every theme at this juncture.

Don’t have a suitable background? Don’t worry, this theme comes with 15 of them for your convenience to add a little pizzazz. It also has a number of other features such as footer layouts, 4 different blog styles, 450 fonts, drag and drop page and slider managers, built in translator and numerous short-codes. Minimalistic perhaps, lacking in features ~ definitely not!

In fact the only thing minimalistic in this theme is the design, however, it is still easy enough to use by a novice designer.

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 7. Flamingo


Unique design has one word, and that word is Flamingo, as in the Flamingo WordPress Agency and Freelance Portfolio Theme created by VanKarWai.

It would seem that over 700 hundred people agree with me when I say that this theme is not only unique, it is clean, fresh and elegant as well. The slider and background sections are created in a diagonal fashion rather than a horizontal or vertical one to give a different look. This coupled with parallax scrolling effects creates one pretty awesome portfolio theme.

Its menu and content areas are very classic black and white and the features post area is not like anything I have ever seen before.

I am not sure the diagonal feature works as well on the single post pages. If you want to make it blend better, you should use colorful offsetting images to make the post appear as a separate entity. Using a black and white image like the one in the demo makes the blog seem oddly out of place.

With features such as five different navigation menu, three different content layouts, four different post layouts with sidebar or disabled sidebar options, the Premium page builder plugin, custom animations and masonry layouts, it is not hard to see why this theme is becoming so popular.

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 8. Smart Box


smart box

When you have a clean and elegant overall design base like the one in the SmartBox MultiPurpose WordPress, it is really hard to go wrong with any of the customizations that you make and that is what makes it a minimalistic theme. This theme is so well laid out and organized all you have to do is add text and images to it in order to have a professional looking website. Smartbox is a reliable theme that contains a number of features including mail chimp, woo commerce, sliders, short codes, multiple headers and so much more. No matter what you do it, you simply cannot go wrong.

It is a great first step in multi page themes for the novice user.  They can easily build a fully functioning highly customized website with simple methods and experiment with portfolios and page builders because the result will still be a highly professional looking site.

Smartbox provides a great SEO optimized back end to achieve super high search engine rankings for your website with little effort on the part of the user, so this also helps a novice user.

For a little bit more, a little less minimal, smart box is a great choice!

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 9. Solitudo


Similar to Smart box, Solitudo is a multi purpose page builder WordPress theme that has one goal, to create amazing themes in a matter of minutes with an easy to use drag and drop customizable system. Unlike Smartbox, Solitudo is colorful, bold and can be used for just about any website you can think of.

It is best suited for a creative type business such as fashion, beauty, and interior design because it is a bit less clean. It is extremely great looking, bold and colorful and just what the design world needs for beginners and novice users to develop their design skills.

Solitudo boasts having one of the easiest and smartest custom made admin panels and who am I to disagree? You will have to see it for yourself, to actually believe it. The Solitudo admin panel is one pretty amazing feature and the biggest selling point of this theme.

A great starter multi site for beginners, the Solitude WordPress theme is something every designer should have in his or her tool kit just for the features alone. It comes jammed packed with event features, partner pages, sliders, including the revolution slider, contact forms, price tables, and even job offers for making just about any style of website you can think of.

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10. Equestrian


Every once in awhile a theme request comes along that is so different and so out of the ordinary, you may wonder if a theme even exists for that particular niche at all.

The Equestrian WordPress theme is one of those themes. Created specifically for use in the Equestrian industry, who would have thought a theme like this actually existed, let alone know anyone that would require a theme like this?

It does exist, and its pretty spectacular at that! Just for the record, since its introduction in July, it has sold over 500 copies, not bad for a theme that was designed for a rare and very specific niche market.

Make no mistake, while it was designed for one specific purpose, it is flexible enough to be used for a variety of other websites because it comes with tons of easy to use features. These features include: the Layer Slider, 2 additional premium sliders with an integrated slider builder, unlimited header images, over a 100 short-codes, unlimited colors, 10 built-in background patterns plus custom image upload, a built-in contact page meta box , contact form, ready made pages and so much more.

It has a very elegant design and of course it should, it was created for an industry that is based on wealth and prestige. When it must be quick, easy to use and elegant, The Equestrian is one of the best choices for any horse or other animal related industry website.

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If there is one thing that these minimal themes teach us, is that just because something is simple, does not mean that it is not powerful.

There is an old saying that goes like this, “Sometimes the simple things in life matter the most,”and when it comes to WordPress themes, no truer words have ever been spoken. Simple, clean design with easy to use admin panels and options to create beautiful designs is why premium themes are so popular. This fact is solidified by the number of purchases on ThemeForest’s website each and every day.

The truth is people seem reluctant to try their hand at designing their own websites because they seem to think it is a difficult task. With a ready made theme or theme with easy to use options, the reality is, anyone can design great looking themes if they use the right images and layouts.

In fact, you can make a great deal of money setting up WordPress websites and start your own design business, it just takes a great theme to get you started. These are some of the best and easiest to use themes, there are hundreds more just like theme.

Stay tuned to our blog and social sites as I bring you new collections and design inspirations each and every week.  As always, feel free to leave a comment letting me know which themes you want to see!


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